How To Develop Your Dating Gameplan Part 5: Gameplan Models, My Gameplan, Conclusion

My goal in this series is to give you an end to end gameplan that you can refer back to for the rest of your life based on the conditions of your life. The reason this is so crucial is because relationships are not straightforward. There are so many variables when it comes to women -from your schedule, to your SMV, to your age, to your outlook on life – there is no one right answer for every guy.

And whats right for you now, might not be right for you a year from now or ten years from now.

In health I can tell every guy to eat clean, avoid what you’re allergic to (like FODMAPS) and get good sleep.

In business I can tell every guy to learn how to sell and start a service based business.

In lifestyle I can tell every guy to stay positive, reduce stress as much as possible and get sun.

But relationships are a totally different animal.

That’s why I wanted to lay out all your gameplan options so you can pick and choose what’s right for you.

In part 1 of this series we covered player vs. provider game so you know how to approach women. In part 2 we covered how to adapt your approach to every situation. In part 3 we covered how to approach and execute your gameplan. In part 4 we covered how to transition from sex to each different type of relationship model with pros, cons, and what you should expect.

And now in part 5, I’m going to break down models for each stage of your life based on your approach, age, SMV, outlook, goals plus give you a look at my current gameplan. By the end of this article you’ll have all the information to tailor the perfect dating gameplan for you.

Gameplan Models

Virgin Guys

  • Keep health and wealth as priority number 1 but make getting women a top priority
  • Go hard on getting your SMV up to average/above average for the next 3 years
  • Go hard online every night, every site with low standards and a medium term gameplan
  • Go hard at day game on the weekend
  • Just aim to get her on a coffee date
  • Then aim for 2-4 more dates (dinner, museum etc.), then take her home and escalate
  • If it means wining and dining her then do it
  • Forget about nightclubs completely
  • Put 3 to 6 months of solid effort into getting women
  • If that doesn’t work consider going to a pro (if it’s acceptable to your morality)

Inexperienced Guys

Player Model (Guys Who Want To Be Players)

  • Keep priorities as wealth, health, lifestyle then women
  • Hit up Tinder hard running fast to medium term gameplan
  • Hit daygame hard on weekends
  • Aim to get girls on coffee dates and get comfortable with women
  • Aim to get women home with you on dates 1 to 3
  • Aim to get 10 notches under your belt
  • Consider going to a pro a few times a month to get your confidence up (if it’s in your morality)

Provider Model (Guys Who Want To Be Providers)

  • Keep priorities as wealth, health, lifestyle then women
  • Read my girlfriend guide
  • Hit up social circle, day game and co-ed activities hard (volleyball/yoga etc.)
  • Hit up OK Cupid as a backup (girls online aren’t the highest quality)
  • Aim to get a girl on a date
  • Run mid to slow term game on girls
  • Take them for dinner, to the movies, to the museum etc.

Successful Players

Young Players 18-25

  • Keep priorities as wealth, health, lifestyle then women
  • Go nuts for a year or two (see 3 women per week if possible but after business is done)
  • Go to nightclubs once or twice a week with your boys (if you want to)
  • Cool down after that and really make sure you’re focusing on business
  • Transition into a more laid back, seasoned player model (Spending all your time chasing girls is pissing away your prime, youthful energy)
  • Every year without a business is another year you have to work a sh*t job

Seasoned Players 25-45

  • Keep priorities as wealth, health, lifestyle then women
  • Start slowing down on casual sex (you’ll probably be getting bored of it anyways)
  • Have casual sex for brief periods like vacations and coming out of relationships
  • Read my relationship management guide
  • Read how to have healthy, happy relationships with women
  • Transition primarily into polyamorous relationships with two to three women
  • Consider upgrading quality MLTRs to girlfriends after 6 months to a year
  • Expect it to take 3 years to find a gf
  • Pattern is: brief periods of casual sex, mid/long period of MLTR, girlfriend, repeat
  • Repeat this for the rest of your life
  • Expect to feel the pull to get married and have kids in your mid 30s
  • Do not ever get legally married like most players do in their late 30s (it’s a trap!)
  • You can get monogamous and have kids but be very careful and do your homework
  • Expect long term monogamy to be very difficult when you’re used to a life of abundance

Successful Businessman

  • Keep priorities as wealth, health, lifestyle then women
  • Aim to get a loyal gf who will support you in your mission
  • Serial monogamy will probably be your default setting
  • Between gfs casual sex in moderation can be an option (Tinder is the most efficient)
  • Semipros are also a decent option once a week or on business trips (if it’s moral to you)
  • Since you have the income but not the time, pros might be a better option than casual sex

Traditional Guy

  • Keep priorities as wealth, health, lifestyle then women
  • I would avoid casual sex altogether (casual sex makes you less fit for relationships)
  • Casual sex will probably also make you feel guilty (it’s not for everyone)
  • Focus on finding a good girl whose values align with yours
  • Put more effort in than the average guy (who goes 2 years without getting women)
  • Expect periods of celibacy (transmute that energy into business or spirituality)
  • Expect that relationships don’t last and that serial monogamy is your move
  • Avoid getting legally married (you can have the ceremony, but don’t sign that contract)
  • Exception to the rule are religious guys in hardcore sects that don’t get divorced
  • Mormon guys will have to get married to have sex with Mormon girls
  • Does not apply to regular Christians who have the same divorce rate as everyone else

My Relationship Gameplan

  • Keep my priorities as wealth, health, lifestyle then women
  • Brief periods of casual sex
  • Long periods of polyamory/MLTRs
  • Upgrading a girl to GF once every three years
  • Dating her for six months to 2 years
  • Back to brief periods of casual sex
  • Brief, intentional periods of celibacy every year to refocus on mission (reflect on life)
  • Potential of live in partner and kids in my late 30s/early 40s but unlikely
  • Leaning towards not having kids and not living with a woman (but could change)
  • Will never, ever get legally married
  • Most likely will continue to repeat my current pattern for life


Your gameplan determines what you get out of your relationships with women. Your gameplan can change with time but it’s important to know exactly what you want so that you can get exactly what you want.

And what you want has nothing to do what anyone else wants for you. As a player in the game of life, you play the right move for you at the right moment. And when that move isn’t working for you anymore, find the move that does.

If you’re a young dude or coming out of a relationship and run through a ton of girls than a sexual gameplan is your move.

Or maybe you just want a girlfriend and your SMV isn’t that high, your move might be to slow play your hand and follow the “traditional” dating gameplan

Or you might choose to be celibate right now after a bad breakup, but three months from now you might want to get back into the game and start having casual sex.

Or you might want to focus all your energy on business and go to pros to get your sexual needs met.

Whatever it is, as long as you’re happy, that’s the important thing.

Society or your parents or your friends might look down on your choices. But f*ck them if they can’t accept you for who you are.

At the end of the day, all you need to do is focus on making yourself happy. There’s no rules to life and there’s no handbook. Your job is to find what works for you and what works for you is what makes you happy. Use this series as a reference guide to getting the most out of your dating life and let your happiness be your guide.