How To Take Control Of Your Life

What if I told you that there was such a thing as a perpetual, money-making machine?

And that you could build this machine to give you back 1000% of what you put in every, single, year.

And that all it took to get this magic, money-making machine running was a bit of time and a bit of effort.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

But if it was true, you’d probably be interested in owning one of these magic machines, wouldn’t you?

And it’s probably safe to say that you’d sacrifice time with friends, girls, and your family to make it happen.

And it’s probably safe to say that you’d sacrifice every major purchase until you built your machine.

I know that I would, in fact I did, because there actually is such a thing as a money machine:

it’s called a business

And when you own your own business you own a machine that pays for your life and everything in it.

Your business gives you everything and asks for nothing.

Your business doesn’t tell you what to wear, where to sit, what to do – it just pays for your life.

Your business doesn’t threaten to fire you if you take a few days off – it just pays for your life.

Your business keeps working for you, day and night, and in the morning it’s right where you left it.

Your business is the best friend you could ask for.

Yet Most Of You Work A Job You Hate

When you work a job you own nothing, you get paid as long as you sell your time and not a minute longer.

Your job asks for everything and gives you nothing.

Your job tells you what to wear, where to sit and what to do.

Your job threatens you with bankruptcy at the slightest sign of independence, assertiveness or disloyalty.

Your job will never work for you and will fire you at a moment’s notice.

Your job is not your friend, your job is a petty, jealous tyrant.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know

You already know that you hate your job.

You already know that you don’t get paid enough.

You already know that magic, money-making machines actually exist in the real world.

So I only have one question for you:

Why Are You Still Working For Somebody Else?

Why are you doing something you hate?

Why are you letting someone pay you less than you’re worth?

Why are you giving your youth to build someone else’s business when you could be building your own?

The answer is because most of you aren’t playing the game of life to win, you’re playing to get by.

And the cost of that gameplan is spending your life as a cog in another man’s money machine.

I get it though

I can’t lie, I’ve been there too.

I gave a lot of my youth to making other guys richer.

I was too lazy, too distracted, too unsure and most of all too afraid to fail.

But since then I’ve failed more times than all my friends combined and failure doesn’t scare me anymore.

You Know What Scares Me Now?

The thought of another freezing cold, February, Monday morning commute.

The thought of having to take home 15% of what I bring in.

The thought of having to call another man my boss.

That’s the sh*t that gives me nightmares.

But it’s not just about the bullsh*t, and it’s not just about the money.

It’s about something much more important to me:

ownership of my own life

Because when you work for someone else, you don’t own your life, they do.

It doesn’t matter how many women you attract or how strong you are in the gym.

For 50 hours a week you’re someone else’s slave.

They tell you when to come to in, where to sit, where to piss, when to eat and when you get to go home.

In return you get paid just enough to get by

But maybe you’re okay with that because at least you have a steady paycheck and a big screen TV.

And getting by is safer than starting your own business because business ownership is too risky, right?

Wrong, a job is actually the riskier proposition.

Any business can fail but you can only get fired from a job.

More importantly though, when you work for someone else you never learn the most important skill in life:

how to hunt

The truth is we’re nothing more than apes living in a concrete jungle and we need to hunt to survive.

But instead of hunting game we hunt revenue.

But when you can’t hunt for yourself, you have to satisfy your hunger with another man’s leftovers.

You don’t learn how to generate revenue, how to adapt to consumer demand or how to produce.

 Instead You Learn How To Be A Good Boy

And the second your skills become outdated, your master will put you down like the old dog that you are.

And by then it’ll be too late to learn how to hunt because you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

All those clients you brought on, that revenue you brought in, none of that f*cking matters.

All you leave with is your balls in your hand and a sob story.

And that’s if you have any balls left after a lifetime of wage slavery.

This Is Reality

Life is not a trial run.

You only get to be young once.

You only have a limited amount of time and energy to build that business.

Every day that you’re not working towards that goal you are f*cking up, I promise you that.

By the time you’re 40 and you’ve got a wife and a family and a mortgage – it’s too f*cking late!

That’s Why You Need To Get Smart Now

And the smart way to live is to own revenue and rent expenses.

But most of you are doing the exact opposite.

Most of you are renting revenue from someone else’s business and buying expenses.

Expenses that you can’t afford like a house or a car or the biggest expense of all: a wife.

That’s hustling backwards player.

You can’t pursue expenses over revenue

You’re not the federal government, you can’t run up a $19 trillion dollar tab on the taxpayer’s dime.

If you have to borrow to buy it, you can’t afford it.

When you borrow, you’re not playing the game of life, you’re getting played.

You become a cog in the machine of your bank manager, your car dealer and your wife.

It’s a nasty game that you’re born into

And that’s no accident, you’re supposed to get played.

You’re supposed to stay unfree, unfulfilled and unaware.

You’re supposed to give back everything you earn to the guys who run the game.

You’re supposed to pay interest to the bankers, taxes to the politicians and payments to the executives.

And you’re supposed to be too stupefied by poverty and distractions to see what the f*ck is going on.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is there’s a way out

Not for everybody, but for you if you want it bad enough.

You can’t change the nature of the game but you can change your position.

But to change your position requires a change of perspective.

And to change your perspective you need to change the way you look at money.

Money is your ticket to freedom

Instead of looking at money as a tool to buy expenses, look at money as a tool to buy revenue.

Instead of using money to buy toys, use money to buy the runway for launching your business.

Instead of thinking about what you can consume, think about what you can produce.

An iPhone, a $1000 suit, a BMW – these are all traps unless you’re already rich.

Once you’re rich you can buy whatever you want

But until then you have to pursue revenue ownership over everything else.

If you don’t, you’ll never get free.

Even investing is a trap, why settle for 8% a year when you can invest in yourself and do 1000% a year?

The only thing you need to worry about investing in is yourself.

So, do you want to play to win or just to get by?

If you want to keep playing to get by then you can stop reading here.

Because you don’t have a prayer if you’re not ready to get serious.

Even when you’re playing to win, business ownership is hard enough.

Money machines exist in the real world and the competition is fierce.

That’s why 90% of new businesses fail, to avoid being a cashflow casualty, you need to do two things:

Work hard and pick the right business

Most guys do the opposite, they half-ass it and pick the wrong business.

They bet their future on a product-based crapshoot in an unproven market and get crushed.

Instead you want to stack the deck in your favor by starting a service business and working your ass off.

All you need to succeed is a phone, an internet connection, and the ability to sell.

Just choose a service and where you want to live

If you’re planning on living in a first world country then you need to start an offline business.

Because first world countries are expensive you need to sell expensive services like real estate.

If you’re willing to live in a second world country then you can start an online business.

Because second world countries are cheaper you can sell less expensive services like web design.

Once you know what you want to do – Take Action

It’s just a matter of saving, planning your exit and getting your first customer.

And if you’re smart, you’ll get that first customer before you quit that job.

And if you’re serious about playing to win, you’ll make building your business priority number one.

From now on everything else comes second

That’s the price you have to pay to play to win.

You gotta pay the cost to be the boss.

The car, the clothes, the toys, the product based business – you can still have all that, just not right now.

First you have to buy your freedom.

But once you’re free, the world is yours

Five years from now when your machine is printing you ten grand a month you can buy what you want.

But until then you have to focus on getting free.

Money is power, you either control it or it controls you.

So take control of your cashflow and take control of your life