The Only Grooming Guide You Need

An important part of being a man is taking pride in your appearance. It only takes one look at an old guy with a beer gut and grey ear hair to show you what not to do. The older you get the more on top of this you have to be, no hot girls will touch a guy with bad hygiene. To use the grooming guide properly use the products outlined here or the closest equivalent and do the grooming regimen in the order I outlined.

What You Need


Brush Teeth And Floss

  • Brush down and away from gumline, floss downwards on both sides of the tooth


  • Wash your Hair
  • Wash and scrub your face in the shower with a wash cloth, never use soap on your face this will make your skin look better than any product on the market
  • Use Bic Disposable Razor to shave your nipple hair, c@ck, ball and foot hair if necessary
  • Use a bar of soap to wash your armpits, c@ck, balls and ass but don’t use soap anywhere else on your body

Shave Your Face

  • Shave your face using the Gilette Fusion Proglide Razor and hot water, no shaving cream necessary
  • Use downward passes only except for at the jawline below the ears, use sideways passes there
  • Use the safety blade on the opposite side of the razor to trim the sideburns
  • No aftershave necessary

Finishing Touches

  • Gel Hair, comb, apply deodorant, apply lip balm


  • Do weekly grooming after brushing teeth/flossing but prior to daily grooming

Back And Shoulder Hair

  • Use the safety blade on the back of the Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor to trim stray back, and shoulder hairs weekly
  • If your back is excessively hairy get it waxed or get electrolysis

Nose And Ear Hair

  • Trim nose and ear hair using Nose And Ear Hair Trimmer
  • Use safety blade on Gilette Fusion Proglide Razor to shave light hairs on the side of ears

Clip Your Nails

  • Clip your finger and toe nails over the bathroom garbage


  • Use Wahl Trimmer in bathtub
  • Trim armpit, pubic, ass hair using Wahl Trimmer
  • If chest hair is moderate, leave as is, only trim if excessive