How To Define Your Life’s Mission Part 1

Today I’m going to talk about what should be the most important thing in your life, your mission. It’s my opinion that without a mission, a man is lost. But with a mission, you have a reason to get up every morning. It will give you an escape from the mundanity of day-to-day life in the pursuit of greatness. As men we’re not evolved to live idle lives, we’re evolved to build and learn and create.

A man on a mission is a different kind of animal. Just like a soldier can bravely wade through enemy gunfire, a man on a mission can endure his bullsh*t job for another month because he knows that paycheck is going towards funding his dream. His mission gives him an identity greater than himself, beyond whatever trifling feeling he has to deal with to make his dream a reality.

If I asked you what your mission was right now, would you have an immediate answer? If not, then you have work to do.


So, how do you develop a mission you ask?

Follow these 10 steps:

1) Acheivement Mentality

The first thing you need to do is to make a promise to your self that from now on you’ve transitioned to an achievement mentality. That means instead of getting high on food, drugs and p*rn, you’re now going to get high on achieving. And you’re going to get organized. You’re going to use the mentalities, routines, and structures on this site to forge laser-like focus in achieving your mission and goals.

2) Your Plan

If you’re reading this site you need a business, you need to be the captain of your own ship. You start by finding a pain point or service deficiency with a solution in line with your expertise or capabilities. The payoff of a succesful business will solve the major pain points in your life, that means giving you freedom, time, wealth and control over your own destiny.

3) Modeling

If you’re creating a business, model businesses that are already successful in your niche. If you want to invent something model successful inventors. The better you are at modeling the faster your learning curve will be because your subjects have already beta tested millions of failures for you.

4) Desire

You need to nourish a burning, glowing, white hot ember of desire for success. You can’t just want it, you need to be OBSESSED with your mission. True desire has to come from pain, you have to loathe being a slave to your fellow man, you have to loathe a life of servitude. You need to feel the aggression deep in your soul and transmute that into a burning passion for success.

5) Faith

Once you’ve developed your plan, and your desire is white hot you need to know that you have the ability to achieve the object of your DEFINITE PURPOSE in your life. That you can believe you can do it, that you know you know you can do it. This is what will keep you motivated day in day out. You demand of yourself persistent, continuous action towards its attainment.

6) Visualization

To increase your faith you need to visualize yourself accomplishing your mission. The dominating thoughts of your mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward, physical action and gradually transform themselves into physical reality. Creating in your mind a clear mental picture of your mission. You need to visualize the success you want, how it’s going to look, how it’s going to feel, the more specific the better.

7) Auto Suggestion

What you tell your self becomes reality. Know that through auto-suggestion any desire that you continuously hold in your mind will eventually seek expression through your reality. This means you need to be consistently telling your self you will be successful in your mission.

8) Grind

You will demand of yourself relentless continuous action towards accomplishing your mission. You will use your current job as a stepping stone to build an exit plan. You will use your free time towards your mission. You will wake up thinking about your mission and go to sleep thinking about your mission. Your competitors will be working hard and you will be outworking them because you know it’s necessary to accomplish your mission.

9) Promise

A mission is a dream with a deadline, if it’s not actionable it doesn’t exist. In your app for actionable tasks (I recommend Wunderlist) you will write down your mission, your timeline for achieving it and your means of accomplishing it. You will look at it every day. You will demand relentless action toward its attainment, and you will now promise to expend this action, you will promise to your self that you would rather die than fail. You will promise yourself that you will put everything you have into your mission, that you would rather die than fail.

10) Obstacles

A lot of people will get in your way, your own thoughts will get in your way, you will react to all negativity towards your mission in the same way… with consolidated rage. You will be focused with a single-minded OBSESSION on success. You will develop yourself as superior from the weak and the negative. You become unbreakable, building a wall around your emotions, harnessing the depths of your will to move decisively through anything that stands in your way.