How To Calculate And Maximize Your Sexual Market Value

To be successful with women you need to know your sexual market value and how you stack up in the sexual marketplace. And make no mistake it is a marketplace with fierce competition for scarce resources: attractive women. The laws of sexual economics are no different than the laws of standard economics. In short everyone acts in their own self interest and wants to make the best deal for themselves.

To maximize the quality and quantity of women in your life you need to maximize your sexual market value or SMV. If you want to date 9s you need to become a 9. But In order to maximize your league you first need to be able to calculate your league which isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

I’ve outlined six key areas and broken down tables for each:

  • Looks: How good looking you are with no other factors involved
  • Game: How tight your game is in terms of your confidence, charm and intelligence
  • Amplifiers: How you rank in terms of money and status or amplifiers
  • Relationship Skills: How you rank in terms of your skills in a relationship
  • Playboy SMV: Your sexual market value as a purely sexual option minus relationship skills
  • Boyfriend SMV: Your sexual market value as a potential boyfriend including relationship skills

Each table has a straightforward category and ranking system adding up to a number from 1-10 except for amplifiers which allows for bonus points. That number out of 10 is your league in that area. The charts allow for you to hit over 10 or under zero but those scores automatically become 10 and 1 with the exception of amplifiers where select men can rank over 10.Just follow the examples highlighted in yellow to see exactly how to calculate your score.

how To calculate your sexual market value


Sexual Market Value

The table above breaks down how good looking you are with no other factors considered on a scale of 1/10. Follow the example outlined in the table to get your score per category and add them together for a total of 10.

Your looks is the way the world sees you either from a picture or on the street. Ranking highly doesn’t mean every girl is going to be attracted to you however. It just means there is a higher probability that any particular woman will be attracted to you. A good looking guy is an 8/10 whereas an average guy is a 5/10.

Here are how the categories and points breakdown. Now keep in mind that women are incredibly diverse in what they prefer in men, these are just generalizations based on what most women find attractive.

1) Age:

  • I ranked 18-25 year old men as the highest general attractiveness because 18-25 year old men have the highest probability of getting the most attractive women who are 18-25
  • The most attractive guys to young women are guys who look like young Abercrombie models
  • This area is out of your control to a degree but with a healthy diet, good sleep, dyed hair (if necessary) and a good skincare routine you can take at least 4 years off of your age
  • I’m 33 but girls consistently think I’m in my late 20’s because I take care of myself.

2) Face

  • Your face is the most important factor in your looks and is ranked accordingly
  • By having movie star good looks you can be a 10 even with major penalties on height and shoulder width, a young Tom Cruise being a good example
  • Now not all of us have movie star good looks but by good grooming, losing weight and having a good skincare routine you can easily add a point or two here

3) Race

  • In western countries white men are still the ideal for the majority of women – women are extremely racist when it comes to their dating preferences unfortunately
  • Its true many women prefer black or Latino men but they are not in the majority, at least with today’s demographics
  • Unfortunately women penalize Asian and Indian men across the board so I’ve given them a penalty accordingly
  • This is the only area where an upgrade is not possible

4) Tribe 

  • What tribe you’re part of is a massive factor in your success with women
  • As I’ve outlined being a successful professional is by far the most attractive tribe
  • When I say bad boy/cool guy I mean a guy who dresses in a way that’s sexy and edgy to women
  • Other examples of tribes are hipsters, SJWs, average guys, WASPs, thugs, nerds and goths
  • This ones a no brainer guys, become a businessman/successful professional or a bad boy/cool guy

5) Height

  • Height is a major factor when it comes to women and I’ve ranked it as highly as physical fitness
  • This is an easy upgrade with the right shoes you can get an extra inch or two

6) Body

  • Body type, specifically shoulder width is very attractive to women
  • Having a slight frame is not attractive, even if you’re tall it makes you look like a small guy
  • You can upgrade this area buy adding lean mass to your frame
  • I went from a jacket size of 34 to a 40 giving me what looks like average sized shoulder width

7) Fitness

  • Fitness is a major attractiveness signal for women and I’ve given it the corresponding bonus
  • Keep in mind when I say muscular and lean I mean about 50 lbs. of lean muscle – not bodybuilder muscle
  • Pro bodybuilders are usually unattractive to the majority of women
  • Within 3 years of dedicated training you can put on 40 lbs. of muscle
  • I went from 5’10 120 lbs. to 5’10 173 lbs. giving me a 2 point boost

8) Style

  • Style is very important to women and is something that you can easily upgrade – no excuses.
  • This is the easiest two points on the list
  • You don’t have to dress like Bond every day but there is no excuse not to be stylish
  • Even if I’m just going to the store I always wearing something decent


As you can see everything is a factor when it comes to your looks in a general sense which is pretty straightforward. The chart above is applicable in a broad sense but not for specific women which we ‘ll cover in the next section.

Your looks, outside of massive amplifiers like obscene wealth and fame, is the most important category for attracting women. Your looks are also the most limiting factor, meaning without looks you can’t play the game. If you want to be a player you need to become at least a 7.

The good thing is outside of your race everything is within your control to a degree. This doesn’t mean you can look like Brad Pitt but you can look like the best version of you. And that’s what its all about, playing the fuck out of the hand you’re dealt. Here are some examples of how guys rank:

Examples Of How Guys Rank Based On Looks

I’ve outlined some specific examples of guys here starting from the worst which should give you an idea of where you fit in and how much you can improve.

Despite what the “PUA” community tells you, to date 8s and 9s consistently you have to become an 8 or a 9. If you aren’t getting the results you want with women then you need to be actively engaged in maxing out all the different factors you can to increase your sexual market value.

Unattractive Guy
Rank: 1/10

1 out of 10

Enough said here. Obesity is an automatic 1 and is something completely within your control. No excuse for looking like this whatsoever.

Average Guy (Before Pictures)
Rank: 5/10

Average Guy Before

Here you can see the textbook average guy in what looks like his big brother’s hand-me-downs from the 90’s. His ill-fitting clothes make his shoulders look more narrow than they already are. Again no excuse for leaving the house looking like this.

Above Average Guy (After Pictures)
Rank: 7/10

Above Average Guy (After Pictures)

This is the same guy as above with a makeover and a haircut. As you can see he immediately moved up two points in sexual market value. Style is by far the quickest area you can upgrade. In one day this guy went from unfuckable to a legitimate sexual option for women.

