Relationship Management Part 1: Screening

This relationship guide like everything on this site is a relationship guide for alpha males only, it’s not a value judgement on all women. The way to use this guide is as as a tool for preventing drama and screening out women who are incompatible with you, not a judgement of these women as human beings.

After being in the game for 20 years I know exactly what to expect from women and exactly what I want. I want to break down all that knowledge down for you guys so you know exactly what to expect and get exactly what you want.

Before you get into any kind of relationship with a woman it’s important to get an idea of what her background looks like and that starts from the second you meet her. You want to try and build a big database of women in your head. This makes it really easy to see the kind of person you’re dealing with right from the get go. To do that you need experience and observation but it’s never too early to start.

There are 3 main types of relationships, casual sex, polyamory and monogamy, all of them come with different criteria. All relationship management should start with proper screening. I’ve given you the key criteria you need to look for and how to apply it to the different types of relationships.

For casual and polyamorous relationships you can date a much broader variety of women because what’s expected of you is very little so its easy to keep things drama free. But with monogamous relationships you need to be very strict with who you date.

By being monogamous, not only do you sacrifice having other women but you put your feelings on the line and are going to have to make a lot of joint decisions together. You do this wrong and you get drama, heartbreak, bickering and divorce.

You do it right and you get a happy, balanced relationship. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have a quality girl. Someone who is stable, happy, feminine and has a history of monogamy. This is the type of woman who will complement your masculine energy.

I’ve broken things down by the key criteria and how it will present itself in women. This is stuff you need to be asking women right from the start, with that said it should never feel like you’re interviewing her, just bring up questions casually in conversation. Once you really start to understand women you’ll be able to pick off most of the criteria on sight.

Once you have an understanding of the criteria, you can see exactly where they fit in terms of what kind of relationship you can expect with her. Check out part 2 of this series to see the rules for managing those relationships.


Self Esteem

  • Low self esteem women don’t think highly of themselves and don’t take compliments well
  • High self esteem women take compliments well and think highly of themselves


  • Dependent women in relationships value closeness, multiple daily contacts and attending social events together
  • Independent women in relationships strongly value freedom and prefer to live two separate lives

Gender Identification

  • Masculine women tend to have male characteristics like roughness, a crude sense of humor, aggressiveness and tend to value their career over their family
  • Feminine women tend to dress femininely and are more likely to be sweet, gentle and strongly value interpersonal relationships

Leadership Expectations

  • Dominant women are confident, commanding and authoritative
  • They expect to be the leader in a relationship but like all women they are still attracted to confident, commanding men
  • Agreeable women want a confident dominant man to take charge and lead inside and outside the bedroom, this leading means her emotions, offering guidance on her life and setting up activities for the two of you

Primary Motivation

  • Love-based women are motivated by having meaningful loving relationships, they tend to have close friends and family and a history of long-term relationships
  • Pleasure-based women are thrill seekers, they like drugs, sex, partying and having fun,
  • Status-based women are very concerned about their rank in society, they strongly value money, power, looks and connections

Dramatic Temperament

  • Dramatic women will react badly to negative situations including crying, screaming, damaging property and making threats
  • Non-dramatic women will handle negative situations with appropriate emotions, usually by withdrawing from the situation


  • A woman who uses a hard test will constantly be testing your frame with teases, insults and questions to see what you’re made of
  • A soft testing woman will be gentle, easy-going and rarely test your leadership

Sexual Compatibility

  • Women who like rough sex need a man who likes the same and will be unsatisfied with a man who can’t give her what she wants
  • Women who like gentle sex prefer a more sensitive touch and prefer making love to rough sex
  • Many women will like both depending on their moods
  • Sexual compatibility also means sex drive, how often a week she wants it

Relationship With Her Father

  • A woman’s relationship with her father is the main factor in how she will interact with the men in her life
  • A good relationship with her father means she has a positive image of men and will love you in the same way
  • A bad relationship with her father means that deep down she will have a hard time trusting men and will resent them, eventually those issues will come out on you

Relationship With Her Girlfriends

  • A good relationship with her girlfriends means she is loyal, caring and likable
  • A bad relationship or a lack of female friends is a major red flag, it means she’s probably untrustworthy in general especially around other women’s men

Relationship History

  • A women’s relationship history should be a good indication of what her relationship future will look like
  • If she has a history of monogamous relationships then she will probably be monogamous in the future (no guarantees though)
  • If she has a history of history of short-term relationships, casual dating and cheating than that’s probably what she will do in the future


  • Strong compatibility means you like the same movies, music, humor, types of people and have the same motivations in life
  • Weak commonality means you tend to like different movies, music, humor, types of people and have different motivations in life

Parents’ Relationship

  • In general, the relationship of a woman’s parents will define her relationships because she’ll internalize a lot of her mother’s behavior towards her father
  • If a woman comes from a patriarchy chances are she’ll expect that kind of relationship for herself
  • If a woman comes from a matriarchy chances are she’ll expect that kind of relationship for herself

Mental Health

  • A mentally healthy woman will have strong coping mechanisms and a lack of self-destructive behaviors
  • A mentally unhealthy woman will have weak coping mechanisms and a history of some or all of the following: eating disorders, abuse, depression, self-injury


  • A possessive woman will be jealous, insecure and constantly needing reassurances of fidelity
  • A non-possessive woman will be trusting and secure in the relationship

Casual Sex

  • Dramatic Temperament: Non-Dramatic
  • Testing: Soft-Testing
  • Sexual Compatibility: Compatible
  • Possessiveness: Non-Possessive

Non-Monogamous Relationship

  • Dependence: Independent
  • Gender Identification: Agreeable
  • Dramatic Temperament: Non-Dramatic
  • Testing: Soft-Testing
  • Sexual Compatibility: Compatible
  • General Compatibility: Compatible
  • Possessiveness: Non- Possessive

Monogamous Relationship

  • Self Esteem: High
  • Dependence: Dependent
  • Gender Identification: Feminine
  • Leadership Expectations: Agreeable
  • Primary Motivation: Love
  • Dramatic Temperament: Non-Dramatic
  • Testing: Soft-Testing
  • Sexual Compatibility: Compatible
  • Relationship With Her Father: Good
  • Relationship With Her Girlfriends: Good
  • Relationship History: Monogamous
  • General Compatibility: Compatible
  • Parents’ Relationship: Patriarchy
  • Mental Health: Healthy
  • Possessiveness: Non-Possessive