Why Positivity Is The Only Path

There’s only one philosophical question that matters. Is life worth living?

If the answer is no, the only logical option is something so tragic I won’t even mention the word.

A tragic option my childhood friend chose to take last year.

An option 800,000 people choose to take every year.

They choose this option because it seems like the only option.

It seems like the only option because they suffer from something more toxic than any poison:


Negative thinking destroys more lives than all the guns in the world.

It robs millions of men of their peace of mind, purpose and power.

But unfortunately, in the world we live in, it’s easy to fall victim to negativity.

Because negative thinking is at the core of our culture.

In fact it’s the dominant ideology of the modern age

Our ivory tower academics propose that life is a godless, purposeless, chaotic accident.

And that secular humanism is our only hope for salvation.

And to build their secular society they push their poison on a gullible public.

You can call it whatever you want, be it cultural marxism, critical theory or constant conflict.

I call it divide and rule

They pit woman against man, race against race and man against himself.

The result is a 50% divorce rate.

The result is a country on the verge of a race war.

The result is a population where 10% of people are on antidepressants. 

In our world unhappiness is not the exception, it’s the norm

A world where men live in cubicles and perform mindless drudgery to pay for shit they don’t need.

A world where men medicate themselves with alcohol, antidepressants and watching athletes exercise.

A world where millions of men suffer in silence and yearn to be free.

Yet despite the results, our propagandists have the nerve to present their policies as progress.

I call it something else: degeneration

Tell me this, how are you supposed to enjoy being a debt slave caged in a concrete jungle?

How is wage slavery, TV and urban anonymity supposed to replace freedom, family and nature?

How are you supposed to be happy when you’re pumped full of war and ads for shit you can’t afford?

The answer is you’re not

What you’re supposed to be is a mind controlled, cubicle dwelling, pill popping slave.

To reclaim your happiness you have to reclaim your reality.

Because your reality is all that matters.

And they can only take it from you if you let them.

You can let them take your mind, your money, your interest and your time.

Or you can take control of your mind, save your money, stay out of debt and own your time.

You have the ability within you to create a positive, passionate and purposeful reality.

A reality completely removed from the state sponsored status quo.

I know this because this is the reality I live in

In fact I’m speaking to you from that very reality.

A reality where I own my mind, my time and my money.

I’m not talking about reality as an abstract philosophical concept.

I’m talking about a reality that pays me in cold, hard cash.

I get paid passive income from nothing more than expressing my reality.

A reality I create for myself and for you…if you want it

Because the truth is, you choose your reality.

You can choose to live with purpose, peace and positivity.

Or you can choose doubt, depression and negativity.

But I’m not going to ask you to believe me.

All I ask for is the benefit of the doubt and that you investigate for yourself.

Ask yourself this, have you ever felt anything through another man’s heart?

Have you ever seen anything through another man’s eyes?

Have you ever thought anything through another man’s mind?

The answer is no.

Because the only reality that you know and will ever know is YOURS.

It’s yours and yours alone

Every time you got angry, depressed and dejected – you chose to feel those feelings.

And every time you felt peaceful, positive and powerful – you chose to feel those feelings.

You have the choice to feel bad or feel good at any given moment.

And if you want to feel as good as you possibly can all you have to do is commit to one thing:

Positive Thinking

It’s that simple.

All you have to do is choose the path of positivity at every opportunity.

Because negativity is nothing but a thief.

A thief that robs you of your happiness.

Negativity has absolutely no value

Negativity will only make your life harder.

Negativity is the most illogical belief system a man can possibly have.

Negative thinking taken to its natural conclusion is a nasty end.

Because if you choose to see the present as painful and the future as hopeless…

The logical thing to do is to take the coward’s way out.

But since you’re a man with character, integrity and dignity the tragic option is NOT an option.

Therefore your only option is to live

And the only logical way to live is to live as well as possible and approach positivity aggressively.

This is the option I chose as a young man in the midst of depression, doubt and desperation.

And when I chose to live something inside me changed.

Because until then I’d just been alive, but it wasn’t until I chose to live that I took control of my life.

When I chose to live I realized that I was in control of my reality.

I realized that I could either choose to be positive or choose to be negative.

So I chose to be positive

And when I chose to be positive everything changed.

And that choice led me to where I am today.

YOU have the choice to be positive or negative about every single aspect of your life.

Every single second, minute and hour, YOU have the opportunity to choose positivity or negativity.

And the most logical thing you can do is to choose positivity every, single, time.

Every failure can be feedback

Every curse can be a blessing.

Every problem can be an opportunity.

A positive reality is limited only by the strength of your will and the power of your creativity.

With enough strength and enough creativity you can carve a positive outcome out of the roughest stone.

And there is no situation where a positive worldview and a can-do attitude won’t make your life better.

There is no situation where playing the fuck out of the hand you’re dealt is not the right move.

Now I’m not going to tell you being positive is always easy

But I can tell you this, being positive is always worthwhile.

You will never regret pursuing a positive present and a positive future.

You’ll never regret pursuing happiness as your primary priority.

Because your happiness is what you do everything for anyway, whether you realize it or not.

The money, the clothes, the women – everything you’re chasing is because it makes you feel happy.

Therefore shouldn’t feeling happy be the top priority in your life?

Shouldn’t you put the same effort into being happy as you’ve put into school and work?

Shouldn’t you structure every single thing about the way you think, talk and act around that goal?

Yet most people don’t pursue positivity as their primary priority

Instead they pursue doubt and anger and self-pity.

Because most people can’t see the forest through the trees.

And so they get caught up in the current of their negative concepts.

And they pay the price with their peace of mind.

Because most people aren’t willing to put in the work it takes to control their reality, every, single, day.

And make no mistake, being positive every day is hard work

You have to reframe hundreds of negative thoughts every, single, day.

Because life will test you hundreds of times every, single, day.

And some days you’ll fail those tests, just like I do.

Some days you’ll give in to doubt, anger and frustration, just like I do.

But the difference between you and everyone else is that YOU are putting in the work.

And when you put in the work, day by day, month by month, year by year…you change.

You change on a fundamental level

And soon enough you can’t recognize the man you used to be.

I don’t recognize the depressed 20 year old kid I used to be because he doesn’t live here anymore.

In fact he doesn’t live anywhere anymore, because I killed him.

He died when I chose to live.

He died when I chose to fulfill my destiny.

And my destiny is to give you the good news.

And the good news is that you choose your reality at all times

Now I’m not saying you can always control what happens to you.

What I’m saying is that you can always control what affects you.

You can always control what you react to.

You can choose to let doubt, depression or getting dumped destroy your year.

You can choose to get caught up in culture wars, conspiracy theories or constant conflict.

Or you can choose to stay positive and peaceful and productive.

It’s that simple

You always have the power to choose.

You choose how you think.

You choose how you feel.

You choose what you do.

You choose what you believe.

Every, single, day you get to choose how you think, feel, act and believe.

And every day is a new opportunity to make the right choice.

So make the right choice today and choose the path of positivity.