How To Fight Depression: The Definitive Guide To Feeling Better

Depression in men is an epidemic. That’s why it’s important for every man to know how to fight depression because depression is no joke. It’s a silent killer either through a life of quiet desperation or through outright suicide. When the ruling class imposed Cultural Marxism on western society they went to war against spirituality, nationalism, the nuclear family and traditional masculinity.

By removing the traditional pillars of a man’s life many men have been left without a feeling of purpose in their lives. And with the destruction of the nuclear family, many men now suffer from a lack of positive male role models. They no longer have the traditional training, guidance and mental toughness to handle life’s challenges that they would have learned from their fathers.

Combine that sense of purposelessness with cultural atheism, nihilistic materialism, urban anonymity, lack of community, wage slavery and debt and it’s no wonder that many men slip into depression. Their only hope for escape being drugs, alcohol or video games. The majority of these men suffer in silence, not wanting to show weakness or burden others with their problems. If you’re reading this I want to tell you that you’re not alone, there is hope and I’m going to show you exactly how to fight depression, but first we have to understand exactly what depression is:

HOw To Fight Depression

What Depression Is

Depression is unhappiness plus despair plus fatigue. You can’t be depressed when you have energy, this is very important to understand in terms of controlling your energy levels. Anger is what results when you’re unhappy and have energy. anger is unpleasant but can be useful as motivation and is nowhere as crippling as depression.

Depression is also different from sadness, because with sadness there is at least a release when you cry. Sadness is much easier to control, with depression there is no release. With depression you lose even the will to fight the feeling because fighting feels pointless. Depression as a whole is a string of consistent negative thoughts that link to negative feelings in your physiology or vice versa: negative feelings in your physiology that manifest in thoughts.

Thoughts like I’m a failure, life is pointless, I have nothing to look forward to and I’m going to experience even more pain in the future are the most consistent ones. Out of all negative states, depression is the worst, the feelings of hopelessness, nausea, self-hatred and suicidal ideation are nightmarish.

The number 1 rule in fighting depression is don’t let yourself slip into depression, it’s much more difficult to pull yourself out of a depressive state than to stop yourself falling into it one. To do this you need to recognize your major depressive triggers and constantly monitor your mood.

The mental health community has done a good job of raising awareness for depression, but has created many misconceptions of what depression actually is.Depression is NOT an illness, by thinking depression is an illness it creates a victim mentality and a rationale for making excuses and blaming your depression.

Depression is a state, a state is determined by a combination of your physiology and your mentality. It’s true that depression has a genetic component, and you might be more predisposed to enter that state than others due to lower levels of key neurotransmitters but you can raise these neurotransmitters naturally and chemically.

Depression is within your control. Your state is your mood, your state is your reality, your entire life is just a series of state shifts, we link external events to our state but in reality it is completely internal, YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER YOUR STATE.

Now that you understand what depression really is and that you have control over it, I’ve outlined the most common triggers and the three lines of defense in your battle. They are controlling your lifestyle, using state boosters and the last line of defense is knowing howt to fight your way out of a depressive state. These all come from personal experience in my own fight against depression and I promise you everything in this article works.


Illness/Physical pain

Being sick sends hundreds of negative anchors/triggers to your mind, it also reduces your key neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and GABA making it much easier to slip into depression.

Doing What You Hate

This could mean working a job you hate when you see no way out, family obligations, trying to please other people or any restriction on your freedom and pursuit of happiness.


This means thinking things like life is pointless, it doesn’t matter what happens we all die anyway.



Enjoying the material world is great but having faith in something greater than you gives your life meaning, peace, comfort. Pure materialism, is empty, hollow, poorly disguised nihilism. This has nothing to do with religion, but in believing that life in the material world is temporary after which we return to a state of oneness, God and love. This is a powerful tool in your arsenal but I won’t preach to you here and you guys who are committed atheists can just ignore this point.

Proper Sleep 

Getting proper sleep is crucial to keeping your energy levels high, feeling lethargic destroys your state, make sure to get 6-8 hours a night. You also want to keep your sleep consistent and at night, instead of being up at night and sleeping during the day, this ensures a proper circadian rhythm which is what you’re evolved for. Getting proper sleep also strengthens your immune system, in my experience the number one cause for me getting sick is not getting enough sleep.

