How To Have Better Relationships: Value, Scheduling, Analysis And Empathy

To have better relationships you first need to be in the right relationship. The right relationship is when you have a kind, loyal woman that you love. The wrong relationship is with a toxic person, or a women you don’t love anymore. If you’re in the wrong relationship, the only move is to end it, how to avoid toxic relationships in the future.

So let’s assume you’re in the right relationship for you, you’re a leader in the relationship and you’ve found a girlfriend who is agreeable and easy going.  This is the ideal relationship because women screen for RANK. Height, strength, confidence, posture, assertiveness, money and status are all major factors in a woman’s screening criteria for relationships. And as men we tend to value gentler, kinder qualities – having that polarity will make the relationship much easier on both of – as opposed to 2 TYPE A people fighting for dominance. \

With that said you don’t want to be a dictator or domineering, being too “alpha” will hurt you more than it helps you. The key is balance. Yes, many women want a strong, confident, man to lead them, but they also want someone who understands their feminine needs. In the real world, you can lose a girl just as easily by being too “alpha” or strong vs being too “beta” or weak.

The ideal balance is 70% strength, 30% softness. And I can tell you from personal experience, that time and time again women have told me that what they liked most about me was my kind heart. Of course they were only able to appreciate that because of my sexual market value but nonetheless, it’s important.

In the past I didn’t understand this. I wanted things to be my way or the highway (and still do to be honest). But I now recognize that If I want to be in a relationship there is a price to pay (just like everything else in life). Just like I know I’m expected to do certain things in business, I know I’m expected to do certain things in a relationship and I accept that price.

Check out the video/audio to see the relationship analysis you need to do, as well as the key tactics. Also, make sure to check out the bullet point summary below and the related resources.

How To Have Better Relationships

Notes And Summary

Relationship Analysis

  1. Value Relationships – sit down, needs met, quality woman, mostly happy, future potential – this is rare, when you don’t value your relationship, you will end up tanking it, put in work like you do for your business
  2. Consider Your Downside – 6 month state drop, 3 years to replace if ever, future plans derailed, rebuilding what you invested
  3. No Neutral – You’re either going up or down, fighting +, sex -, beginning of end, change course up to survive, relate to above

Tactics (Still doing all from masculine frame within reason)

  1. Make Your Relationship A Priority: 8 hours of business a day, give her at least a few quality hours a day (think loss)
  2. Fresh Start: elicit more her values, ask for hers, re commit to being better than ever, ask for the same from her
  3. Express Your Emotions More: when you feel them, in rich descriptions, very powerful
  4. Commit to tantric/karezza sex: its the only thing can save you from the coolidge effect
  5. Stay Reasonable:  address problems without raising your voice, solution oriented
  6. Use Sedona Method: use release technique on anger, pointless fights, lose/lose situations (just release)
  7. Schedule Kind Things: schedule nice things twice a week – dates, new restaurants, little gifts, thoughtful, just dont tell her, make occasional, and make it look spontaneous

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