How To Achieve Your Goals Part 1: The Purpose Of Setting Goals

The purpose of setting goals is to be happier – that’s it.

The point of life is to be as consistently happy as possible.

The point of life is not acquisition.

Or performance enhancement.

Or productivity.

Those are the means, not the end.

The end is consistent happiness

Consistent happiness should be your number 1 goal in life.

Not perfection.

Perfectionism will murder your soul.

And I can tell you this, perfection doesn’t exist.

What exists is reality, and reality isn’t perfect.

Perfectionism is the result of unrealistic expectations.

That’s why aiming for perfection is not the right move in the game of life.

The right move is to use your goals as tools for happiness

Because happiness is what we do everything for.

And happiness is your natural state.

Look at a child, a child is happy just to exist.

To play and to watch TV and to think and to draw and to paint.

And a child’s problems are easily solved, with a hug from mom or a chocolate bar.

Because a child is taken care of by it’s parents.

But as men we have to take care of ourselves

And that comes with a lot of problems.

And those problems remove us from our natural state of happiness.

And since consistent happiness is your primary priority…

Your goals should be set to solve those recurring problems in your life.

The problems keeping you from living a life of happiness.

And since your time is limited, the bulk of it should be spent on solving your most painful problems.

Problems like:

Because a chocolate bar or a hug from your mom isn’t enough to solve them.Instead you need to take action.

And you need to take it now

Because the longer you wait, the more pain those problems will cause you.

But the sooner you take action, the faster you get to being happy.

And your happiness, is the purpose of your goals.

So take action this year and start feeling happier.