How To Understand Love (And Why It’s Important)

To be consistently happy it’s incredibly important to understand love and how it affects your life.

As a human you chase pleasure and avoid pain at all times, no exceptions. And love is the strongest form of pleasure.

To understand what love really is, and how to use that knowledge to live better, check out the video and audio below:

  1. Did you ever see the film “Sweeny Todd?” (2007)
    The star of that film, Johnny Deb, can certainly relate to what your saying.
    Not only did he cut off his finger after a row with his wife (Now divorced.)
    he also lost his fortune and is headed for the poorhouse.

  2. Awesome video Will! Just had a quick question regarding the entire hype around IQ in the manosphere. Do you really believe a high IQ (125-130+) is necessary to achieve the highest level of “success”? I’m a fan of Jordan Peterson, but I’m not sure if I entirely agree with his stance on IQ. Essentially, he is saying if you are trying to climb the corporate ladder, IQ is the determining factor on how far one will get. Not only does he say it determined how far in the corporate world one will get, but he says IQ is also a major factor in one’s long term health, financial, relationalship, etc. outcomes. Do you believe having a high IQ is also necessary to climb the ladder in the “non-job” world (as Elliott Hulse calls it)? He seems to give compelling evidence that IQ is correlated to the type of job one will have (blue collar vs white collar). Would a high IQ also be necessary to successfully design the lifestyle that one is trying to build in order to live life on his own terms (which is the entire point of this website, along with many others)? Is there a certain cutt-off, or is it a combination of several factors?

    I know this was completely random and sort of off topic, but I was curious as to what your thoughts were on this.

    Thank You

  3. Thanks Bilal. IQ is definitely important, especially if we’re talking massive success like Zuckerberg, Gates at all. But for making 200k a year, def not necessary, the top salesman I worked with couldn’t send an email without a grammatical error and never read a book in their lives, but we’re hard working savages. Same goes for starting your own service based business.

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