How To Recreate Your Reality By Building A Better Belief System

A lot of people are living with beliefs that hurt them.

Beliefs that cause doubt, despair and depression.

Good beliefs give you faith, hope and happiness.

Without good beliefs, you will suffer much more than you have to in this life.

Because beliefs shape your reality.

When you take control of your beliefs you take control of your reality.

To understand how to have better beliefs, you first need to understand what beliefs really are.

What Beliefs Really Are

Beliefs are a form of knowing.

Beliefs are necessary and the right beliefs are useful, but beliefs are the lowest form of knowing.

Beliefs are ideas that do not come out of direct experience.

Moses parted the Red Sea…

That’s a statement but it’s not from anyone’s direct experience.

It doesn’t mean that it’s not true…

It just means that we can’t be certain because we weren’t alive to experience it.

The things we’re certain about are beyond being beliefs.

The things we’re certain about are certainties.

And certainty is the highest form of knowing.

Because certainty comes from direct experience.

And direct experience is our reality.

Belief Vs. Certainty

It’s not that beliefs can’t be useful, or that the negative beliefs aren’t destructive.

It’s that beliefs are a less reliable form of knowing than certainty.

A belief about the future can turn out to be true, but it can also turn out to be false.

Certainty is what you know.

I know that if I jump up, I’ll come right back down.

I know that with complete certainty.

It’s something I’ve experienced before.

Something I’ve experienced consistently for my entire life.

And something I could easily prove right now, if I had to.

I’m certain that if I jump off my balcony I will die.

If you asked most people why that is, their answer would be because of gravity.

But its the fall that’s certainty, gravity is merely the belief.

Most people would say gravity because it’s what they were taught in school.

Even though they only have a vague understanding of the principle.

Most people would never have had a reason to question the belief…

So gravity is their simple, knee jerk reaction.

And their belief in gravity comes from agreement.

Because all beliefs are based on agreement.

The most widely held beliefs, that seem to form an objective reality, are based on nothing more than the agreement of the masses.

Beliefs Are Bought And Sold Through Agreement

Beliefs are defined as truth by agreement.

People agree to a belief when they see that belief as the strongest argument for explaining the experiences of people, places and things.

People agree to a belief by either selling themselves or being sold by someone else.

And the bulk of most people’s beliefs are sold to them by thought leaders, often times from beyond the grave.

Hundreds of years ago Newton got agreement from the best and brightest minds of the time that gravity is the best explanation for why things that go up must come down.

Gravity fits the criteria of a belief in that it describes the experience of people, places and things.

Gravity says that if a person or things goes up, it must come down to a specific place on the planet.

And for hundreds of years gravity was an extremely useful mental map for describing and predicting experiences.

But the belief of gravity is not reality, it’s the experience of people, places and things that’s reality. 

The belief is only a reality in the sense of a person experiencing a thought about gravity. 

The belief of gravity is still taught in schools and has agreement on a massive level.

If you asked most people why they come down after they jump up, their answer would be gravity.

They we’re sold this belief through Newton by way of the public school system.

And very few people investigate this belief because there is so much agreement on the idea.

This despite the advances in modern quantum mechanics that make Newtonian physics outdated.

The outcome of gravity is so predictable that most people have no need to question the belief.

To the point that most people think of gravity as an objective law of the universe.

In fact most people don’t even consider gravity a belief, they consider gravity a certainty.

Because they’re certain that when they jump up, they will come back down.

But it’s the experience of jumping up and coming down that’s certainty, gravity is just a belief.

And it’s a belief, or mental map, that modern physicists have already left behind. 

It has agreement because at one point in time Newton created the most powerful argument.

And that argument got agreement from the top minds of that time.

And eventually the argument got agreement from the masses based on the authority of those minds.

And it still has agreement because the school system is still far behind the cutting edge of science.

Even though gravity has already been dethroned as the most powerful argument.

The so called “objective laws” of science are merely the strongest arguments at a particular time in human history.

Until those so called “objective laws” are inevitably dethroned by a more powerful argument.

At one point in time the best and brightest scientific minds believed the world was flat and the sun revolved around the earth.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the same thing won’t happen to the supposedly “objective laws” we’re taught today 300 years from now.

It’s gotten to a point where even the leading quantum physicists have moved away from trying to create objective laws of reality, and have accepted model agnosticism.

The best and brightest scientific minds have left the idea of discovering objective laws behind and instead offer beliefs or theories like string theory, simulation theory or the metaverse in an attempt to explain how the universe works.

The Illusion Of Objectivity

If the best and brightest scientific minds have given up on the idea on an objective reality, I think it’s time we do the same.

Beliefs aren’t objective reality, because there is no objective reality.

Your reality is subjective and is based on your experience.

No two people have the same belief systems, even identical twins.

Because no two people have the same experience of life.

Even two lovers standing next to each other watching the sunset will be viewing the sunset from a slightly different angle.

And they will have different thoughts and feelings related to watching the sun go down.

If you’re in severe pain, no one will be able to sell you an argument that your pain is not real.

