Make Your Beliefs Serve You

Your beliefs create your reality.

And the reality is, you choose your beliefs.

Unfortunately, most people are programmed with and productive beliefs. From their parents, their teachers, from our culture and from themselves. Beliefs they’ve had for 5 or 10 or 20 years, that they’ve accepted as fact, but only because those beliefs haven’t been questioned.

The most logical way to live is to be happy.

But it’s very hard to be happy when you have beliefs that don’t serve you, beliefs that don’t serve you.

So wouldn’t it be logical to at least examine those beliefs.

Wouldn’t it be logical to see if there was room for a reframe. Even if just to open the door to possibility?

And if you could create new beliefs wouldn’t it be logical to create positive, empowering beliefs.

In other words, to make your beliefs serve you.

To make your beliefs serve your objectives instead of you being a slave to what you believe.

Make Your Beliefs Serve You

To make your beliefs serve you all you need is

  1. Will: to use your will to explore your old beliefs and make effort to change them
  2. Creativity: to use your creativity to manifest new outcomes
  3. Reality: to reality test your beliefs

What if you sat down right now and investigated some beliefs that might be limiting your quality of life:

Examples Of Beliefs You Can Choose To Investigate

1) I Have Depression

You might be depressed now, but what if that was just a transient state?

What if you could think about all the happy memories and times you had in the last year, or at least the neutral times, to prove that your mood is constantly changing.

And what if you’re depressive state you’re in now was not purely genetic, but was affected by your lifestyle.

And you could create a better life for yourself through awareness, focus and action.

And you could model happy people, use deductive reasoning and reverse engineer their success.

And even if you only made yourself 10% happier this year, that would be a massive improvement.

2) Bad Things Happen To Me

Is that an objective fact?

Just because bad things happened in the past, does that mean bad things will happen in the future.

Can you think about good things that happened in the past and use your confirmation bias to believe that good things happen to you.

Can you reframe negative events in the past as learning experiences.

Can you accept that the past doesn’t accurately predict the future. And that by using your will to create the reality that you want, you can create a future where good things happen to you consistently.

3) Life Is Pointless And Meaningless

Is the idea that life is pointless and meaningless a fact or is it belief?

What if there was a point?

What if there was a meaning?

What if the world was an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Video Game) designed by your creator where you we’re giving certain limitations, but also a certain amount of potential for you to manifest. And it was your choice to manifest as much or as little of your potential as possible. And that you we’re rewarded for your efforts by joy in this cycle and an evolution of your soul into a more positive life cycle, in your next life of the wondrous video game called life.

4) The Universe Is Neutral At Best, Hostile At Worst

Is the amorality or hostility of the universe a fact, or just your belief?

Does science have all the answers to the questions of our existence.

Even using the latest scientific model of the big bang. Can science explain what happened prior to the big bang and created time, space, energy and matter, and also sustains time, space, energy and matter.

If science doesn’t have the answers, are there spiritual authorities that you can investigate who have a different, more positive model of our reality.

Would you agree that having a positive view of life, reality and possibly an afterlife would make you happier?

If you do, would investigating the teachings of those spiritual authorities be a good use of your time, even if there are some things that you initially disagree with.

5) Death Is Annihilation

Your physical body will die, that’s a fact.

But is that the end?

Are the billions of people who believe that your spirit’s journey continues after the vehicle of your body wears out all deluded (like I used to believe) or is that idea worth investigating.

Would your life be happier if you believed that death wasn’t the end of you?

As your reading this article right now, who is talking to you, Will Freemen, or am I just a spirit speaking to you through the vehicle of my body, and the character I play in this life cycle known as Will Freemen?

You already incarnated once, which is insane, is the idea of my spirit incarnating into another vehicle all that crazy?

And are there perfected souls you can learn from, well beyond my level of development, who have merged their river into the divine ocean. Souls like:

  • Christ
  • Buddha
  • Ramana Maharshi
  • Ramakrishna
  • Ananadamayi Ma

What if you could dig up every belief that causes you doubt, depression and despair?

Or even just feeling mediocre and unmotivated?

Sure it’s hard but everything worth doing is hard.

And what else are you going to do, wallow in beliefs that cause you consistent pain

I say f*ck that, I say build the best belief system you can.

I say go hard as a motherf@#ker on it.

I say make your beliefs serve you.