How To Get From Point A To Point B

Think of your mission or any major goal you want to accomplish as a straight line.

Point A is where you are right now and Point B is where you want to go.

Just like in sales or any type of close, the path is linear.

And ideally you want to get to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The straight line isn’t the destination but it’s the best mental map I’ve found for getting where you want to go.

On that straight line you will find many obstacles in your way:

  • 1st is Time: distance can only be covered in time
  • 2nd is Space: to get somewhere requires you to move through physical space
  • 3rd is Skills: skills you don’t have that you need to learn
  • 4th is work: that you’ve done
  • 5th is disagreeable people: people that will sabotage your mission
  • 6th is doubt: and doubt is by far the most dangerous because doubt can convince you to walk off the straight line

With those 6 points in mind, imagine you’re at Point B right now, you decided on the destination you wanted to go to and put in the time, moved through physical space, developed the needed skills, done the hard work, cut off the dreamkillers and not allowed doubt to take you off the straight line.

When you’re defining your destination, or mission, you want to be as clear as possible. That could mean getting pictures of the office you want to work out of, the money in your bank account, the way your body looks, where you want to live, or all the above.

If that means finding pictures online, printing them and putting them on your whiteboard, then do that. The clearer your picture of the destination you want to go to, the easier it will be to get there. Just like you would use Google Street views to see a picture of where you want to drive to.

And you need to get your mind to where you’re not only certain that Point B exists, but you’re certain that you’re going to be able to drive there. Because certainty is the key to getting where you want to go.

If you doubt that Point B exists, you’ll never be able to get there. If you doubt your ability to drive to your destination, and allow that doubt to drag you off the line, you’ll never get there.

When you’re truly serious about your mission, it’s do or die. Elon Musk says he’s going to take us to Mars or die trying.

You don’t get to your destination with doubt, you get there with certainty. And you get there with the right maps, and through modeling the right people. Find the guy who is where you want to be, backwards engineer what he does, and use his map, just like you would use Google maps on a long journey.

Don’t indulge doubt and leave yourself a way out, because doubt is fear talking to you.

Fear of getting your hopes up and it not working out.

Fear of putting time and money into something that fails.

Fear of the humiliation of failure.

Doubt will destroy you if you don’t push it off your path.

Uncertainty can be a good thing in regards to things outside of your control, it served me well in my past life as a prop trader, where I would take a quick bet on a stock and bail if didn’t immediately meet my metrics.

But uncertainty isn’t suited to a mission. A soldier doesn’t stop fighting until he is victorious or he dies. You need a closed mind to accomplish your mission, because when you indulge doubt, you allow yourself to be taken off your path.

That’s not to say doubt won’t come up, and won’t continue to come up every damn day, you just have to push to keep pushing it off your path.

And not just your doubts, but the doubts of disagreeable people in your life, you can’t get to your destination when you let someone in your car who is trying to drive from the backseat and give you bad directions.

Disagreeable people will get in the way of your mission and make obstacles of themselves. Agreement is reality and people that disagree with your potential need to be pushed off your path. Because their disagreement can only add doubt to your mission.

When you’re committed to a mission, don’t let doubt stop you, instead only let death stop you. Because that just simplifies things, you can’t consider quitting because quitting is just not an option.

You can’t fail when you don’t quit, you can only die trying to get to your destination. When you take on that soldier’s mentality you become a very dangerous man indeed. Don’t let your mission be about if, make it about when.

Be at Point B already. Because the present moment is all that exists. Time is an illusion, you will never feel time passing, because you’re always in the present moment. So if you want to get to Point B, start BEING at Point B.

Start at Point B and work backwards from there, taking all the obstacles out of your way. Be at the business you want, in the office you want, in the condo you want, with the physique you want and have those pictures be front and center in your reality.

Right now you’re in current time as you read this article, but right now is also Point B, because you will always be in current time, so if you’re truly committed to getting to your destination, stay in certainty and BE at Point B.