Why You Need To Live Like A Man Not An Intellectual

  1. Keep it up!
    You should look into the life story of Maximilian Kolbe. He started the most popular newspaper in Poland in under a year, learned how to typeset Japanese for his newspaper in Nagasaki in under three months, and founded a group that numbered over 700 men in under three years!
    Oh, and he had designed a working, feasible space capsule and rocket delivery system during his university studies in 1917, which a NASA scientist later confirmed would work!
    He was eventually murdered by the Nazis during WWII. They were jealous of his abilities to organize and operate effective organizations.
    That’s what is crazy about being effective, it could get you killed! Maybe that’s what stops guys from achievement, the fear of death?

  2. Excellent Mr. Freemen. Far too many over-intellectualized people forget that the brain works best when it remains attached to a backbone.

  3. Thanks Dean, I’ll look into that. And it definitely can, but when you play the game of life you limit those probabilities, eg. not being in a country within proximity of the Germans during WW2.

  4. Will – I’ve been a longtime reader/listener/watcher but this video hit home with me more than any of your other articles (that’s saying a lot) and possibly more than any other anywhere else online.

    I’m a Mensa member and have always prided myself as being smarter than everyone. I’m also very accomplished, having made myself a self made millionaire by my early 30s, marrying a beautiful woman, and raising amazing kids.

    However, this video made me realize three things:

    1) I still let my intelligence dominate the value I perceive myself to have vs being a well balanced man with style, health, finances etc. I have all those other things but my value on my intelligence far outweighs how I value my others characteristics. I need more balance to be a true man.

    2) even though I have historically valued my intelligence more, I am still a better and all around more accomplished man than the majority of my friends and all the other people in the matrix. I need to level up my social circle but that is very difficult for me to do where I live.

    3) although I’m well accomplished, I think what I’m REALLY missing is that I’m not changing the world. I have always felt that I was destined for major greatness, but even though I’m a millionaire that seems to have it all, I’m not fulfilled. I need to change the world.

    Would love to have an email conversation with you on your thoughts. Thanks for being authentic and vulnerable with your material. The world needs more masculinity to get back in balance with the natural order of things.


  5. Thank you man. Im just about to start doing coaching, you can shoot me an email will(at)revolutionarylifestyledesign.com if you’re interested or stay tuned for my coaching program.

  6. Will, this is an old post so I don’t know if you’ll see my comment here, but I hope you do.

    You referred me to this video from the “How to Recreate Your Reality” post. I left a pretty long comment picking your brain in that one and you answered back in a very meaningful way. But on top of that, you sent me here. INCREDIBLE

    This video… I’m not even halfway through and it hits home, my friend. I’ve been diving into the classics myself and what you’re saying is capital “T” truth. It’s fucking depressing!

    But more importantly than that, yes, I’ve always been a very analytical person, an overthinker. I guess that came through to you because you definitely hit the nail on the head in linking me to this.

    I really appreciate it. You’re doing amazing work and I am going to purchase one of your products!

    All the best,

  7. Hey Larry, I try and answer all my comments old or new. And I remember your comment and sending you over here. Those are very kind words and it makes me really happy to hear it had an impact. Also appreciate the purchase, all the best to you.

  8. “Live with your balls, live with your heart”, Will Freemen 2017.

    This article is mostly on point and summarizes pretty well what i’ve thought for a while. Intellect matters but neglecting basic masculinity is harmful and destructive as it transforms men into intellectuals that are mostly mice and ‘betas’. Of course, dumb ‘betas’ are possible but probably the biggest cause for the prevalence of ‘smart-dumb’ guys in today’s world is the vicious and relentless campaign by certain groups to destroy masculinity.

    Funnily enough, even the intellectuals that were true to themselves were real men who actually had wealth, health, women and etc. Tolstoy, as a man who wrote War and Peace owned several estates and fared well in life was conscious of the conditions in life to succeed as a man. In War and Peace amongst other things he satirises byt pities the character of Pierre Bezhukov who devotes himself absolutely to being one of the stifled intellectuals that ends up getting cucked, depressed and finally broke in life despite having an attractive wife and lots of wealth. He only realizes after mingling with low IQ peasants by chance why being obsessed with intellectuality is flawed and living like a man matters more.

    Reflecting on my life though, i still plan upon reading advanced literature and intellectual stuff but i need more effort into the practical. For me that’s finding a day job and saving up on the long run while finding and working on a good business idea and model. After all, i’ve been at my best when i’ve been both intellectual and successful as a man in social relations and fitness. It’s also why i’ve mostly avoided getting stuck in the conflict/jealousy trap other intellectuals get stuck with low IQ semi-successful ‘brutes’. That’s why Despite being surrounded mostly by intellectuals throughout my schooling i was able to somewhat keep it real with non-intellectuals.

    Definetly one of your better articles right here.

  9. Thanks Mark, I didn’t know that about Tolstoy. And I agree, the best balance is intelligence and masculinity. By all means keep learning, I make sure to read at least two hours a day, but only after I’ve taken care of that days business. When you have both, the intellect plus the masculinity and well structured lifestyle, you become a renaissance man.

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