Our Service Is For You If:

You’re doing $25,000/month as a sole proprietor in your service business, hate sales, and never want to take another sales call again. Or you’re doing $25,000/month in your service business and you have a small sales team, hate sales, and never want to hire, fire, train, manage or even talk to another salesmen again, and:

  • You want to close more deals but you want nothing to do with offer optimization, writing sales scripts or building and testing objection management sequences.
  • You want to significantly increase the percentage of deals you close and the revenue you generate.
  • You’re frustrated because you know you’re leaving money on the table not having your sales process maxed out.
  • You want sales optimized and 100% handled so you can focus on fulfillment and scaling.
  • You want a team of trained sales savages to optimize your conversion rates and max out your revenue.
  • You want free coaching on marketing, lead nurturing, team building, and scaling.
  • You’re agreeable, coachable and easy to work with.

What We Do

  1. Optimize your offer.
  2. Craft a custom tailored closing script.
  3. Create a custom tailored objection management funnel accounting for every contingency.
  4. Program that objection management funnel into a software for our salesmen to read word for word.
  5. Hire and train experienced sales savages to close your deals.
  6. Manage your entire sales team.
  7. Immediately fire and replace unaccountable and underperforming salesmen.
  8. Place you with elite media buyers to max out your ad campaign (upon request).
  9. Coach you on getting more leads from direct mail, bulk email, bulk sms, cold calling, and social media selling, running ads, automating job site posting (as appropriate for your business).
  10. Coach you on tax reduction, team building and everything else you need to scale your business.

Why You Should Work With Us

1) Current Money: We can potentially raise your conversion rates by more than 20%. At 7 figures a year, thats an extra 200k per year, every year or 2 million over the next decade.

2) Future Money: We can hire and manage as many guys as you need to scale to 3 mil, 5 mil or even 10 mil.

3) Expertise: Our executive team has closed over 10 million dollars in revenue, has 20 years of sales experience combined, closed over 10 million dollars in revenue, and logged over 10,000 hours of business coaching. Being world class at sales and sales management is as difficult as being world class at practicing law. If you don’t have at least a decade in the trenches you are not world class and its costing you money.

4) Time Freedom: If you’re still selling, or still managing a sales team and sales processes, we can free up anywhere from 10 to 30 hours per week for you to focus on scaling your business or enjoying your life. That extra 30 hours a week could free you up to add another 20% in revenue to your business this year by focusing on marketing, team building, and client fulfillment. At 7 figures, thats another 200k.

5) Pain Removal: If you’re a fit for our service,  you hate selling and sales management, we take all that pain off your shoulders so you never have to make another sales call or talk to another salesmen again.

6) Our Offer: Our % on cash collected covers offer optimization, script building, objection funnel creation, sales management, paying our sales guys, and coaching you on marketing and scaling your business. Most other sales agencies are just glorified placement services or charge you a 15k upfront fee to setup your offer. And most freelance sales guys are not only terrible, but they’ll want the same % that we’re asking for to do sh$t job closing your deals. You’d have a tough time finding a better offer than ours.

7) Free Business Coaching: If you’re sending us 10k per month in sales management fees (this includes our payout to the sales team) we will coach you for free on marketing, scaling, taxes etc. Eg. you’re doing 50k/month, you give us 20% to close your deals, that’s 10k per month, you get free coaching on everything you need to scale, lower taxes, cut expenses, nurture leads, marketing, placement with elite media buyers etc. Everything thats covered in our business scaling coaching program you get for when you send us 10k per month in sales management fees for us. Take note: free coaching is only for clients sending us 10k per month or more, meaning you should be making 50k/month in total revenue before you qualify for free coaching.

Why Other Sales Solutions Are Sh#t

1) Do-It-Yourself Selling: If you’re still closing your own deals you’re going to hate your life, never be able to scale your business, and keep leaving money on the table because you’re not world class at offer optimization, script building or selling (being world class in sales is as difficult and takes as much training as being a world class in law or computer programming – you need at least a decade in the trenches to properly manage a team)

2) Do-It-Yourself Sales Management: If you’re still managing sales guys or thinking about building a sales team, you’re putting 10 to 30 hours a week in managing them, precious profitable time that could be going to scaling…and you hate it. Everything you’re currently doing besides getting yourself above your business and scaling is costing you money. Lastly, building out and managing a sales team doesn’t solve your problem of getting above sales, you are still a part time sales manager in your business when you need to be a full time CEO.

3) Sales Placement Agencies: Placement agencies are trash because they don’t solve your problem, they just send you an unvetted, rookie, sh#t tier salesmen they found off linkedin, or fresh out of a get-rich-quick guru’s sales training course to stumble over their words, not manage your clients’ objections, miss calls, and quit in 3 months

What It Costs To Work With Us

  • We take on average 20% of cash collected on the deals we close
  • This includes our fee and what we payout to salesmen
  • We split this fee and keep 10% and give 10% to the sales team
  • We also handle all payouts to the sales team so you don’t have to
  • Since our fee is on cash collected, that means we don’t take a penny until you get paid
  • We also take no setup fee
  • We hire your sales guy, optimize your offer, create your script, create your objection funnel, and manage your sales team, coach you if applicable and we don’t take a dollar until you collect the cash
  • We take payment money on the 1st of each month at 20% of what you collected the previous month

How To Move Forward

If you’re interested in working with us, and are doing at least 25k per month in revenue in your service business, book a call below to talk to our team