You will have total certainty that you’re in pain because that pain is your experience.

The world is made up of 6 billion people and each person has different experiences.

And therefore each of those 6 billion people is living in a different reality.

That’s not to say that our individual realities don’t interact with each other.

I’m speaking to you as a character in your reality right now.

And it’s not to say that there aren’t commonalities across all people and nationalities.

The vast majority of people value food, clothing, shelter and medical care.

The vast majority of people value relationships, money and entertainment.

The vast majority of people compete for social status, influence and recognition.

But some people don’t, some people give all that up to live with the forest monks in Northern Thailand.

Sure that’s a minority of people but it proves that some people differ on even the most basic values.

But even in the majority of people, no two people have the same belief system.

Sometimes those differences can be very small.

Small enough for people to believe in the illusion of a common objective reality.

But there are also billions of people with massive, monumental differences in their belief systems.

And therefore massive, monumental differences in their realities.

There are 1 billion Muslims on the planet and 500 million atheists.

Both groups are convinced that their beliefs are objective truths.

Both groups have an entirely different reality because of their beliefs.

To the point where some people in those groups are willing to go to war over those beliefs.

You might even be reading this thinking one of those belief systems is the objective truth.

But the truth is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We are all playing different games in the great game of life.

We each live in different reality tunnels and interact with each other and the world through these tunnels.

In the same way that different characters interact in an MMO or Massive Multiplayer Online game.

At this point I hope we’re in agreement on:

  • The fact that bad beliefs cause you pain
  • What beliefs really are
  • The difference between beliefs and certainty
  • How beliefs are bought and sold through agreement
  • The fact that your experience of reality is always subjective

Having an understanding of these key concepts is crucial because they give you the basis to recreate your entire belief system to serve you.

Why You Need To Make Your Beliefs Serve You

By serve you I mean using your beliefs to create the most consistently positive states to experience every day.

With state being a combination of the thoughts, feelings and sensations within your body.

Your entire life is nothing but an experience of consistently changing states.

Sometimes you’re thinking positive thoughts, feeling joyful, and having healthy sensations signaled to you through your body.

Other times your thoughts are negative, you’re feeling angry, and the sensations from your body are ones of sickness.

If you can truly understand the idea that your entire life is a subjective experience, and that you’re consistently shifting through states, the only logical conclusion is to make those states as positive as possible.

And to extend that line of thinking even further, the most logical thing to do is to build your entire belief system around creating those states.

Beliefs Are Your Mental Map For The Journey Of Life

Despite the fact that beliefs don’t come out of direct experience…

Having beliefs is still a necessary part of playing the game of life.

Because the right beliefs can help you consistently experience the most positive states available.

Beliefs are your mental maps for steering your ship through the game of life.

But they’re not the territory, the territory is direct experience.

Good beliefs will lead you to the territory of good experiences.

And bad beliefs will lead you to the territory of bad experiences.

The best beliefs will lead you to the best territory.

Which means consistently experiencing the best available states on a daily basis.

In other words using your beliefs as mental maps to create and live your ideal lifestyle.

Negative Beliefs Destroy Your Ability To Live Your Ideal Lifestyle

Having negative beliefs will prevent you from living the life you deserve.

Negative beliefs take you to negative territory.

To get to positive territory you need to start by examining your beliefs.

And when you truly examine your beliefs, you will be shocked at how many negative beliefs you have.

These beliefs will be things you picked up from your parents, teachers, friends or society at large.

Or a belief you decided on at 13 and carried through into adulthood.

If I hadn’t examined and dismantled the pessimistic nihilism I believed in at 13, my life would have been miserable.

When you truly internalize that there is no objective reality holding you back, and that reality is malleable, you’ll be shocked at how much you can change for the better.

At 20 I was depressed, broke, on drugs, failing out of University, had no direction and no idea what to do with my life.

At 30 I was positive, comfortable, focused and sober, but I was working a job I hated, and living through six miserable months of Canadian winters every year.

Now I have a personal development business, do what I love, make passive income online, and live in the warmth and sunshine of Thailand.

None of that would have been possible if I hadn’t dismantled and reframed the negative beliefs that were holding me back.

The easiest way to define a negative belief is as a mental map that consistently steers your ship into to negative territory, with territory being your experience of life.

When you examine your reality you will shocked at how many beliefs you have that are either holding you back or outright crippling your consistent happiness.

