How To Control Your State

To be happy you need to control your state.

Your state is everything, whether you realize it or not.

If you want to live well, state control is crucial, check out the video and notes below on how to get control of yours state:

What State Is

  • State is a combination of feeling, thought and physical sensation
  • Your life is nothing but a series of states
  • Whether you realize it or not, your goal whether conscious or unconscious is to be in positive state at all times
  • To feel great, actually its to feel bliss at all times.
  • Of the three: thought, physical sensation and feelings the feelings are what we live for.
  • We pretend we’re logical, but it’s a lie, logic serves emotion every time
  • Every single thing we do is to feel good

Why State Control Is So Important

  • To be happy and to feel good you need to control state
  • Its a skill, and its not easy, but it can be learned and it’s the most important skill you can have
  • State consistency is the key metric in measuring success no possession
  • Pursuit of happiness – means happiness not always available, best state available – has to be vow
  • If you can’t make it to happy, aim for neutral
  • Most people focus on what they want instead of what makes them happy
  • They choose to get angry or depressed because they want to
  • The key is to align your wants to your happiness

How To Control Your State


  • Be as mindful of your negative states as possible
  • When state is a priority you train yourself to recognize pain
  • Mindfullness alarm, goes off, I’m feeling bad
  • Pain triggers are when a sensation in your body or thought causes you to suffer.
  • Contrary to popular belief, a painful sensation doesn’t have to hurt, gym as an example.
  • Negative thought other example, without attaching emotion to it, it doesn’t have to hurt.
  • 1st question, whats triggering my pain? Why am i feeling bad, what thought or sensation is causing this feeling?
  • Once you identify the bad feeling, ask yourself what can I do to solve this problem?
  • With more practice, and a mindset open to creativity, you get better at it.
  • It also helps if you make a list of your major triggers to look out for – how to solve your recurring problems

Common State Killers And Solutions

  • Nausea – ginger root, deep breathing, small amout of carbs (if nausea is from low blood pressure)
  • Low mood – HIT exercise, long hot shower, followed by a cold shower (check full techniques on how to fight depression)
  • Anxiety – lower caffeine dosage, lying down breath watching meditation, worst case scenario-detachment
  • Anger – deep breathing, gym, removing yourself from the situation, beating the sh*t out of a pillow
  • Worry – action plan for what you can control, not worry about what you can’t control, faith in God(if possible)
  • Stomach Pain – activated charcoal for toxins, pepto bismol for pain or loperamide for diarrhea
  • Lethargy – stand up and move around, watch your carb/food intake in the future,  breath watching meditation
  • Debrief – any consistent or major state killer should be debriefed and knocked out of your lifestyle

State Control Lifestyle

  • Structure your life for state
  • Up at 6 am
  • Exercise every morning fasted state with caffeine and water
  • Eat clean (or try your best)
  • Drink a liter of water per day
  • Stand up as much as you can
  • Be mindful
  • Live in a sunny climate
  • Find fulfilling work where you control your time and resources (not a job)
  • Eat low to moderate carbs with not too many carbs per meal
  • Eat to no more than 90% full at every meal
  • Vigilance – most of this stuff you probably know, the key is to be vigilant and do your best every day