Avoiding Sickness

Sickness is a massive state destroyer, it’s very difficult to pull out of negative/depressing states when you’re sick. Taking 5 grams of vitamin c at the first sign of a cold is crucial. Slso avoid foods you’re allergic too, for me that means no dairy, garlic or onions.

Drinking Lots Of Water 

Feeling relaxed in your body is crucial to your state. Without enough water your muscles will get tight and you become irritable.

Proper Diet

Eating well gives you good clean energy all day, this is the backbone of your state. Eating well also prevents state killers like stomach pain, lethargy and bloating. That means eating natural foods when possible like meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts. This also means avoiding foods you’re allergic to.

One key factor for maintaining energy throughout the day is to keep carbs low/moderate and rely mostly on protein, fat, meat and nuts. These are great sources of energy for the day, save your carb loading for the night once you’re ready to relax. Too many carbs during the day destroys your energy because your body has to focus all its resources on digestion.

Intermittent Fasting

Fasting in the morning with caffeine blunts your appetite and gives you extra energy and extra time in the morning that you would have spent making and eating breakfast.

No Ejaculation

This is the most powerful state amplifier on this list. Ejaculation causes a dopamine crash, a testosterone crash, and an energy crash. Even from just ejaculating once I get lethargic. Consistent ejaculation kills your life force, energy and killer instinct.

With no ejaculation you’ll notice brighter moods, better energy, better circulation of energy, more confidence, more presence, less fear, higher sex drive and an increased pleasure from sex. If you can’t hold back from ejaculating (it’s hard) then try and limit it to once or twice a week, ideally at night before bed.

High Intensity Training

High intensity training is the best way to exercise, it elevates all your key levels like Testosterone, growth hormone and GABA without flooding your body with cortisol like endurance exercise. HIT gets blood flowing and energy up, especially if you do it first thing in the morning, this includes weights and HIT cardio.

Stress Free Living

This is a key one, it’s not always possible especially if you have a high stress job but you have to do what you can to minimize it. Stress causes state destroyers like anxiety. and adrenaline dumps. Work on positive reframes, outcome detachment and removing stressful situations. That means not working a stressful job and getting rid of negative people in your life.

Positive Thinking And Thought Reframing

You are what you tell yourself, when you tell yourself negative things they will store in your body, you can feel it in your diaphragm and the sides of your stomach, this usually feels like nausea.

If you can’t be positive at the time you have to do your best to at least avoid negative thinking because if you don’t you will easily spiral into a depressive state. This means taking negative thoughts, analyzing them and asking how is the useful to me, if it’s not, then discard it. Think of some key reframes to the trigger points listed above as well as some key reframes to your own personal trigger points.

Having A Mission 

Every man needs a mission, a mission allows you to overcome obstacles, a mission gives you purpose, a mission gives you tunnel vision from negative thoughts, a mission projects a positive reality for your future. Focusing on your mission is an awesome way to channel your energy away from negative thoughts, it also allows you to reframe your suffering as a positive.

Not Doing Things You Hate

This means your job, social functions, hanging out with people who don’t respect you, playing an image you don’t feel because society compels you. Stop doing as much of these things as you can and notice how much better you feel.

Managing Your Reality

Don’t have co-workers or minimize your time with them, same with negative family members. It’s much harder to manage reality with negative people pressuring you to conform. It also means avoiding all negative media, movies and news.


This means consistently watching and monitoring your state by making the subconscious conscious. This gets easier with practice and your mind will automatically send you red flags on negative thoughts.

Having An Achievement Mentality

Make a promise to your self that from now on you’ve transitioned to an achievement mentality. That means instead of getting high on food, drugs, porn, video games or any other escape from reality, you’re now going to get high on achieving. You’re going to use the mentalitiesroutines, and structures on this site to forge laser-like focus in achieving your mission and goals.

Self Acceptance

Look back positively on all you have going for you now . This is easier said then done and is a gradual process so start with baby steps.


Keep a daily routine, be organized, go to bed and get up at the same time everyday. This brings you order, stability and allows you to focus on your mission while giving you pride and control over your environment.