Having been in the business of helping men live better since 2012 I’ve realized there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of men with the following negative beliefs:

Beliefs about life like:

  • I shouldn’t expect more than a mediocre amount of happiness in my adult life
  • It’s immature to want to enjoy adulthood as much as I enjoyed adolescence
  • Life gets worse as you get older and there’s nothing I can do about it
  • I’m too old to change my life and should live in regret of not having made changes in my youth
  • Life’s a bitch and then you get old, sick and die
  • The world is fair, just and reasonable and I should continue to expect life to be fair
  • Self improvement is mental masturbation and a total scam
  • Being positive isn’t realistic in the face of all the challenges in life
  • It’s OK for me to succumb to depression and misery instead of fighting back to positivity
  • Life is objectively miserable and I should just give up trying to be happy
  • Scientific materialism is the one true faith and life is meaningless, random and amoral
  • The world is going to hell in a handbasket and now is the worst time to be alive in history
  • Being excited and enthusiastic about life is for dumb, primitive people

Beliefs about yourself like:

  • I failed in the past and therefore will continue to fail in the future, despite changing my tactics
  • I’m not worthy of love and respect as I am
  • I don’t deserve to have good things
  • I’m too shy and embarrassed to improve myself and start acting confident
  • Being cool and confident is for other guys, not for me
  • I wasn’t cool in high school so I shouldn’t be cool as an adult
  • I shouldn’t try to be a boss as an adult because people will see through me and make fun of me
  • I should let an imaginary audience of people dictate my life decisions
  • I shouldn’t take risks because I might fail
  • If I don’t follow the path my parents want me to, I’m a disgrace to my family
  • Dad was right about me, I’m a loser and I’ll never amount to anything
  • I should accept a life of quiet desperation like my dad did
  • I’m a victim of circumstances and bad things always happen to me
  • I deserve to have bad things happen to me because I’m no good
  • I should quit when things get really hard
  • I should quit because I failed in the past and I’ll just fail again in the future
  • I should be ashamed of my race and embarrassed about the actions of other people in my race
  • I should be ashamed of my class and let it limit my opportunities for success
  • I shouldn’t have to compete really hard to get what I want, I should be entitled to it
  • It’s selfish to make happiness my primary priority
  • I should live to please people and put their needs first so that they approve of me
  • My mediocre, unfulfilling, subsistence level life is something to lose
  • It’s selfish not to follow the path my parents me on, they sacrificed so much for me
  • I should live my life for the approval of my parents and society, at the expense of my happiness

Beliefs about money like:

Beliefs About business like:

Beliefs about other people like:

Beliefs about politics like:

  • I should spend the bulk of my free time reading about politics, even though it makes me angry
  • I should spend the bulk of my free time commenting on political blogs instead of building a business
  • I have time to spend being angry about politics even though I’m poor
  • Politicians care about me even though they don’t know my name
  • My opinion about politics is very important and my twitter activism has an impact on the world
  • It’s my duty to save western society and my efforts will eventually be effective
  • I can have an impact on politics without billions of dollars, holding office or controlling an army
  • I should enroll in aggressive political movements that make me angry and unhappy
  • I should give my mindshare to political influencers so they can get richer and more famous
  • I should consistently start arguments with people who don’t have the same political views I do
  • I can post about politically incorrect topics on social media without real world consequences
  • I should sacrifice my happiness for political and cultural movements

Beliefs about dating like:

Beliefs about your looks like:

  • I’m unattractive to women and there’s nothing I can do about it
  • Putting in a lot of work on my sexual market value won’t get me significantly hotter women
  • I shouldn’t have to work on my sexual market value because women should like me for who I am
  • Only “Chads” who look like models get laid so I shouldn’t bother improving myself
  • I can’t lose weight because of my genetics
  • Working out is for dumb meatheads and is a waste of my time
  • I can’t put on muscle
  • Real men don’t take good care of their physique, hygiene and appearance
  • People don’t make snap judgments everywhere I go based on my hygiene, physique and style
  • Caring about sexual market value is only for dumb, primitive, douchebags
  • Fashion trends are arbitrary, and therefore dressing well is a waste of time
  • I can get 10s without working on my looks if I just learn the right game to say to them
  • Looks don’t matter because the PUA guy who sells bootcamps online says so

Beliefs about sex like:

  • I should be ashamed of my natural, masculine sexuality
  • I can’t be a spiritual person and have a healthy sex life
  • Sex is dirty, wrong and immoral
  • God will punish me for enjoying sex with women
  • I should act like an asexual robot for the approval of society
  • I should pretend I’m asexual in public and secretly watch pornography at home
  • I should feel ashamed after I have sex with a girl I’m not committed to
  • It’s morally wrong to have sex with younger women
  • I suck in bed and will never be able to please a woman
  • My dick is too small for me to be good in bed
  • Being good in bed is not important
  • Women aren’t as sexual and as horny as men
  • Women don’t care about sex as much as men
  • Women who enjoy sex are dirty and no good
  • My girlfriend and I don’t have sex anymore but it’s not a big problem
  • Women don’t care about sex, sex is something women do to make men happy
  • I will be emotionally fulfilled by having a ton of one night stands
  • Making women cum is not important and does not significantly affect my retention rates
  • Tantric or karezza sex is useless and a waste of time
  • Rough, anonymous sex is better than deeply bonded spiritual sex

Beliefs about relationships like:

