How To Live Better By Not Caring About Politics

Politics is a waste of time because you have and will never have any meaningful effect on the political system.

The minimum buy-in for a seat at the table is in the billions.

Voting, commenting, protesting, spreading awareness are all worthless.

If they had any meaningful effect they wouldn’t let you do them.

Whether you protest or participate makes no difference and more importantly, none of that nonsense is going to pay your rent.

Unless you’re financially free, you don’t have time to be f*cking around pretending you’re a politician.

Being part of politics or part of any movement your giving your mindshare away.

Unless you’re a movement leader, movements aren’t worth your time.

The only position you should play for is the one that pays. In dollars, in adulation, in influence – otherwise you’re just trading one master for another. And you’re getting triggered, upset, outraged, horrified and angry in the process. None of which is good for your primary primary priority in life – the ruthless pursuit of your own happiness.

The good news is that it’s not your duty to care about politics. When you understand history you understand why this is true. When you understand history you understand politics because history always repeats itself.

The history of our world begins with agriculture almost 10,000 years ago. Until then we lived in small, nomadic, hunter-gatherer tribes. And in those small tribes, without access to advanced warfighting technology and weapons of mass destruction, our worst instincts we’re held in check.

And because our tribe was our kin, crime was a non-event. But agriculture allowed us to build civilizations. And with civilizations came large societies. And with large societies came anonymity, where we learned to live shoulder to shoulder with people who weren’t part of our tribe. And within those anonymous large societies crime become common. And we turned to rulers to protect us from each other.

But it takes a certain kind of person to rule over 300 million strangers. And this kind of person is not like you or I, they’re just good actors. Empathy is not the defining trait of a ruler, salesmanship is, through the illusion of empathy – not to say that all politicians are devoid of empathy, they are just able to very selective. In many cases it’s the most ruthless, deceptive, intelligent or outright violent that rise to the top of the heap.

They call them the ruling class for a reason, because they are a different breed of people. And history is nothing more than the classes vs. the masses. The classes being the most intelligent, violent, ruthless, wealthy, deceptive, connected, calculating, brave and lucky. And their goal is always, and has always been, to rise to the top of the pyramid.

This is our past, present and future.

The problem is people. As long as people want to rule and be ruled we’ll have always have rulers. If everyone was happy, high IQ, kind and well adjusted, we wouldn’t need or want to be ruled. People would smile and wave to each other on the street and life would be gentle, peaceful and crime-free.

But most people are not particularly interested in self rule, hence the world we have now. A world where there is nowhere on God’s green, beautiful, earth where you can live without a government telling you what to do.

This is your world. It’s a pyramid. It’s a food chain. It’s how it is, and how it always will be. And the human being sits at the top of the pyramid as the ultimate predator. Where other animals exist because we allow them to. And where we slaughter animals wholesale and deliver them to your doorstep for you to devour.

And on top of the human being sits the super predator – the politician, the oligarch, the general. And under no system of governance has this changed in even the slightest. Politics is pro wrestling. With the overt battles for the marks to see and the backstage battles for real power – and you’re a spectator. That’s why protesting is pointless. Protesting is as pointless as the rabbit protesting the tiger.

And buying in isn’t going to get you anywhere either.

They tell you that should care because politics because it affects you, and its true that politics does affect you. But YOU DON’T AFFECT POLITICS and you never will. That’s why you need focus on controlling what you can control.

They tell you that you need to be an informed citizen, but you don’t. You can be completely uninformed and it won’t make a difference in your quality of life. But if you neglect your health and your wealth and your relationships and your lifestyle while you pretend to play politician on twitter – make no mistake, you’ll pay the price.

You’ll pay the price with your mood, your mental health, and most importantly your time. Time that you can never get back. Time that could have been spent getting what you want out of life.

The game is the game is the game.

The good news is, you don’t have to play their game. You don’t owe society an alternative, because their is no society. Only individuals trying to get by. Individuals like you and me.

And as an individual you don’t need an ideology. All You need is a strategy, and that strategy is the pursuit of your own happiness. That means health, wealth, women, security, sunshine, clean food, exercise and all the good things in life.

And you need don’t need to spend a lifetime trying to get those things, you can start today, all you have to do is choose. Choose to step into positivity, into light, into happiness and start getting what you want to today. Instead of trying to spend a lifetime trying to control things that are out of your control.

So let the powerful people play their war games while you focus on living well. Step outside the pyramid and the propaganda and the programming and start playing the game of life. Not for society but for yourself and for the people you care about – it’s the only way to win.