Good Looking Guy (Minority)
Rank: 8/10


As you can see I’ve purposely selected a minority here to show you whats possible. Despite being Asian his workout (plus gear) in the gym has given him broad shoulders and a muscular and lean body – or a 3 point boost in sexual market value. I know a lot of Asian and Indian guys are struggling to date outside of their race but when you’re willing to put in the work all things are possible.

Male 10 (Chris Hemsworth)
Rank: 10/10


This is Chris Hemsworth a genetic lottery winner who makes his living off of being good looking. Even without his fame this guy is a 10. Tall, white, handsome, fit, broad-shouldered – your mom, sister and girlfriend would all fuck this lucky bastard.

Your Looks Modified For Specific Women

Woman-Specific LooksBreakdown

After covering your looks in general I wanted to give you an idea of how you look to specific women. Follow the example outlined in the table to get your score per category and add them together for a total of 10.

This table should give you an idea of what a specific woman you see on the street would think of you based on your observations of her but without knowing her personal preferences. For example you can tell she’s a white hipster but you can’t tell that she prefers black guys.

As you can see your face, height, body and style are still the same but  the following categories have changed:

1) Age

  • When you’re looking at a girl it’s more effective to calculate your age ranking based on how old she is
  • On average the closer you are to her age the higher your chances of success
  • At 45 you’re not a 10 for young girls anymore but you definitely can be a 10 for women in their 40s
  • Now it’s true that some young women actually prefer much older men but you can’t tell that from the approach

2) Race

  • As you can see being white is still an advantage with the average woman on the street
  • But when you’re talking about specific women your odds go up when approaching women of your race
  • As an Indian guy you’ve got a much better shot at the average Indian girl as opposed to the average white girl
  • With that said some Indian girls will penalize Indian guys in the same way white girls do but we’re just talking about probabilities here

3) Tribe

  • As you can see being a businessman/young professional or a bad boy is still attractive across the board
  • The difference here is that being part of her tribe gives you as much of a bonus as being a businessman
  • For example you can be a dirty hipster with a dumbass giant beard, be penalized by 90% of women but dirty hipster girls will still give you +3 points
  • I’ve also shortened the penalty section to low ranking tribes for the sake of brevity, nerds, geeks, goths etc. are all low ranking tribes.
  • The only time you won’t be penalized for being part of a low ranking tribe is if she’s in the same tribe, in which case you’ll get 3 points
  • With that said guys there is no reason for you as a grown man to dress like a goth

4) Fitness

  • This is another area where there is actually a wide variance among women
  • Every meathead in the gym is baffled when they see hot girls with “small” guys but the truth is not every woman is looking for a jacked guy
  • For many girls Joseph Gordon Levitt is a 10 because he fits their tribe’s body type even though he’s not big
  • Another example would be how rocker girls will be most attracted to skinny rocker guys
  • In general being lean and muscular is always good but if you have the body type of her tribe you’ll get the same points
  • In my experience being lean and muscular is still a bonus even with girls who say they don’t like “big” guys
  • When girls talk about not liking big guys they mean guys who look like pro bodybuilders which on average is unattractive to women


As you can see there is massive differences from woman to woman. While your general attractiveness might not be as high as you want it, when you aim for woman where you have a natural edge your results will go up dramatically. Picking up women is sales so you might as well spend the most time on prospects who are already into what you’re selling.



The chart is pretty straightforward follow the example outlined in the table to get your score per category and add them together for a total of 10. As you can see I’ve broken game down into three distinct factors confidence, charm and intelligence.  Game is not an esoteric, mythical concepts as many PUAs make it out to be, it’s really just a combination of those three traits.

Many guys however have a polarized view of game, they either think game is everything or game doesn’t work at all. The reality is game is just one factor in your total sexual market value. Game doesn’t work miracles but it is the means to obtain and retain girls within your league. Here is the breakdown for the three major factors in your game.

1) Confidence

  • Confidence or how alpha you are is a major attractiveness signal to women

2) Charm

  • Charm or how much you can get a woman to like you on a personal level, this includes humor and rapport building

3) Intelligence

  • Intelligence although not as important is still a big and underrated part of game
  • By intelligence I mean both the ability to have an interesting conversation and the ability to understand social situations and behavioral cues
  • Intelligence also factors into your success in terms of being able to learn from your mistakes, apply concepts correctly and maximize your effort/reward ratio
  • With that said being dumb is only a moderate penalty, there are plenty of dumb, good looking guys that get laid a lot


As you can see game is pretty straightforward. As opposed to looks which differs strongly from woman to woman the concepts of game apply across the board. There is no woman that doesn’t like a charming man. Having Trump confidence or James Bond charm though, at least in my opinion, is something you’re born with.

However there is absolutely no reason every one of you can’t become confident, charming and intelligent or at least intelligent enough. For more on how to max out these areas see the resources section at the end of the article.

Your Amplifiers



As you can see in the table above I’ve broken down money and status into what I call amplifiers. Follow the example outlined in the table to get your score per category and add them together for a total of 10. Amplifiers take your core attractiveness and amplify it either positively and negatively.

Now amplifiers are still measured out of 10 unless you qualify for the fame and Illuminati level money bonuses which will put you over 10. I put those bonuses in the table to show you just how powerful fame and extreme wealth is. For example Justin Bieber would be a 60/10 in this area and so would Bill Gates. That means both of those guys will be automatic 10s once we get to total sexual market value.

Now the question that comes up often is if women are only fucking guys for their money and status. The answer is yes and no. Some women will fuck guys for money or to brag to their friends about a high status conquest. But status and money also make men more physically attractive to women – this is a fact.