  • I should always avoid falling in love so that I don’t get hurt
  • I should dump girls before things go bad so I don’t get hurt
  • All women lie, cheat and steal from men
  • Because a woman in my past cheated on me I don’t trust any of the 3 billion women on the planet
  • I should cheat on my girlfriend before she cheats on me to soften the blow
  • Women only care about men for their money
  • Quality women will eventually see through me and leave me for a better guy
  • I’m fundamentally not worthy, and don’t deserve a good woman and a healthy relationship
  • Drama is a necessary part of every relationship
  • All modern women are sluts and whores so I should just pump and dump them
  • I can get out of the friendzone
  • I can and should get my ex girlfriend back
  • I’ll never be able to meet another girl as good as my ex because she was “the one”
  • I’ll never be able to get a quality girlfriend because I’m unworthy
  • I’ll never be able to keep a quality girlfriend because I’m unworthy
  • I don’t deserve a quality girlfriend, even if I somehow get lucky
  • I can’t have healthy relationships with multiple women at the same time
  • It’s morally wrong to have relationships with multiple women at the same time
  • I should commit to a girl when I don’t want to if she shames and guilt trips me into it
  • I should let any decent looking girl become my girlfriend without massively screening her first
  • I need to get married and have kids so I can help save western society
  • I should have a family and children solely for the approval of my parents
  • I should to get married and kids solely for the purpose of being a respectable member of society

And that’s just a small list of the negative beliefs that millions of guys are walking around with.

Negative beliefs that are not objective reality.

And every single one of those beliefs is hurting millions of men every year.

And every single one of those millions of men would be better off holding completely opposite beliefs.

And every single one of those negative beliefs can be dismantled, reframed, reality tested and used to steer your experience back into positive territory.

And not just the beliefs on the list – every, single, negative belief you have can be dismantled, reframed, reality tested and used to steer your experience back into positive territory.

When you truly understand there is no objective reality, you realize you never have to be held hostage by another belief again.

And you’ll see that you have a tremendous sense of freedom in being able to recreate your reality.

But to get to that place of freedom, you need to know how to dismantle your negative beliefs.

How To Dismantle Your Negative Beliefs

Dismantling your negative beliefs is as simple as doing 3 things:

1) Examining your negative beliefs: You can’t change what you’re not aware. Chances are a few of the beliefs on the list hit home. And there is a good chance that this is the first time you actually thought about that particular belief. Often times people carry negative beliefs around for decades subconsciously.

2) Choosing to look at your negative beliefs as mental maps instead of objective truths: When you believe a belief is an objective truth, you feel it’s a waste of time to even examine the belief, even when that belief is hurting you. When you truly move beyond the idea of an objective truth, you open your mind to endless possibilities.

When you look at beliefs as mental maps, the question becomes, how do I redraw this mental map so that I can sail out of negative territory into positive territory. You can redraw every negative mental map on the list above if you put in the effort. It just comes down to wanting to find a way to win.

3) Finding a way to disagree with your negative beliefs and create a better mental map: Your negative beliefs, without question are the result of agreement at some point in the past. Every belief in that list that hit home with you is a result of agreement in the past.

And that agreement came about through either logic or emotion. Someone or some event in your life caused you to agree with a particular belief either through logic or emotion. And if logic or emotion got you into a negative belief in the first place, logic and emotion can get you out.

An example of using logic can be used on the belief that it’s your duty to spend your free time being politically engaged, even when that engagement is ineffective and makes you unhappy. This is not logical because it contradicts the most logical strategy for living – maximizing your happiness.

You can’t believe it’s your duty to be an angry political blog commenter and be serious about being happy at the same time, you have to choose one or the other. And if you willingly choose to do things that make you unhappy, you’re sabotaging yourself.

A logical reframe of that belief is to choose to stop reading and watching things that make you angry, because being angry is counterproductive. That doesn’t mean you have to put your head in the sand and pretend everything is right in the world. It just means choosing to disengage with things that make you angry and changing your focus from negative inputs to positive inputs like personal development.

You simply examine the belief, use logic to replace the negative input with positive input, remove the negative emotion, and replace it with the positive emotion you get from improving yourself. And if you feel guilty for removing yourself from politics, recognize that anyone that demands you do things to sabotage yourself in the name of their movement is not your friend, and therefore you owe them no loyalty.

The same 3 tactics can be used on all your negative beliefs. One of the best things you can do for yourself is write down a list of all the beliefs you have that are hurting you. Go through them one by one and find a way to disagree with them using logic and emotion. And do that until you have an effective mental map to steer you into positive territory and away from negative territory.

When you do this you create an entirely new narrative for yourself and an entirely new reality for you to live in.

Dismantling and reframing negative beliefs will take you farther than almost every personal development technique. But dismantling negative beliefs is only half the battle.

The other half of the battle is creating positive, outcome-based beliefs.

When you go through the above list of negative beliefs you’ll notice the bulk of them are statements about “reality”. Statements like: “women only care about money”. You can easily disprove that beliefs by listing all the other things women care about. And by finding examples of women who are with guys that aren’t wealthy. And you can create a better belief of “wealth is attractive to women, along with many other things”.

