How To Be Happier: State Control, Prioritizing Happiness, Avoiding Leverage, Social Freedom

In this podcast I sit down and chop it up with Phil from and Brian from on how to be happier.

Here’s what we covered:

– State control
– Prioritizing happiness
– Deferred life plan
– Avoiding leverage
– Daily rewards
– Good friends
– Realistic expectations
– Avoiding toxic manosphere reality tunnels

  1. Hey Will – loved the podcast, but what’s wrong with guys with glasses and khaki pants? :P

    Just kidding, but more seriously, I have worn glasses ever since I was a kid, they’ve obviously gotten more stylish but I feel like I could be seen as weak/nerdy in a way. The problem is my eyes are a bit sunken in so I generally look better with glasses on…look okay with them off. Just wondering your thoughts.

  2. Thanks Nick, I’d opt for contacts if you can, or stylish glasses, if you are a nerdy looking guy it’s all good, you can aim for that joseph gordon levitt geek chic look with stylish glasses, whatever cards you’ve been dealt, play them to the fullest my man. All the best.

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