The popular kid in high school is more physically attractive to the girls then the loser, even if they’re equally good looking. Here’s how it breaks down:

1) Money

  • Money shows that you can provide for her and allows her to picture a nice lifestyle with you
  • Money also raises your status, a wealthy man is a high status man
  • You’ll notice though that being poor isn’t a major penalty, especially if you’re young and good looking
  • In fact if you’re 25 or under women don’t even expect you to have lots of money
  • You can see being on welfare is a big penalty but that’s only if you tell her which I would not recommend
  • In my twenties I would bang 5 new girls a month in my 250 square foot shoe box without so much as a complaint
  • Even if you’re an older guy it’s not a massive negative as long as you present well and your place is halfway decent
  • It only becomes a big issue when it comes to your SMV as a potential boyfriend which we’ll get to below

2) Status

  • Of the two, status by far is the more powerful
  • Nicholas Cage, a strange looking man in his 50’s could step into any nightclub and pull or at least get interest from the hottest girls
  • We are tribal animals and rank is the ultimate symbol of attractiveness to women
  • The status we’re talking about in the chart is your status in the world in a general sense


In the chart I’ve outlined how money and status affect your SMV in general. But like looks your amplifiers vary from strongly from woman to woman. You can use the general interpretation of the chart or an interpretation modified to the specific woman you want.

For example you can be a college kid with no status in the real world but if you’re a club promoter you have high status to that hot girl in the club you’re trying to pick up. You can be a low level drug dealer in university making $3,000 a month in cash which is garbage money in the real world but a lot of money to the broke university student you’re trying to pick up.

Here is the same chart above but modified for specific women:

How important money and status are to each woman also varies from woman to woman but you can tell a lot from how she looks. The hotter she is and the sexier she dresses the more interested she will be in money and status. This is because money and status are very primitive ranking metrics and the sexier she dresses the more primitive she is.

The hottest girls will rarely date guys who don’t have at least one of the two amplifiers locked down. Despite what many PUAs tell you money and status are very real factors in the real world.

Your Relationship Skills

Relationship Skills


Up until now we’ve been dealing with pure attractiveness, what we haven’t covered is how a man’s relationship skills affect his sexual market value. Follow the example outlined in the table to get your score per category and add them together for a total of 10.

Relationship skills are extremely important to women when they’re looking for a boyfriend or a husband. And despite what she might tell you, she’s always looking for a boyfriend or a husband.

Women screen for three major things when they’re looking for a relationship. They want a man who is caring, dutiful and stable. The kind of guy their parents will approve of as a smart choice to raise a family with. Here’s the breakdown:

1) Caring

  • Meaning he manages her emotions and is emotionally attentive
  • This is usually the most important factor in a woman’s choice in partner
  • You can see this is valued slightly higher than the other two factors
  • For an emotionally healthy women, being well cared for is her number one priority in a relationship

2) Dutiful

  • Meaning he performs his job as unpaid escort to social functions dutifully

3) Stable

  • He’s hard working, reliable and home for dinner


Again relationship skills like game are something that are consistent across the board. Its time to move beyond the concepts of alpha and beta, if you want a relationship with a woman its an easy upgrade to have these areas maxed out.

The only area I would limit is being dutiful, if she wants you to see her parents every week then she needs to go. However accompanying her to thanksgiving dinner and other occasional and reasonable requests is part of the price you have to pay to maintain a relationship.

Your Sexual Market Value As A Player

Total Sexual Market Value


In this table I break down how attractive you are as a purely sexual option minus your relationship skills. You can either use your general looks and amplifier rankings or the modified version tailored to the women you want. This is the most important metric for players who aren’t looking for anything serious.

The table is pretty straight forward. Just follow the example outlined in yellow and take your ranking from the previous three sections and divide it by the divider corresponding to that section. That will give you three values for you to add together and get your total SMV out of 10.


As you can see looks is still by far the most important factor in the game with the exception of the massive bonus points available from Illuminati money and fame. The truth is everything matters. If you’re still caught up in the “PUA” mentality that game means everything you need to snap out of it.

If you want to consistently date 9s you have to become a 9 or at least a 9 to her. The good thing is almost every area is within your control.


Relationship SMV


In this table I’ve outlined how attractive you are as a potential boyfriend including your relationship skills. You can either use your general looks and amplifier rankings or the modified version tailored to the women you want. The table is pretty straight forward, just follow the example outlined in yellow and take your ranking from the previous four sections and divide it by the divider corresponding to that section. Then add up the total for a score out of 10.

You’ll see here that it’s the same chart as your total SMV but with your relationship skills added and all categories weighted equally. Your relationship SMV completely changes the dynamic from pure sexual attractiveness to pair bonding characteristics making up at least 25% of your appeal.


For those of you guys who still think being a provider is beta and not what women are looking for you’re dead wrong. The ideal man for women is an alpha with beta characteristics or an alpha male provider. If you’re willing to add some beta skills to your arsenal your shot at getting a solid girlfriend goes up big time.

I’ve seen tons of cute girls dating dorky looking guys and it wasn’t because of money. It’s because women put a massive value on a man who is willing to care for them emotionally. Now I’m not saying you should let her use you like an emotional tampon but I’m saying that if you’re looking for a girlfriend you should be able to show her that you can take care of her.

The truth is when a girl leaves your harem it’s never for another alpha male, it’s for another beta male who is promising her monogamy. Even if you just want to maintain girls in your harem adding some relationship skills goes a long way in terms of retention.

How To Increase Your Sexual Market Value

So, now that you have all aspects of your SMV calculated you should know exactly where you stand. You should also have a realistic assessment of what areas you need to improve on and how much that improvement will increase your SMV.

The problem with the dating industry as a whole is that it gives guys unrealistic expectations. It’s true that maxing out your game will help you with women but it won’t work miracles. However by maxing out your looks, game, amplifiers and relationship skills you can massively upgrade your SMV. And it’s never to late to get this shit handled.

Geek is not chic despite the bullshit women tell you, they are much more superficial then men are.

Joseph Gordon Levitt

One area I used to be weak in was fitness. My natural weight at 5’10 is 120 lbs. That worked for me in high school but is not an option for me as a 33 year old man. So I got that shit handled and I put 52 lbs. of lean muscle on my frame. This puts me a full 2 points higher than I would be as a skinny guy.

If you’re still struggling with girls even maxing out one of these areas will put you in the game. Before you end up on a hater forum saying game doesn’t work or self improvement is a scam, give it a real shot. Some of you guys might have as much as 5 points to improve if you really get it together. I recommend you have a look at the following resources to get your transformation in gear:


Relationship Skills





To get an idea of how much of a transformation is possible I’ve outlined a few examples to illustrate what you can do with just a little work. As you can see style is by far the easiest and quickest upgrade.