But a positive outcome-based belief is different. A positive outcome-based belief is a goal you can’t prove right away because it takes time to accomplish. A goal like losing weight or building a business. Outcome-based beliefs take a different skillset then simply dismantling a negative statement about reality.

How To Build Better Outcome-Based Beliefs

An empowering outcome-based belief is:

1. Practical: In the sense that it’s useful to you in the real world as opposed to philosophical speculation.
2. Positive: The belief serves you in creating consistently happier states.
3. Possible: The outcome of the belief is possible and is also within your capabilities (As opposed to a goal like playing in the NBA, which is only possible for the genetically elite).

You create those outcome based beliefs by using:

1. Willpower: Committing to creating positive outcomes for your future.
2: Creativity: Using your creativity to overcome the doubt of you achieving that outcome.
3: Emotion: Infusing that belief with a positive emotion related to your future success.
4: Logic: Backwards engineering other people’s success and reality testing that success with regards to your capabilities. Or in some rare cases, if your outcome hasn’t been done before, only deciding to pursue the goal if you have a rare insight into why it can be done and a major edge on accomplishing the goal – Steve Jobs inventing the smartphone was an example of a goal that was rare, audacious, but ultimately possible.

An example of an empowering belief is:

I can create a sales-based, six figure, service business. That belief is empowering because it’s:

1. Practical: Earning more income and getting control of your revenue is useful to your life goals
2. Positive: Success, making money, and not having to work a job will make you happier
3. Possible: There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of guys with six figure businesses

You can create that outcome-based belief for yourself by using:

1. Willpower: Committing to creating the outcome of building a six figure business
2. Creativity: Using your creativity to reframe and discard all doubt that gets in the way of your commitment
3. Emotion: Infusing the end result of being successful in business with a massive positive payoff and picture
4. Logic: Using logic to find and backwards engineer the success of other businessmen. You can reality test the example of a sales-based service businesses where your expenses are low, your margins and ROI are high, and you’re not reinventing the wheel. This business is within your capabilities because all you need to do is to master a skill, learn how to sell, contact a certain amount of people per day, overcome objections, deliver great customer service, work like a dog and become psychologically strong. These are things every guy with an IQ over 100 can do. You’re not limited by genetics like you would be if you wanted to play NBA basketball, which is not possible for the vast majority of men no matter how hard they work, how much they learn, and how tough they are.

When you create the right outcome-based empowering beliefs your quality of life will get so much better.

Not only do you get to watch with pride as your belief becomes certainty, but you get to surprise yourself with how successful you’ve become, and surprising yourself in a positive way is one of the best things in life.

Also, when you set and achieve challenging goals for yourself, you’ll be in good company.

Our entire world is built by men who believed and achieved.

All human progress is the result of an outcome-based empowering beliefs set to action.

Often times in spite of tremendous disagreement from other people.

Millions of people would have disagreed with Edison on his idea for harnessing electricity.

They would have called him a fool and a delusional old man.

They would have told him that it was an objective fact that electricity wasn’t possible.

And they were all wrong.

The result of one’s man belief is that the whole world has electricity.

And no one remembers the naysayers, but Edison’s legacy lives on long after his death.

He proved them all wrong through the power of his belief.

And his belief became certainty.

Each one of us has the direct experience of electricity in our homes.

We’re as certain of being able to switch on a light as we are that we’ll come back down after we jump.

Creating empowering beliefs and manifesting them into the physical world is the real alchemy.

Manifesting your beliefs is magic.

Getting to certainty in your outcome-based belief

As we covered already, beliefs and certainty are not the same thing.

Beliefs are useful and necessary but they aren’t certainty.

Certainty is a result of direct experience.

This logic applies not just to your statements about reality but to your outcome-based beliefs.

How To Solidify Your Outcome-Based Beliefs

The problem with outcome-based beliefs is that outcome-based beliefs take effort, effort which can be tiring, frustrating and painful.

And that pain and sometimes lack of success will cause you to doubt the possibility of accomplishing your goal.

And if you indulge that doubt then you end up quitting on yourself.

This is a big problem, in fact it’s the biggest problem when it comes to achieving your goals.

Disbelieving in your goals and then indulging that doubt is the biggest cause of failure.

Because you can’t fail when you don’t quit.

That’s why it’s better to be as close to certainty in your goals as possible.

And the way you do that is to start to experience them now.

If we continue with the example of building a six figure business, imagine what success would look like and be as detailed as you can. From the kind of clients you have to the condo you’ll be living in to where you live to the money in your bank account to the things you own. You can go online and find the things that you want and put them up on your whiteboard. You can even create a bank statement with the money you want in your account and put that up there too.

Because success is creating a moment in your physical reality. So it only makes sense to start creating that moment now. Because the present moment is all that exists. You might not be able to get to total certainty without direct experience but you can get close.

You can at least get to being certain that you will build a six figure business or you will die or be incapacitated trying. And I mean this literally. When you’re truly committed, and you won’t quit no matter what, only death or incapacitation will stop you. When you adopt this mentality, you become a very dangerous man indeed.

