How To Improve Your Skin By Up To 40%

The older you get, the more important it is to take care of your skin and grooming. Even if you think skincare is “metro” or “not masculine”, what you think doesn’t matter. What matters is what women think, and if you want to keep getting women, you need to take care of yourself.

Here are 8 tips I use to improve my skin, by using all 9 I’ve improved the quality of my skin by 40%. Also you can use my my iHerb code if you want to save a small amount of money VDD076:

How To Improve Your Skin By Up To 40%

1) hyaluronic acid

I recommend 200 mg of extra strength, Now Foods Hyaluronic Acid for joint pain. It’s amazing and effective within 3 days. A nice added side benefit is it makes your skin clearer and softer.

2) Collagen Types 1 + 3

Similar to hyaluronic acid, I recommend 6 grams of Neocell Collagen Types 1 + 3 for joint pain. It’s amazing, effective within 3 days, and helps your skin look clearer and feel softer.

3) No Soap On Face

I recommend not using soap on your face for a more even complexion. When I used soap on my face it would constantly dry out my skin, as well as making the skin around my nose more oily – not good. When I got rid of the soap, my skin was able to use it’s natural moisture for a more even, soft look.

4) Scrub face with washcloth each day to get rid of dead skin

In addition to not using soap, I recommend scrubbing your face for a few minutes in the shower every day to get rid of dead skin. It’s a great way to keep your skin looking young and feeling smooth

5) Nubian heritage black soap on body

For your body, I recommend Nubian Heritage African Black Soap. One bar will last you a month, if not more, is 100% organic, and keeps your skin super soft and no need for moisturizer. Also avoid putting shower gels or any other types of non-natural, perfumed products on your body.

6) Drink enough water

Not too much water, too much water bloats your face, just enough to keep you hydrated. Without enough water your skin becomes dehydrated and dry

7) Use Natural sunscreen on sunny days

For anti aging, avoiding the sun altogether is your best move. But for looks and overall health a bit of a tan is a good look. However a burn is not, and you want to limit sun damage as much as possible. I recommend Jason Natural Sunscreen.

8) Retin A

Retin A is a prescription cream for your face. I use it once a week to keep my skin smooth. Take note though, Retin A does make you more sensitive to the sun. In Canada I used it every day, but in Thailand, it’s too sunny and leads me to get burnt, so I keep it to once a week.

In Asia you can pick up generic Retin A at the pharmacy. Outside of Asia you can order it from a “reliable” online pharmacy for dirt cheap, with a doctor’s prescription of course. I can’t recommend a pharmacy for you, but make sure whatever pharmacy you use is “reliable”.

9) Use Organic Moisturizer When Your Skin Is Dry

By using the above tips and products your skin will be a lot softer and smoother. But occasionally you will still get dry skin. For dry skin I recommend using a good, natural moisturizer like Blum Day Cream.