Below Average To Average Transformation
SMV: 3/10 – 5/10

Horatio Sanz

Here is comedian Horatio Sanz going from an abysmal 3 to a mediocre 5. If he took things further by getting in shape he might even be able to make it to a 6.5 or 7 for his age bracket. You can also see the natural confidence increase in pic two as well as the fact that if he lost weight and dressed well he’d probably be a pretty decent looking guy. Again weight and style are things 100% within your control.

Average To Above Average Transformation
SMV: 5/10 – 7/10

Makeover 3

As you can see the nerd on the left looks like a boy in his big brother’s clothes. He instantly signals to women that he’s not with the program and that they should avoid fucking him. The guy on the right however is a slick looking young professional who could easily pull a few girls home from the bar after work if he learned how to spit some game.

Not bad for a days transformation. Again style is by far the most accessible area to max out, you’re not serious about picking up women unless you’ve maxed it out.

Above Average To 10 Transformation
SMV: 7/10 – 10/10

With the help of steroids the movie star Chris Pratt transitioned from an 7 into a male 10 in a matter of months. This transformation also helped take him from a bit player on shitty TV show to an A list movie star all within a few years. As I keep telling you guys, when you get this shit handled you can make massive changes in your quality of life.


There it is, your guide to calculating sexual market value. If you’re 18-35, over 5’6 and not ugly there is no excuse not to be a 7 if you put in the work. Even if you’re a minority there is a lot you can do to max out your SMV. The name of the game is playing the hell out of the hand you’re dealt.

Style, fitness, charm, income, status, confidence – all of these areas are 100% within your locus of control. At least one of these should be in one of your four yearly goals. The sexual marketplace, like everything else in life is a competition and to the victor goes the spoils.

Make it happen and reap the rewards

  1. I use:
    -prescription retin a daily which is great for skin quality
    -200 mg hyaluronic acid and 6 grams of collagen orally for my joints which has big effects on skin as well would bump up to 400 mg HA if purely for skin
    -drink tons of water
    – use burts bees or JASON natural moisturizer and sunscreen to prevent breakout
    – Use a gilette fusion proglide razor and shave with downstrokes and no cream which prevents acne or irritation
    – keeping clean shaven also makes you look younger
    – Will be dying the grey thats creeping up on the sides with herbatint this month
    – barely drink alcohol and drink a disgusting greens juice daily as well
    – Will be experimenting with topical hyaluronic acid and vitamin c which I’ve heard good things about
    – Also did Aztec/Apple cider vinegar facials which were great but couldn’t be bothered here in thailand
    – Check the grooming guide in the article for the basics of my routine

  2. Thank you. I’d have to put an article and videos together on that because there’s a lot to say. But what you can do is model guys who already kill it with women. A great one to model is Ryan Gosling from crazy stupid to love. Russell Brand is great with girls but you need to have his wit and intelligence to pull it off. I would just watch interviews with Jake Gylenhall, Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth, Joseph Gordon Levitt or anyone else girls like. Just watch how they’re relaxed, confident, polite, never break rapport and a little bit funny, you don’t need to do a whole lot verbally but you should be able to convey relaxed confidence, social intelligence and an interest in the person you’re talking to.

  3. Hey Will great breakdown – very concise and informative.

    Which of these areas do you think is most crucial to focus on for a guy in his 40’s looking to date women in their 20’s? Thanks and keep up the great work

  4. Thanks brother. If I could say one thing it would be to talk, dress and walk like you have confidence and money, think a casual George Clooney. Defined, distinguished, worldly. The bad boy look is out, your only option as a tribe is successful older man. You don’t have to be super rich but having a decent place and car definitely help.

    The appeal of an older man is status, control and the idea of being taken care of. Most girls who date much older guys have some father issues and are looking to feel what they missed as children. Others are just much more mature for their age and have nothing to relate to young guys about. So definitely don’t make the mistake of trying to dress or act young, your appeal is in your age once you find the right girls. The key is tailoring your search to women who like much older men. he expert on dating young women in your 40s is His style is primarily online but day game is also an option. Clubs however is not, bars prob won’t be much better. If you’ve got a lot of cash I would check out upscale lounges, they usually have tons of girls who tend to date older wealthier guys.

    Another option is to move to or vacation to southeast asia or latin america. Here in thailand I see young girls with older guys all over the place and its socially acceptable.

  5. Will great stuff. More on the race thing, specifically asian. It’s funny because there’s a status/wealth undercurrent in US. In Japan, lots of russian (white) girls love japanese dudes because of higher relative stuatus/wealth.

    So the asian male thing in US might be partly due to that, even though lot of asians are young professionals, financially well off etc.

    I personally alternate between successful businessman/cool guy (top 1% fitness, physique competitor) and a very alpha + charming personality. The contrast is great and lets me in where a thuggish black dude or overly aggresive large white man might come off too strong.

    Though demographic, niche, location is hometown in midwest is a different playground then in the big coastal cities (SF,NY).

    What do you think about race + game? Should asians exaggerate alpha/charming qualities while blacks perhaps tone down aggressiveness? On youtube, there’s videos of white girls saying they only date asian men and when you watch them, 9/10 they describe a meek, kind and considerate, but “beta” pushover kind of guy…rather than a dashing asian player. So these stereotypes are real…and maybe the race “factor” might be a big amplifier (in the other direction) in the US at least

  6. good stuff man. another thing is you can actually choose which tribe to put yourself in, especially if you look at tribes based on a set of skills/talents. figure out what your talent is and the OWN that talent and be the leader of that tribe. if you are an amazing poet, then own that shit and dominate the arena/tribes of poetry clubs etc… It most likely your best chance of increasing your relative SMV score because you are increasing your “points” based on your individual talents where you have an edge.

  7. Thanks brother. And yes those are some excellent points actually. You can specifically switch to less competitive tribes aligned with your skillset and dominate. Or pivot in business terms. Especially if that tribe has low competition and a high ratio of goodlooking women – being a yogi is actually a great example. Now I’m not a yogi but when I do yoga I’m usually one of the only straight guys in the class and I feel like they let the wolf into the henhouse. The few straight guys that teach or have their own studio 100% are banging there students.

    You can also take the same tribe(product) and arbitrage your results in a different market. I took my businessman/bad boy look to asia, modified to the market casual businessman/less edgy bad boy and easily got a 1 to 1.5 boost in SMV. Outside of some goodlooking tourist kids who are passing through, my competition of white guys who live out here is non existent.