Think of it like sitting in a restaurant and deciding that you want to leave. When you decide to leave the restaurant you’re certain that you can get up and walk out the door. To the point that in your mind you’re already there and thinking about the things you’re going to do when you leave.

All you have to do is get the check, pull your chair out, and negotiate the obstacles in your way, which are the people, tables and chairs that are blocking your exit. You know you can do all these things because you’ve seen people leave restaurants thousands of times and because you have direct experience of leaving restaurants. You could also die or be incapacitated on your way out the door, but that thought doesn’t cross your mind.

You can apply the same logic to building a six figure business, which you’ve decided is practical, positive and possible and within your capabilities. Once you’ve made the commitment, you get to work on mastering your skill, selling, contacting 100 people per day, overcoming objections and everything else needed to hit your goal. And when unexpected obstacles get in your way, you move around them.

The only thing that’s different from walking out of a restaurant is the time it takes and the fact that you don’t have experience doing it. So instead you model other people’s experiences, just like you did when you were a kid and you first learned how to leave a restaurant. And since you’re not going to quit, death or incapacitation is the only thing stopping you from reaching your goal.

When you approach your goals with this attitude, you might not be able to get to total certainty, but you can get damn close. You can tell yourself that you’ll build a six figure business and that only death or incapacitation will get in the way of your success. And you can say that statement with total conviction because you’ve made the decision that you’re not going to quit, no matter what.

When you choose the right goals and approach your goals with that type of total commitment you become a force to be reckoned with. And barring some type of freak accident, your eventual success is inevitable.

Lastly, when you combine the reframing of your negative beliefs to positive ones, with the creation, belief and achievement of the right goals, you recreate your entire reality for the better. And the effect will be nothing less than a monumental increase in the quality of your life as well as the control you have over your environment.

So In Summary…

Beliefs are not objective reality.

Because there is no objective reality.

Reality is experience and your experience is subjective.

Your beliefs are merely statements about the reality of people, places and things.

A person’s beliefs are merely the best mental maps available to that person at that particular time.

Beliefs are bought and sold through agreement.

The bulk of most people’s major beliefs are sold to them by thought leaders, often from beyond the grave.

And those beliefs are constantly being challenged by more powerful arguments.

Over time, the bulk of the world’s widely beliefs are dethroned by more powerful arguments.

Beliefs are necessary and useful to navigate the game of life, but they’re not certainty.

Certainty comes from experience.

And it’s experience that is your reality.

And your experience of life is nothing more than a series of state changes.

States are thoughts, feelings and sensations.

The logical way to live is by structuring your life so you can consistently experience the most positive states possible.

To consistently experience the most positive states possible, you need to get control of your beliefs.

That means making your beliefs serve you.

When you serve bad beliefs, you suffer more than you have to.

When you make your beliefs serve you, you live better.

And living better is the most logical way to live.

Every person on the planet wants to feel as much pleasure and as little pain as possible.

The right beliefs will maximize the pleasure you get out of life and minimize the pain.

Positive beliefs are mental maps that steer your ship into the territory of positive experiences.

Negative beliefs are mental maps that steer you into the territory of negative experiences.

And there is nothing logical about willingly choosing negative experiences.

Negative beliefs can and do kill.

Both metaphorically and literally.

There are 1 million suicides a year and every one them is the end result of a negative belief.

But it doesn’t have to come to suicide to feel the effects of negative beliefs.

Every single negative belief you have results in negative experiences.

And negative experiences are counterproductive to living your ideal life.

Structuring your life to be as happy as possible is the most logical thing you can do.

And the foundation of your ideal lifestyle is built on your belief system.

When you choose to reframe your negative beliefs to positive ones, create positive outcome-based beliefs, and commit to achieving those goals, you build your house on a solid foundation.

With positive beliefs you can create an epic narrative for yourself and recreate your reality.

With positive beliefs you can learn to exert incredible control over your environment.

With positive beliefs you can manifest magic in the physical world.

From cars, to skycrapers, to smartphones – every massive step forward for mankind is a direct result of positive people applying positive beliefs to reality.

When you commit to positivity you become a force for good – for yourself and for others.

All that’s good in the world comes from positive people.

And positivity is the only path that makes sense.

So commit to building the best beliefs you can, commit to positivity, and create the life you deserve.

  1. Good article Will.

    I absolutely agree with you about the power of being able to shape and frame your beliefs and mindset to most optimally benefit you. You’ve also nailed the most optimal and least optinal mindsets available out there.

    However, i disagree with your justification of this with Relativism despite there being truth that Rationslism, Science and materialism are deeply flawed philosophies that aren’t absolutely objective or correct as you’ve substantiated. I am frankly disturbed by Relativism, especially Absolute and Moral Relativism as it is fundamentally destructive to personal, social and moral wellbeing. Relativism is a part of the same Post-Modern and Enlightenment scam imposed on us by certain ‘dark forces’ for the purpose of advancing their agendas by degrading our spiritual and moral consciousness while hightening theirs and profiting from our ignorance. Absolute Relativism is simply false as certainties such as 1+1=2 exist. Honestly, the modern west is in crisis because it lacks a strong spiritual and moral consciousness that’s been destroyed by overdosing on Relativism worse than on hardcore drugs. Relativism negates itself in its own absurdity and pointlessness making its proponents hypocrites for trying to impose it on us to begin with.

