My Advice To Pro Poker Players On How To Make More Money

This advice comes from my own experience, from speaking to one of the best online players and the world and from coaching 2 poker players. THIS ADVICE IS FOR PRO PLAYERS ONLY, guys who are already making their living from poker, 99.9% of guys have no business playing poker. If you’re a pro, check out the video and the notes below to see how to make more money.



  1. Plug up your life leaks
  2. Eat, train, and sleep like an athlete
  3. Understand your cycles and manage expectations
  4. Only play against garbage players if possible
  5. Take ego out of the equation
  6. Don’t play above your bankroll, you can’t afford the variance.
  7. Triple down on winning games
  8. Get rid of losing games
  9. Let this be your mantra and write it everywhere: I won’t let my feelings cost me money
  10. Be process oriented instead of results oriented
  11. Long term thinking over short term thinking
  12. Save your money, don’t spend, but also don’t worry about investing it
  13. Do 1 hour of study a day
  14. Do a 1 hour gameplay audit everyday – all your money is in the mistakes
  15. Increase your output. If your hourly rate is 100 plus, the most profitable thing you can do is work more hours.
  16. Get your money now. From every poker player I’ve talked with the money is less and the competition is stronger. Now is the time to grind.
  17. Allow for no distractions and disruptions of your routine
  18. Get your time zone right — focus your 8 hours a day on the most profitable time to play (even if that means playing at night)
  19. Get your taxes right
  20. Put effort into finding international skill arbitrage opportunities.
  21. Focus only on poker, your best ROI is playing more poker or studying poker, not trying to build a side business. Worry about building a business when you can’t get any more poker money.