How To Define Your Life’s Mission Part 2

It’s a new year and that means a new beginning

What you didn’t do last year doesn’t matter.

Starting today you’ve got a new chance to get what you want out of life.

Are you going to do what it takes or are you going to keep dreaming about it?

Because dreaming about it isn’t going to cut it.

Dreams are for guys who are still asleep

To get things done in the real world you need to be wide awake.

That’s why I don’t sell you dreams.

Instead I sell reality.

If you want to buy dreams, go back to reading success p*rn.

Because in the real world dreaming doesn’t get the job done.

In the real world missions make things happen


And if you’re a regular reader of this site you already know you need to have a mission.

But what you might not know is why having a mission is so important.

A worthwhile mission is important for one reason only:

it makes you feel good

And that’s what we do everything for – to feel good.

Not for money, not  for sex, not for power – those are just the means.

The end game is to feel happy.

Every single thing we do is to feel good

It’s what we live for.

It’s what we work for.

It’s what we buy things for.

But feeling good isn’t enough

We want to be consistently happy.

But the fact is most guys are consistently unhappy.

They’re unhappy because they work 50 hours a week at something they hate.

Because unless you’re born rich you need money to survive.

The problem is earning that income takes more of your time than anything else.

The solution is you need to love what you do.

To be consistently happy you have to love what you do.

But you’ll never be happy unless you’re in the driver’s seat.

You’ll never be happy when you have to call another man your boss and beg him for days off.

To be happy you need to own your time.

You need to own your income.

You need to find fulfillment in what you’re building.

And that means you need to own your own business.

But running a business is hard

In fact most businesses have a 90% failure rate or higher.

That’s why owning a business isn’t a serious enough concept.

Instead, you need to think of your business as a mission and attack it like a soldier at war.

Now I know finding your mission might sound overwhelming and it’s easy to get lost in uncertainty.

So I’ve simplified the process into these five simple, actionable steps:

Define, Deduce, Dedicate, Deadline and Do

1) Define


The purpose of your mission is to provide two things: financial security and fulfillment – in that order.

Financial security first because you can’t be happy living on the streets.

And fulfillment because you can’t be happy without enjoying your work.

For most of you I recommend a sales-based service business in a niche you’re passionate about.

A good example would be personal training if fitness is a big part of your life.

Service based businesses have the lowest failure rate and the quickest time to profitability.

But ultimately, the choice is yours

I chose a mission with less money up front in exchange for more fulfillment.

I own my own time, I don’t have clients, I don’t have employees and I do what I love.

When I was defining my mission I looked at a lot of different factors.

When you’re defining yours you should look at it from at least four angles:

Money, industry, structure and location

Do you need $100 million or can you be fulfilled with $150,000 a year?

What industry are you passionate about and talented in?

Does your business need employees despite employees being the largest cause of business stress?

Are you OK being tied to one location or do you need to be location independent?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself.

2) Deduce


Once you have your mission defined you need to analyze the guys that already are successful.

That means applying deductive reasoning to see what they have that you don’t.

This is the reality check

You want to be a pro NBA player? You need to be 6’5 and top 10 in your state already.

You want to be a scientist? You need a 160 IQ and a PhD in your field.

You want to be Mr. Olympia? You need insane genetics and $5,000 worth of drugs a month.

Most exceptional people have an advantage that you don’t

Whether it’s IQ, height, looks, connections, wealthy parents or any other number of inherited advantages.

The truth is, despite what the success p*rnographers tell you, putting your mind to it is not enough.

Setting an intention is a powerful tool but it becomes a delusion when it’s not in touch with reality.

You need to deduce whether you have the advantages you need to succeed in your chosen field.

If you don’t then you’re in the wrong field.

You need to find a field where you have an unfair competitive advantage

And this is where most guys f*ck up because they either aim to high or too low.

They either don’t apply deductive reasoning and think anything is possible.

Or they take an unrealistically negative attitude and think nothing is possible.

Instead you need to look at things objectively and get in where you fit in.

That’s why I’m not trying to build a billion dollar tech company.

I found my niche because I deduced where my strengths were and catered to them.

3) Dedicate


Without dedication even the most naturally talented guys will fail.

You need to dedicate yourself to achieving your mission with single-minded focus if you want to succeed.

And that dedication needs to become a core character trait if it’s not already.

Dedication means you do whatever it takes to win

You can’t succeed without sacrifice.

And the bigger the mission the bigger the sacrifice required.

If you’re not willing to make the sacrifices then you need to redefine your mission.

How dedicated are you?

Are you willing to work 15 hour days?

Are you willing to take performance enhancing drugs?

Are you willing to give up your social life?

Are you willing to push yourself to a breakdown?

Because there will be times when it gets really tough.

But it’s dedication that’s going to carry you through those tough periods.

And it’s dedication that’s going to push you past the 90% failure rate into a happy, fulfilling career.

4) Deadline


A dream without a deadline is worthless.

A dream with a deadline is a MISSION.

A good deadline is a decade from now

What will you achieve ten years from now?

Set a deadline for your mission a decade from now and write it down.

5) Do


The final step is to do it.

Write down your mission statement.

Write down your deadline for accomplishing your mission.

Write down your goal for this year.

And most importantly…