  2. It’s not relativism man, I don’t post isms, I don’t subscribe to isms. Isms are belief systems where other people have done the heavy lifting and you repeat their logic.

  3. Yeah that’s perfectly fair enough man now that i think about it. In order to debunk post-modern Relativist philosophies or ones that lead to it like Science, you have to engage them in their own pointlessness. Of course, most belief systems out there are pretty terrible. Just curious, what are your thoughts on potentially producing or inventing one of your own? (Maybe sell it to others) After all, being a producer is much better than a consumer.

  4. That’s it exactly Mark, same applies to politics and movements, even in resistance you’re giving them energy. With that said, you have some good points and I’ll be covering them in the next article on how life is a word game – non woo woo as always. And as for producing, I live to give tested strategies that work, and produce the tools for them to create their own belief system that serves them.

  5. This was a very informative read, and for that I thank you. I’ve been following your work for quite some time. As a young man myself, who is currently attempting to navigate through the many turmoils of his own life, truly, this has been illuminating! And so, many thanks…

    However, I do see where Mark in the comments is coming from! There is somewhat of an internal struggle, at least, that I can conceive (perhaps you do not, or others) in which a trade has to be made. Of course there is a level of subjectivity that comes into play with what we deem “reality.” People are worlds unto themselves, yes?

    But at the same time, there IS an external world outside of ourselves we are all collectively apart of. And as human beings, we are deeply connected to that and to each other.

    Shakespeare once said, “Man is the paragon of all animals.” There must be something outside/within us which speaks to this idea of… our “responsibility”? (don’t know if that’s the right word) to one another and to this cosmic thing, whatever you want to call it.

    Now, with that said, define happiness. Sure, there’s the subjectivity thing again. But let us posit that, in my own case… I will not be happy unless I massacre an entire village somewhere in Africa (purely hypothetical of course haha). Does this mean then, that I am now justified in my perception of happiness, even knowing what it will cost? This is the sort of danger I find with Relativism, as Mark was pointing out, and you seem to inadvertently imply in the article with regards to subjectivity.

    Don’t be mistaken, please. I deeply appreciate your insight with this post. I agree. It is your very best. And it was a delight to read. I took many notes and I hope to apply these steps in my own life to significantly alter the many bad beliefs I have about myself and the world around me. I even had two or three outstanding, deeply personal revelations while reading!

    My comment here is merely me attempting to dialogue with the author, out of mutual respect for subjects such as these- self improvement, and the like :)

    I very much look forward to openly discussing some of this with you, if you’d like. I do not want to cloud your mind unnecessarily, though. By all means, do as you wish. The last thing I wish to do is separate you from your work or waste your precious time and energy on something you feel would not be beneficial to you and your audience.

    Yours very sincerely,
    -a fellow traveler

  6. Thanks Larry, I appreciate your comment and you valuing my time. Happy to spend time responding to intelligent comments.

    Happiness is state, the combination of positive thoughts, feelings and sensations with the highest level being joy where you have thoughts of love, feelings and love and a warm buzz through your body, of course thats not always available but structuring your life for the best consistent state makes sense to me. And consistency is key, you can do MDMA and get state today, but you’ll pay for it tommorow.

    As for relativism, as I said to Mark, you can believe what I’m telling you is relativism, and that’s fine, but what I’m trying to tell you guys is the opposite of an ism, you can see my argument in the second last post on how to free your mind by murdering your ideologies.

    Everyone has different morals because we live in different worlds with different experiences, you can call this relativism but I call it reality, because beliefs are based on agreement, starting with agreement that the sounds we call words are assoicated with particular things (more on the word game in my next article).

    With that said you and I and the rest of my readers would probably agree on 90% of what we believe in terms of what’s right and wrong. Especially the big stuff, I’d be willing to be that everyone reading this article believes abusing children and massacring a village in Africa are very bad things to do, myself included.

    And when you observe your beliefs shape what you do and having negative beliefs will murder your happiness. To continue with your example, of massacring and African village. Lets take the example of a solider who gets orders from his commanding officer to massacre a village. The average soldier, even if they agree to do it, will feel tremendous guilt both during the act, and will be haunted for the rest of their lives by what they did. I would and I bet most of my readers would too, it would be the opposite of what makes me happy.

    With that said, a complete psychopath might get a perverse sense of pleasure from doing it. In the same way a pscyhopath might get a perverse sense of joy from abusing children or animals or serial killing. But this is not consistent happiness and joy, it’s the opposite. Look into the eyes of any serial killer, they are least consistently happy people on the planet. And I’m sure they’re even less happy when they get caught and end up spending their days in a box on death row.