Multiple Areas Of Self Esteem

You need to take pride in many areas of your life including but not limited to, your mission, your career, your presence, your style, your fitness, your relationships etc. This means when you’re failing in one particular area you can still receive plenty of self-esteem from others. For example you fail at hitting your gym goal for that day so you work extra hard on your business.

Standing/Sitting Up Straight 

Standing up straight is the physical embodiment of your most powerful state, standing hunched over is what people with low self-esteem do. Standing up straight gives you increased energy. Standing up straight also sends cues to your body giving you an increased projection of power, most people don’t stand up straight because they’ve spent a whole lifetime apologizing for their existence.

State Boosters


Affection directly raises oxytocin, this is the chemical that makes feel you warm and fuzzy. Some guys don’t realize they have affection needs, not just sexual needs. So go find a cute girl to cuddle with at least once a week (after sex of course).

Cold Shower

Start with a warm shower and finish with 30 seconds of cold, 5 on the head, 10 on the chest, 10 on the back, 5 on the head again, I do this every morning. Its refreshing and gives you a great adrenaline and energy boost.


10 minutes of sprinting on the treadmill, or HIT on the stationary bike will boost your level of endorphins, these natural painkillers will give you a quick state boost. Avoid the using the treadmill often because running is too hard on your joints.

Reading/Listening To Motivational Media

This is crucial, the human brain is like a sponge and the more positivity you’re around the more positive you feel. Even reading a Tony Robbins book, which is 99% filler will affect your mood positively through immersion.


Phenibut in moderation is the best drug I’ve ever taken. It’s a GABA agonist similar to alcohol except with out the cognitive side effects or lethargy. On a moderate dose of phenibut you’ll notice an increase in energy, relaxation, feelings of happiness and music sounds amazing.

Dosage should be between 1g to 2g, try 1g for your first time. Take on an empty stomach in the morning with caffeine and don’t eat for approximately 3 hours after to strengthen the effects. Phenibut will last the entire day peaking at about 5 hours in. Be careful not to use more than a few times a week because tolerance builds quickly and withdrawal can be nasty.


Caffeine is the second best drug I take. On an empty stomach a 100mg caffeine pill in the morning gives me a consistent energy boost for 3 to 4 hours and sets the proper tone for the day. I also get a mild euphoria and faster cognitive processing.

Caffeine is a great drug because it works consistently every day with only a mild tolerance forming. With that said if you don’t take caffeine every day the effects are even stronger with a near recreational drug high. A caffeine pill with lots of water is the best way to take it and negates the diuretic effects. Caffeine is also great state boost mid day if your mood is getting low.


Going out with your buddies who can make you laugh is always a great state booster, especially when you’re feeling down and don’t want to go. The most consistent though is throwing on a comedy, or youtube videos, these can put you in state within 10/20 minutes.


Powerful uplifting music is awesome for a quick state boost, I don’t go anywhere without headphones. First thing in the morning is the most important time for music, the first thing I do when I wake up is put my headphones in and put on uplifting music.

Fighting Your Way Out


In many ways depression is rage turned inwards. Harness that rage and let it motivate you  and that you won’t be a slave to it any more, that you won’t have another day destroyed. Then use that anger and focus towards the obstacles in your way and how you will be a glorious success. Fight, strive, kick and claw your way up to a neutral mood.

Don’t Future Plan

Depression means you’re in mental survival mode, this means regrouping and directing all your energy to lifting your present state. Don’t try and plan your future in a depressive state, all your future dreams will look hopeless and stupid, this will push you further into a depressive state.


This means telling yourself that this is a temporary state that will soon pass. Telling yourself that the reality you’re experiencing is not objective.

Thought Blocking

More important than positive thinking is avoiding negative thinking, that means fighting hard when you recognize yourself going to a depressive spiral, that means telling negative thoughts no, no, no! Thought blocking is also crucial when you’re in the middle of depression, tell those negative thoughts to fuck off. This is your most effective tool.

State Boosters

Use any of the state boosters listed above, with that said make sure to use Phenibut in moderation.