  8. Hey Bob, great points here, thats a very interesting on Japan but I’m not surprised actually because status trumps everything. The white male appeal is 100% due to the cultural and economic dominance of the US. 50 years from now Chinese guys might be the most attractive guys to women. China and Korea are already stepping up their cultural dominance, many women here in Thailand already prefer Korean pop stars to white guys and Thai men.

    I merge the businessman and bad boy in the exact same way even down to my verbals, high/low culture, its super effective.

    On race game + game Asian guys should definitely exaggerate alpha/charming qualities both in their behavior and there fitness because they’re working from a dominance penalty. If you’re an asian guy and you want to be a player across all races you need to get built. Black guys should do the opposite, definitely tone down the aggressiveness, you’re assumed to be more a more edgy/alpha then average. As a black guy you also want to make sure not to dress like a thug which will scare off all but the most ratchet white chicks. Being a black dude dressed like a fit young professional and you’ll be shaking off white girls with a stick – and are great resources for that look.

    As for the white chicks dating asian betas thats not surprising, as I said girls put a massive value on relationship skills but my advice to asian guys who want a white gf is to combine those skills 80% alpha/20% beta, retentions, hand in relationship, consistent attraction will be much higher.

  9. I got 5/10 but if I work on my body like have more lean muscle mass, broad shoulder then I will become 7/10. I’m like 5’5 and weight 121 lbs. Should I begin with bulk or do what you think?


  10. Yep you def should bulk up and yes that might get you to 7 assuming you’ve got a goodlooking face and wear lifts. Then what you want to to increase your odds is focus on short girls, girls who are 5’0, 5’1. Focusing on Asian women who are used to dating shorter men is also a good angle to work on increasing your probabilities of success. The first thing you should do is if you’re rocking the bad boy look get some good boots, I have a pair of cole haan brown boots that give me an inch in height putting me close to 6’0 feet. If you add lifts to your insoles that could get you a solid two inches putting you at 5’7 and the difference between 5’5 and 5’7 is massive. Now you might be worried that when you take off your shoes the girl will notice but don’t worry, once you’ve got her back to your place she’s already decided she’s going to hook up with you.

  11. Thanks Will, I do have the badboy style and also have boots with insoles that get me from 5’5 into 5’7. Yea I agree that when I take of my shoes, no matter she want to hook up, so I have experience that a lot but the girl don’t care so much about it due I’m good looking in face and style.
    My currently focus are only get a muscle lean body with abs and broader shoulder. I have tried Stronglift 5×5 program in 4 month without any notable result.

  12. Thanks Xsplat, you’re a great example of a guy who has used money, status and geoarbitrage to max out your sexual market value. Guys check out xsplats site above, he consistently has relationships with attractive Indonesian women 20 years younger than him with out paying for it.

  13. Thats good and yes a goodlooking face goes a long way. And for lifting I’m not surpised, I don’t like stronglifts and outline why in my 20 diet and training mistakes article. I would try my RLD strength training minimalist routine, it works really well for ectomorphs who can’t handle a ton of volume, I got 38 lbs. naturally off that routine.

  14. Good shit Will.
    For guys with glasses. I’ve experimented with wearing and not wearing mine. I think it’s a -2 (or more) to looks. It has a psychological effect on me too, I’m more confident when I don’t wear them. I’m working on correcting my vision naturally. Believe it or not, it actually works. It just takes time, desire, and dedication.

    Improving ones “SMV” is a true journey. It’s taken me to places I previously couldn’t imagine. For me its no longer about getting women. That’s just the side benefit. For me its all about becoming a real fucking man and dominating this life.

  15. Thanks Squire, I would agree and thats a good point, glasses are definitely a negative. Cool to see you can correct your vision naturally. And you’re absolutely right increasing your SMV for you is the goal, waking up every day and feeling good about how you look and act, women are just a side benefit to that.

  16. Since I have come across GoodLookingLoser’s game and this page I change my mind from most things I have learned all from those techniques like push&pull, negs, teasing, story telling and you name it on the PUA world.
    Now I do have same game like you tell in many article here on this wonderful site. Many girls in nowadays see me as a nice, cozy, caring, stiff and dry a person. I don’t know what it depends upon that they think I’m stiff and dry as person, is that because I don’t make jokes and tease anymore? Because I haven’t seen in any of your article that you name about jokes and tease the girl therefore why I cut down on that to.

  17. Thanks Alex, I appreciate it. I definitely tease specific girls a lot. Most submissive, feminine women love to be teased as long as you’re being playful. But the occasional girl can be sensitive so I’ll avoid teasing her too much. The key is screening for the right women and calibrating your actions to her. I’m very playful and affectionate with girls and its a good way to be, its on my list of things to write about.

  18. I really seeing forward on a full article how to be charming, confidence and also how to be playful and tease them in right way with examples so I can get a image of it and develop those skills.

  19. Wow, this is probably the most concise and detailed SVM overview for men I have ever seen! Good job, haha! Your points will all apply to the average woman, though the Asian guy as an 8 example is not really accurate. He’s way too lean and buff to be considered an 8 for a woman. Ryan Gosling has more of the “8” looks, I’d say.

    Because I am a woman, I will probably use this overview to rate some guys, just for fun. xD

    At last, I’ve come up with a 10 point scale for guys which is much more simple, but it might be helpful to some of you guys. :)

  20. This is forcing me to realize I’m either leaving a lot on the table, or I’m missing something I thought I had.

    9 in looks for 23-33, 8 in looks for 18-23.
    8 in game
    5 in amplifiers (7.5 for a lot of women)

    Ends up coming out to 8.96 (basically a 9) for 18-22, 9.67 for 23+.

    I am trying to make sense of this. My results aren’t bad, but…if this is a 9, dating must suck for less attractive men.

  21. Hey James, it would be hard for me to say without looking at you or seeing your game. But yes, dating sucks for guys who are below average in looks and game, with that said, I feel like most guys above 5’6 can get themselves to the 6-7 range if they put in the work on their fitness, game and style, with enough approaches that should land most guys a cute or semi/cute girlfriend. But it is a jungle out there, no question.

