How You NEED To Look At Money (Game Changing Mindset Shift On Money)

Money is meant to be spent, that’s the only reason money exists, and that’s exactly how you should look at money. That’s why I think of savings targets and revenue targets as spending targets. When I put money into a bank account, I look at that as spending money on financial security. And the highest form of spending is investing, to me everything is an investment.

When I reinvest money into my business, I look at that as spending money on financial security, significance, and fulfillment. When I buy new clothes I look at that as spending money on self esteem. Ultimately you need to look at money as energy, energy can’t be created or destroyed and it always has to go somewhere.

Money is the same, you’re always spending it somewhere. And you’re either spending it on things that help you or things that hurt you. When you spend money on drugs, alcohol, junk food, or media that makes you unhappy, you’re spending money on things they hurt you. You’re working hard all week to take that money and spend it on things that make your condition in life worse.

Looking at money as spending or investing also makes the game a lot more fun, savings targets aren’t fun because they’re defensive. You want spending targets like: “how do I spend 40k a month by the time I’m 40?”. And breaking that down to rent, reinvestment, financial security, food, entertainment, women, toys, condos – whatever it is that you want, have a plan for all of it. I know exactly how much I want to make by 40, I have the spending targets, and I have every dollar accounted for – you should too.

I promise, when you start looking at money offensively, and everything as an investment, money immediately becomes more valuable, the money game becomes so much more fun, and you will be much more motivated to go out and make more money.