How To Be Happier By Being Ethical

Do unto others as you wish done to you.

It’s the golden rule across all beliefs systems.

But it’s not sold well.

Often times it’s sold to you through guilt and shame…

Be a good boy or get punished.

Instead it should be sold to you in your self interest.

Because the reality is being ethical makes you happier.

And helping others is one of the best state boosters available to you.

That’s not to say I’m a saint.

And it’s not to say that I’m selling you on becoming a self-sacrificing martyr.

You still have to put yourself first, take care of your interests and get after what you want…

But being ethical will help you get to your goals.

From your business goals to your lifestyle to your relationships with women, being ethical makes you happier.

And most importantly, being ethical makes you feel good about yourself.

Check out the video and audio below to see the full case for being happier through ethics.

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