  22. My expectations might just be too high.

    When I started dating again last year, within a month I had an ongoing hookup with a 7 6 years younger than me which eventually turned into a relationship. I was openly having sex with other women. About 6 of them in the 8 months I was with her. Attractiveness in the 5 to 8 range. She bounced between not liking it and wanting to join me for threesomes, specifically stating it was so she could get in on my attention.

    I guess that’s actually pretty good. But…it feels like a shortcoming to not have a polygamous harem of cute young women all over me in exchange for very little effort. When I actually type that out, it does sound a little ridiculous.

  23. As it pertains to this scale, though, I think that the looks portion gets broken near the high end.

    It’s hard for tall, young white guys to fail on it.
    I’m 6’3″ (2). White (2). 28 (2 for 23+). Average style (1).

    That’s 7 points without even taking into consideration fitness levels, a good looking face, or anything along those lines. All I’d have to do is not be awful on the rest to be a 7 on the looks scale. I’m pretty damn fit, and I’ve heard the phrase “You’re lucky you’re good looking…” from too many girls to think I’m just “not awful”. That just seems…too easy. I think pretty highly of myself, but to think I’m a 9 blows my mind a little bit.

    The idea that a 7 in value can be grabbed so easily by tall white men blows my mind. With a good face, solid fitness, and good style, it can become a 12. Throw in the “businessman” tribe and it’s a 14. A 14 in looks for being a tall, fit, good-looking young white businessman with good style? A -14-??

    I feel like without having movie star good looks and James Bond style, you are capped at 9 as an absolute maximum. Maybe I’m just overestimating how hard this is.

  24. Haha yes, it is a little ridiculous, you can have a harem of cute young women with moderate effort, very little effort like anything else will get you very little results. The only exception to this is when you have position, say you’re a club promoter, you’d have to put in effort to maintain your network but not much to get laid. When you’re operating cold, you always have to put in some effort to go through the process of getting new girls.

  25. Some good points here James, one thing to remember though is that I mentioned that the looks scale maxes at 10, there is no 14. And the grading here you’re using is just for looks. But yes tall, white, young, good looking men are as close to a 10 as you can get. The real test is the subway test, go on the subway and see how many out of 100 would get women, usually not many. Many guys don’t realize their advantages because they get caught up in measuring themselves against their friends, say your friends are tall white guys as well. You end up measuring yourself against them as opposed to the entire world where the majority of men are overweight guys in their 50’s.

    Another point here is that we’re just talking about looks 10. When we factor in amplifiers thats a different story and a much harder scale to crack as a 10 because you’re competing with movie stars and billionaires for that 10 spot.

  26. Yeah, the looks 10 point isn’t lost on me. But having James Bond style and movie star good looks isn’t the same as being a celebrity billionaire, and I do think that’s about what I’d say is required to be a 10. A 9, though, is still pretty damn good.

    Good point re the subway thing. I think it really is a matter of just leaving a lot on the table by not putting in the work. It’s something I’ve just started to become aware of in the last few months.

    The friend comparison is a fair point. I am in the top 10% on a ton of metrics, but yeah, I tend only to associate with men who are similar — I look for male friends who are ambitious, good-looking, athletic, have good attitudes towards life, and who get laid. To have it highlighted how vast the gulf is between me and average is still a bit jarring.

    Your blog has been very helpful and eye opening. Keep it up, dude!

  27. Hi dear Will,

    I’m still waiting for an article as I wrote how to be charming, confidence and also how to be playful and tease them in right way with examples so I can get a image of it and develop those skills.

    I would be thanksfull if you also read about more game also answers questions how to handle when a girl says “you are to direct, and i don’t like it, it kills the tension.”

  28. Hi Vegas,

    Thanks for your input, I’m hoping to have articles on all those topics out within the next years. As for the statement that girl made to you, it means you’re talking about sex too much. The only time I do direct sex talk before I fuck a girl is online, where she’s already being screened for being DTF. Meeting a girl from social circle, day game, or regular online dating (not dtf screening style) I never bring up sex.

  29. Greetings Will,
    Great and informative article by the way. I kindly request your insight on the following issues:
    1)till what age is a man considered “young” to attract women in their early twenties?
    2) can a guy aged 31-33 attract a women in her mid twenties? is it difficult?
    3) if I change my diet to look younger will that help? I am still 28…….
    Thank you for your kind attention….

  30. Sure, a guy from 31-33 can not only get women in their mid 20’s he can get them in their early 20’s, I’m 34 and can still get 20 year olds, this was surprising to me but it’s how the game works. Difficulty depends on how high your SMV is compared to the girls you’re approaching, for me it hasn’t become difficult yet, maybe 5 years from now it will be but not yet. And at 28 you should have no problems, but trying to look as young and healthy as possible is always a good move.

  31. Hello Will,

    Love your blog, esp. this SMV article that tells me where I stand when it comes to attracting women. I’ve got to get my priorities (Getting my own place and car) together before dating and using Tinder.

    My question is what is considered Movie Star look (Hair, Face, beard, etc.) to you and how do you get to that level? I’m a 25 year old Black man with a young good-looking face and a light stubble, plus been gaining 15 pounds of lean muscle by lifting weights.

    Thank you for your time and hopefully I get some feedback.

  32. Thanks for your kind words Brian and you’ve got it exactly, glad to hear you’re on the right path.

    Movie start is Chris Helmsworth, the guy I show in the article whose a 10, and that’s genetics. You can’t get there, neither can I or anyone else I’ve met. With that said, you don’t need to look like a movie star to get laid like one, you just have to be attractive enough to pass her sex threshold and put in the numbers.

    With that said, sounds like you’re doing well already, as for hair, for black guys I recommend a tight caesar that you get cleaned up every week or every other week. The only other option would be a shaved head, if you’ve got the head for it and are built. I’m not sure about beard though, white guys can pull off stubble but I don’t see too many black guys rock the look, so I’d probably stay clean shaven. And as for face, use a good moisturizer, try and keep your diet as clean as you can, use a gilette fusion proglide shaving only with the grain to avoid razor burn, and try not to drink to much alcohol (it ages you). You can also check out my retin a article if you want to take it to the next level.

  33. Hi Will, great post!

    Not sure it has been covered already, but what do you say about body language? Maybe it should fit into a different article..if you haven’t done it yet please consider it.
    Keep up the good work

  34. Fantastic post will,
    You’ve laid out really good examples of a 5/10, 7/10 10/10 for guys and how I should objectively rate myself.