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  1. Excellent post. Suffering now through an admittedly light depression brought on by job loss, I’m implementing many of these actions to lift myself out of the depths. Anti-depressant pharmaceuticals get a rough write up in the MSM; but sometimes they are of great use to get yourself out of that dreadful “fog of nihilism” to start caring and gain the desire to get better.
    Pay a certified mental health professional cash and don’t go through your insurance if you are worried about prospective employers seeing the psych help on your med records. I did this when it finally struck me I needed some help to get out of the despair that I just couldn’t shake.

  2. Good stuff. For me, putting “Having a Mission” is probably the highest. When a man has time on his hands and no goals, he’s probably going to do something really stupid. When a man has time on his hands and goals, he’s gonna build something, and often, he does something great.

    And of course, being a musician/composer, music is really high up there.

  3. Hey Paul, absolutely agree, having a mission is absolutely critical for every guy, idle hands are the devils playthings. Building things is what we’re born to do and creating great music is an awesome mission to have.

  4. Thanks Ralph, great to hear you’re implementing some of this stuff. You’re right, ssri’s do get trashed a lot but some people respond really well to them, I say use whatever works, taking action, being proactive and fighting are the keys. Great tips on keeping that off your employer records and good man on recognizing you needed some help and taking action, there is no shame in that. The key is to keep remembering you can and will come through the other end and you will be stronger for having endured it.

  5. I just read this article and it’s solid stuff. I’ve used some of these methods personally. I’ve been through some nasty depressive episodes and these tips will help. I personally can’t stress exercise and nutrition enough. Good job and great article.

  6. Hey will amazing article. I wanted to ask, what kind of artist would you recommend for uplifting music for the morning?

  7. Thanks Nestor, I would recommend whatever music you like the most. I like the stones, motown soul, ac/dc. My theme song for powering through is its a long way to the top by AC/DC.

  8. Hey Will I am a long time reader and customer. Thought your tinder book was great. I wanted to post on this blog because I was wondering if you had any insight and perspective on how feeling the need to have friends and “fit in” has on depression and what to do about it. I know from my experiences going through high school and university that if you didn’t experiment with drugs and alcohol it was much tougher to have a lot of friends and climb the social ladder sort to speak. From my experiences having a lot of friends and feeling like you “belong” has a big impact on mood and depression. I noticed you don’t talk a lot about this when mentioning the areas you believe we should concentrate on (wealth, health, lifestyle, relationships) Perhaps you could post a separate blog on this topic as there are a lot of ways you can go with this.

    Do you have any insight on this topic and what advice would you have for someone who struggled with this as a teen and young adult due to not really wanting to experiment with drugs and alcohol?

    Thanks as always Will.

  9. Hi MER

    Thanks for your kind words. Having a good community can be a great state boost, but the reason I didn’t post anything is that people are un reliable, all the techniques I wanted to outline we’re ones you could do by yourself and have them work consistently. As far as your situation goes, if you don’t want to experiment with drugs and alcohol then those kinds of people aren’t for you. Climbing the social ladder involves those things as well as a bunch of other things you might not want to do like being socially ruthless, keeping uncool people out of your parties, ditching your old friends who don’t make the cut etc.. It doesn’t sound like you’d be comfortable with this stuff so my advice would be to find a different group of friends.

  10. Hi Will. I find all your material very legit and working, therefore, I just came to this article and have some questions about depression, I hope you take your time and help and answer my questions here or if you can send me email. I did not even know or could admit to myself that I had depression until I noticed that I masturbate and watched porn every day. I go around daily with anxiety and worsen the mood of getting older and losing my appearance, I’m anxious because I’ve met so many girls and those I want do develop more with not seem to be interested in me more than sex, Daygame even not working for me and I have the look, style together. I have an anxiety for my future welfare and think how I will do it because I do not have a university degree and I am working and thinking of a unique idea of starting my own business but that idea never comes. I have deep anxiety when it comes to my height which is 164cm and girls here in Scandinavia are terribly extraordinary.

  11. Hey Will, Your content is truly fantastic. It gets right to the essence of things and what guys need to do to sort their personal stuff out.

    I came across your stuff after doing a fap when i felt really down about myself and came across your article on tinder dating while searching for porn lol. It was honest and downright truthful and objectively harsh. It was the opposite of all the other generic ‘its okay’ psychological and soul euthanising crap out there on dating and other things in life. Ever since then, i’ve read most or nearly all the content on your site from the sex stuff to the organisation and finance stuff.