    Consistent happiness and joy has safeguards built into the system. This applies even to scammers in business, look at their faces when they get caught. They can act the part when they’re selling but inside they hate themselves. And they rob themselves of the joy of helping their clients – in fact they hate their clients and think they’re stupid. And they spend they’re lives in fear waiting for the inevitable day they get caught. And then trying to hold off the haters and the consequences with more lies, and name changes, and new businesses and having to move to a different state or a different country, and eventually destroying all the relationships they try to build. This includes their family lives, scammers always have bad marriages and messed up kids.

    At the end of the day, raping, robbing, torturing, murdering, stealing and scamming destroys the happiness of people who do it, and the people on the receiving end. Happiness comes from the choice to experience it, but having good health, a good mission, making good money, having good relationships, being ethical, helping others and creating a comfortable enjoyable lifestyle make it much easier to experience consistently.

  7. Will, holy shit my brother… thank you so much!

    A very thoughtful and poignant response. I appreciate it, for real. You broke down many of my points and helped me to take a step back and see it another way. For that, I am grateful. Thank you for your time to craft that. I do believe it will help not only myself, but more of your readers and folks who gravitate to this page.

    I am very much looking forward to your next article and I will most definitely check out the post on freeing the mind by murdering your ideologies. Reading your mentioning of it completely resonated with me, as this is something I do identify in myself and know I must work on. Very stern attachments to doctrine and dogma can be extremely toxic. You’re very intelligent, I’m sure you know this. You’ve been saying it.

    Take care, and keep sharing your truth bro!

    Warm regards,

  8. My pleasure Larry, always happy to have these conversations with guys who are interested in recieving the message, and I appreciate the kind words. Feel free to let me know what you think of the ideologies article with a comment. If you struggle with strong attachments to dogma and doctrine you might get some benefit out of this video as well: – masculinity, achievement, heart centered living and authentic pride are still concepts to, but ones that I’ve found useful for state and getting you out of your head, all the best.

  9. Hi Will, this was probably the best article I’ve listened/read on your site, and I “believed” that most of your content is very relevant and helpful already. This was very thorough and it helped me question some of my own beliefs that may have been blocking me from going further in life and achieving great success. There is still much to be done, many more old programming to rewrite in the way of beliefs, habits, attitudes and perspectives. I think that for me, a lot of the problem is just simply deciding on what I really want, be crystal clear about them and which beliefs are most fundamental to my ideal lifestyle, and making sure that there are no contradicting beliefs that could end up being barriers.


  10. Would love to hear what you think about Eckhardt Tolle and his famous book. I’ve skimmed through it and it looks good, but it may also be overrated.

  11. Thanks Mike, really appreciate it, and that’s it exactly, you’ve got the right gameplan there. I think the best use of your time would be to sit down and create your ideal lifestyle, and then structure your mission and goals around that.

  12. I think Eckhardt Tolle is not enlightened, just like the vast majority of spiritual teachers who claim to be. For me any teacher who has a business and charges for teachings is suspect. That’s not to say he hasn’t studied and that his stuff isn’t a good intro to non duality. But better to read from the source and Ramana Maharshi is the gold standard for the last 100 years. Nisargadatta Maharaj and Anandamayi Ma apply too. All lived in India, in poverty, had no interest in money or sex, and treated everyone equally. And that same standard applies all the way back to Buddha and Jesus.

  13. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Tolle. I will read his book and see what I can get out of it. If anything, it’s a detailed guide on meditation.

    And yes, I agree that most spiritual teachers who run businesses – if not downright cults – are not truly enlightened and cannot be. Most are just charlatans, some are mentally insane.

    I’ve observed that all religious cults and organizations are basically just re-selling watered-down spiritual advice, and do so at a steep price: not just money, but also mind share, time share, and energy share. Some people even pay with their life.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that literally all cult leaders are greedy narcisstic psychopaths, some of them with self-destructive tendencies.

    Not gonna name any names here, but the promotional videos of the most notorious organizations are out there on Youtube.

    Amazingly done from a marketing perspective. Supreme persuasion and salesmanship, yes.

    Then they hook people in by talking about the horrors and evils in the world, and drug abuse, depression and alcoholism. Why? Because many people struggle with these and in their despair will turn to the most powerful persuaders for “help”.

    The aim is to draw people into an endless sales funnel that sucks them dry of all their money, time and life energy while giving them hot air and illusions back in return.

  14. Ya brother you’ve got it exactly. There Is actually a book about detailing how the bulk of these cult leaders operate on the same level as psychopaths. I even briefly got caught up in TM when I was 17. You really have to do your homework to find the legit guys.

  15. “There Is actually a book about detailing how the bulk of these cult leaders operate on the same level as psychopaths.”

    Please name that book, thanks.

    “I even briefly got caught up in TM when I was 17.”

    Why not do an article/video about it? Food for thought.

    You should definitely create a comprehensive info product on mindset and positive thinking. Multimedia, audio & video, not just an ebook. Your material is exceptional.

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