    With women I’m either attracted to them or not, it’s tough for me to distinguish an 8/10 from a 10/10, which will make it difficult to know which girls are in my league and who to approach.

    Could you break down the rankings for women, especially what a conventional 5/10, 7/10, 10/10 looks like?

  35. Thanks Nate. I’ll do my best, a 10/10 means perfect, she’s a victoria secret supermodel or girl of equivalent hotness, you’ll never see 10s unless you live in new york or LA, and even then it will be rare, so don’t even worry about that. A 7/10 is a cute girl, not one that will turn every head, but a girl thats cute enough to be attractive to most guys, 7-8 is your best range for GF by the way. A 5/10 is an average looking girl, which means she has an average/plain face and is about 10 to 15 lbs. overweight (at least in north america).

  36. Btw the point on Race “Black/Latino” got 1 point are not true with how it looks like in the reality. Girls here in west Europe prefer 100 times more guys from Middle East such as Iranian, kurds, turks have more odds to get laid than Black/Latino.

  37. Great post Will, bookmarked for future reference.

    The only thing I concern about is the math. I’m always good in relationship game and I scored an 8 or easily a loose 9 there, but somehow after dividing with the new coefficient set my SMV BF is lower than SMV Player (due to Look got played down too much, and low Amplifiers).

  38. Will Freeman,

    What’s happening? Hope your day is great and here is my update so far.

    My SMV Update:

    – Just now increased 1 point for getting Broad Shoulders (Went from 19 inches to 21 inches)
    – Increased my style by 2, instead of 1, for having a Minimalist Edgy style (Short Tight Ceasar haircut, White V-Neck shirts, bought Levi’s Dark Denim (504), Black Converse)

    Few Goals that I need to accomplish:
    – Still need to get my IT certification for a good job, so I can get out of my parents home and get a apartment. (Amp-building).
    – Still trying to change my game from Beta to Alpha, reading the Laws of the Game.
    -Almost to my 20lbs goal, Now 15lbs of Lean Muscle. (Still Lean)

    So far, in my calculations: My SMV (Looks, Game and Amp) total went from 6.03 to 8.31, for the past 2-3 months.

    And you’re right, when you put in the Effort and Hard Work, you can bring your SMV up, in ladies eyes, and I’m a 25 year old Black man.

    Though, My few questions for my SMV:

    1.) What are ways or qualifications to be in the Bad Boy Tribe (Need to get my Cert first before going to the Professional Tribe)?

    2.) How would I know if my Game has become Alpha?

    Hope you get your feedback soon, and Thank you for your time reading this. Appreciate the Knowledge you bring here.

  39. Great to hear Brian, sounds like you’ve got a great plan and thanks for your support.

    To answer your questions,

    1) I wouldn’t worry about acting like a bad boy. Just focus on being good looking, confident, dominant and charming. Then merge that with being really nice and you’ll get a lot of women liking you.

    2) You’ll know when your game is strong when you get a lot of women. Don’t worry too much about being alpha though, as it could box you into a rigid role (see my article how to be a player in the game of life part 1: why alpha is overrated). Just focus on being effective (getting women in bed) and be congruent to your personality. Think charming alpha/nice alpha instead of bad boy/dark triad.

  40. Hi Will,

    What if a man desires a very high quality woman but STILL does not have decent income for it YET? Currently I am studying for my CPA and will start my dream job by age 30 and by 31 I will be making about 60k/year. After about 3-4 years of work experience i will be promoted and be hopefully crossing the 100k/year threshold. In the meantime, If I come across a high quality and very desirable woman will she give me a chance for a relationship knowing that years later I will be making a decent income? Do women usually wait until a man improves financially? Or do they want a person who is ALREADY secure and rich beforehand?

  41. Hey Marc, you’re fine as you are, as long as she sees potential. But I suggest you read more of the site, because there is no such thing as a dream job, check out how to start a service base business. Also check out my series on how to murder your middle class mindset – if you can truly take in the information, you won’t regret it, I promise you.

  42. hey man great stuff. i would like to add this feedback. i think you are being very generous on your point system regarding height. most women regard it very highly or even deal breaker, although as a variable adjustment if you are a head to half a head taller than the girl you are interested, with being the same height as the girl if you are high on all other physical traits. this comes from my assesment as a 5’8 guy high on all other physical traits haha sad to say.
    also i would like to say humour is a huge aspect of personality, if humour comes under charm then no problemo

  43. It’s definitely an advantage for retentions, but won’t get you girls off the jump, if she’s not attracted to you, it doesn’t matter how good you are in bed.

  44. Great article Will! What factors change the most for Asian girls in Asia? I’m an Indian American guy in Thailand and curious how that changes things. I get a sense that they put even more emphasis on race personally, I’m hitting the gym hard to help with the dominance penalty you mentioned.

  45. Hi Will….you stated in the above article (fitness section) and I quote: “•Keep in mind when I say muscular and lean I mean about 50 lbs. of lean muscle – not bodybuilder muscle”…………… question is what is the difference? does building muscle without shedding fat make you less attractive (i.e. less smv)? how do you define “bodybuilder muscle”?

  46. Hi, Will been listening to you for a few months and your stuff has helped me tremendously. Currently focused on elevating my business and hitting the gym. I’m 5’6 198lbs been losing weight steadily. What do you the best approach would be for to find women while I’m getting in shape?

  47. Where would you say colored eyes falls into this? I get a lot of compliments and I do a lot better when I don’t wear sunglasses.

  48. Another lit article, Will. Couple of questions:
    1. I get a little confused because I see some people define game as “social freedom”, some people define it as all these tricks and advanced ways of trying to get a girl, but what about you? When you say means to obtain and retain girls in your league, what does that mean? Is it how you interact with a girl, i.e. playful, witty, confident, outcome independent actions, or is it overcoming objections, or presenting yourself as better then the next man?

    2. I’m a decent looking black dude, about 5″9 175 lbs lean. I go to University and realized that constantly approaching girls may not be the best idea seeing as my school isn’t that big and I was starting to get a rep because some girls weren’t happy with how things went down. What would you recommend if I wanted to holler at more women but not get a rep?