    I’ve started organising myself slowly through a paper notebook system (try to avoid tech where possible), and i did simple things like organise my table and clean my room for the first time in a while and it felt good to get a small grip on things.

    Basically i’m 19, in uni doing Law and Finance (somehow i surprisingly pulled off getting into that in hindsight lol), and am depressed after having to live half my high school years watching a girl i was into choose some petty weed dealer over me while watching them parade around their relationship and etc. I’d move on but i simply just can’t erase her from my life (i still see her and ger friends around at uni and parties occassionally, a few of those times ended up in a petty beef show when i got drunk).

    Meanwhile i also got into a fight with 7 dropkicks and street punks (not related to the weed dealer) who had in for me coz they were trash human beings that physically assaulted and harassed people all around (i won the exchange or actually came out pretty well for a 1v7 but with a broken finger) . However they tried to blame it on me and i got suspended, coz certain people in certain institutions were more interested in making less work for themselves than dealing with societies problems like they’re supposed to.

    I’ve surpassed those punks but now i’ve failed 2/8 study units in my first year which is dropping my average to 44.1% that is killing my future employability prospects. I tried going around applying for a basic menial job at various retail outlets and couldn’t even get that. Oh and i still live with my parents and family who tend to be a pain in the ass by being annoying or shitty mood inclined people.

    Until i came across your site, my standard way to escape reality was to drown myself in masturbation, video games and alcohol to simply avoid the pain (food isn’t an issue for me). I now know without a doubt that i have to ansolutely end masturbating forever, and considerably cut down on games and alcohol.

    Still though, some tips, thoughts and strategies on how to overcome the pain points and issues in my life would be great.

    Thanks :)

  12. Thanks Mark. Pain points would be, master a skill, sell it like hell, stack cash to move out, stay away from all losers/potential conflict sources, get up early every day, get super organized (buy my book how to get organized and implement everything).

  13. Thanks for the response Will.

    In the few days since i wrote the above, quite a few good things have gone down. Like for one i’ve just been getting more shit done then before and by actually measuring what i do i have a better sense of whether i’ve wasted my day or not. Also, i’ve got a potential small business opportunity upcoming where i can basically get $20 an hour for teaching indians/asians how to be fluent and proficient in english without having to pay any pension or tax benefits on it (i could be earning more for it but it beats working in MacDonalds or cleaning toilets). I’ve already done quite a bit to keep away from losers, but i could do some more to avoid conflict sources. In my opinion, i feel like its more important to go to sleep earlier (apparently its goos for your health and means you’ll physically age more slowly than those who stay up alot at night) rather than wake up earlier, so waking up at around 7 or 8 feels right for me.

    Truthfully, i’m more interested in your book on “How to sell” since in any profession or field in dealing with people, sales skill seem really valuable. Depending on how i feel i might get the organisation book, same for the others.

    But just a few questions if you don’t mind me asking:
    1. Where can you find a good professional photographer to take one for you (In Australia)? (I see value in a good photo or image/appearance beyond tinder and in the professional field).
    2. Are your books, most specifically the “How to sell” one, in pdf format, ebooks, or hardcopies? (Only thing stopping me from buying anything really since a hardcopy bought from the internet usually implies paying for more than the upfront price)
    3. By a skill do you mean professional, academic, or intellectual knowledge? Or rather do you mean the ability to apply certain knowledge to make money or any other form of talent or technique that can directly result in concrete money? (E.g. Knowing loopholes in tax laws to reduce amount of taxes you pay to govt)

    Basically, it seems like i have the potential to move out in 6-24 months, start earning a 6 figure salary or revenue stream by the time i’m 25, and escape wage slavery by the time i’m 30, if all things go well of course.

  14. Good work on moving forward, and yes sales skills are the most valuable thing.


    1) Elance/craigslist/facebook group or google search
    2) PDF
    3) I mean a skill you can sell like copywriting, tax is good too but takes longer

    Good work on setting a plan, and if money is tight, you don’t need to buy the book, I have a four part series that will get you a lot of what you need to get hired/clients

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