How To Live Better By Solving Your Recurring Problems

The most logical way to live is with the pursuit of happiness as your primary priority.

My theory is that happiness, is actually your natural state.

A child is naturally happy, because they live in joyand awareness of the present moment.

A child is happy, healthy and stress free.

A child only gets upset when something painful affects their state, but it’s forgotten minutes later.

This is where you want to get back to, as best as you can, you want to put those rose colored glasses back on.

But as adults, our lives aren’t as easy as they we’re when we we’re children.

We develop problems along the way that seperate us from our natural state of happiness.

In this video I’ll show you how to put together a gameplan for solving those problems and why it’s important.

  1. Will, something to consider. A lady by the name of Gretchen Rubin spent a year specifically researching how to make herself happier. She wrote a book about the project called “The Happiness Project”. It is filled with tweaks in action and thought designed to make you happier. I thought you might enjoy reading it. It isn’t the usual vapid candyfloss that these books often are, but is really quite practical and actionable. Rubin is a bit of a wine sipping, bree eating New York liberal, so you won’t love it all, but I found it actually very helpful, so thought you and your readers might too.

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