  49. Thanks Kelly.

    1. I define game as salesmanship of your product, which is you, to women. Getting girls in your league means you if you’re a 7/10 you’ll usually get girls around that range, and occasionally punch above your weight class. Witty, confident, charming etc. are all aspects of your salesmanship.

    2. Ya def no cold approach at University, unless maybe its some discreet moves away from the main campus fishbowl, where the girls social tree sees everything. And if you are cold approach, def low key, none of that crazy PUA stuff. If I were in college, treat it like high school, create a high value social, add value by throwing cool parties or knowing where they are/promoting and slow play the girls you’re interested in, only pull the trigger when it’s obvious. In the fish bowl girls live for their rep, save the more lively cold approach for situtaions where you’re anonymous/no social impact.

  50. Sup Will. Good Article. Only parts I somewhat disagree with were the categories of “race” in terms of attractiveness. No dis to anyone else, but perhaps I give the rating of “Black” a 1.5 or 1.75 rating instead of a 1, only because:

    1) We’re notorious for being swaggerjacked (ex: most of Western Pop music comes from genres invented by so-called “Black” men).

    2) There’s a lot of covert and overt dick policing of “Black” men when it comes to mating with attractive women, especially “interracially” (unless you’re famous, wealthy, or a stereotypical “thug”). Ex: look at Laura Southern, YouTuber NollaGirl504, and other attractive traditional “White” women that typically catch flak for having “Black” boyfriends/spouses. Same thing goes for non-Black women from countries under Western influence (example):

    There was even a case in Texas where a Hispanic teenage girl had acid thrown on her face merely for having a “Black” boyfriend:

    And then of course, you have the “black” men that catch flak and get accused of being “colorstruck” if they date/mate with attractive light-skinned/mixed “Black” women.

    3) Also note that a 2012 Cardiff university study on facial attractiveness showed that “black” men were rated as having the most attractive male faces on average out of “White”, “Black” and East Asian males:

    Then you also have to throw in our reputation for athletics, dance, and fashion (if and when we actually try, lol). Fat Brothas like myself are pretty damn rare in my age group (18-25). Hell, even I myself have a lot of muscle mass from football and wrestling in high school, as well as from trying to maintain a good workout routine as I’m wrapping up college.

    But anyway, that’s my two cents. Keep up the good work Will.

  51. Thanks Kev, I agree with your points, I gave 1 point primarily to account for social stigma, minus social stigma it would be higher, if not the highest most likely.

  52. I would like to ask how the math exactly works when you calculate each bracket on the 1 to 10 scale. I noticed that in some cases the sum of the yellow outlined numbers and the /10 value at the end doesnt match and it clearly says after that it should be easy to calculate but i have not uncovered any logic in it. It might just be me but i would appreciate some insight on this matter.

  53. Can someone please explain to me how/why you keep putting the results out of 10 but the results can be higher than 10. For instance mine was 13. What does that mean?

  54. Hey Will,
    Reading this is quite depressing, originally i thought it was a 5/10 in terms of looks, but seeing that height lower than 5’6 deducts 2 points makes me a 3 it seems.

    Age : 25-30 (1 point) (29 years old)
    Face : Good looking (1) (This was something i tried to be extremely objective about because it’s so subjective. Been called handsome, good looking and cute before. Can’t ever recall being called ugly facially. Been said i look like CJ Spiller, Don Cheadle, Levar Burton, and Kadeem Hardison. I wouldn’t consider them “sex symbols” of the black community like Denzel Washington, Idris Elbra or Shemar Moore, but then again they are movie star good looking. It would be interesting what is the distinction between movie star handsome and good looking. Maybe i’m more average than good looking but I’ll just rank myself good looking.
    Race : Black (1)
    Tribe : Average guy (0)
    Height : <5'6 (-2) (This one really hurts me it seems, at 5'4.5 barefoot. The tallest i can be is 5'5 in shoes. 5'6 in boots. Done lifts before. In my experience not much changed for me from 5'5 to 5'7. It was when i was 5'8 in big boots and 3 inch lifts that the amount of women attention and choosing went from a 0 to 100, but i simply can't sustain that indefinitely)
    Shoulders : Average (0)
    Fitness : Average (0) (Currently 135 lbs at 28.5 waist)
    Style : Average (1)

    Rating : 3/10
    What's depressing is that seems becoming a player for me is just simply out of my reach. I'm a 3, and gotta get to a 7. So if i focus on the style game and gain 2 points(stylish) that brings me to a 5. In terms of tribe i'm an average guy but wanna become part of the bad boy tribe instead of the business man which would net me 1 point. Perhaps though i should aim for businessman which is 2 points because i'm college educated and working in the hospitality industry, but for some reason i just think even though it's 1 less point the bad boy tribe is simply more sexually appealing. Accomplishing that brings me to a 6. Now let's say i take a break from dating and reemerge at 30(June 2019) just those changes alone will still have me at a 5, because i would have lost a point now entering the 30-40 bracket. However many people think i'm younger than my age. Had a woman recently ask me how old i am and i asked her what she thought and she said "23" even though i'm actually 29. This is with a full beard. But i guess my stature and built and maybe the way i was dressed gave me a youthful perception to her.
    What would you focus on if you were me Will? Planning on working with an image consultant next week to get my style and grooming perfect. In terms of my body because of my frustration trying to build muscle, i'm aiming for right now just a lean built until i can afford a trainer to help me build the body i want. Haven't calculated my amplifiers and personality yet, because i'm so obsessed with the looks component because at the end of the day the knock on me from women has always been my appearance(I.E. "he's not my type", "too short", "too skinny", whatever)


  55. Will,

    how do you develop a bad boy/dark triad personality? Hopefully you won’t cast judgement on me, but i have strong desire to get back at women in general for how they treated me in my past. So not only do i wanna develop my SMV but also the personality to dog out/play as many woman as possible.

  56. This may sound stupid, but how can you tell if your have “movies star” looks or if you are just regular good looking?

  57. What if you live in an all white race country… I don’t think you should get any points for being white, as everyone else also is white.
    here it’s even like, when you are latino/black/mulato/arabic and handsome you get extra points for being exotic/something different
    Doesn’t really matter when it comes to imporivement… although when trying to put yourself at some rank a difference of 2 points is quite a lot

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