How To Get Over A Breakup

If you want to learn how to get over a girl, and you’re f*cked up over her, I’ve got what you need.

Today is the day that everything changes…

If you want it to.

If you put the techniques I give you into practice I promise nothing less than a game changing reality shift.

Because I’ve been there…

Tough talk aside, I’ve been friendzoned, I’ve been heartbroken and truth be told – I’ve shed tears over a girl.

But I’ve also gotten over every single heartbreak and bounced back tougher than ever.

Because that’s what men do.

And I’ll show exactly how I did it, drawing on 20 years of experience with women.

But I don’t want you to believe me right now, I just want you to allow for the possibility that today is game day.

I just want the benefit of the doubt.

Because I know you’re f*cked up, just like millions of other guys around the world are f*cked up.

I spent yesterday scrolling through reddit and it’s bad out there, real bad, worse than I thought.

Not just out there, but I’ve talked to thousands of readers, and many are walking around wounded.

Gettting over a girl is one of the biggest problems out there, and I know many of you don’t know where to turn.

But I want you to know you’re not alone, and you don’t have to be ashamed, and you’re not weak.

I know you might be confused or depressed or angry or just downright vengeful.

I’ve been there too, every man has at one point in his life, and it’s not fun.

The truth is, as men, we take breakups harder than women, because we don’t have a support system.

Our girlfriends are our support system, and when they’re gone, there is no one there to get you through.

And the only person you could rely on to get you through your pain is the one causing it.

That’s the bad news.

But here’s the good news, you’re a man, and men are the strongest species on this plan.

And a strong man is a force to be reckoned with – make no mistake.

Because no one is going to help you, so you have to help yourself.

You have to rely on yourself.

You have to confide in yourself – because this is the very definition of confidence.

And confident men are up for the challenge.

And that my friend, is the way to play the game.

The right frame is to view getting over her as a challenge.

A challenge that will make you a tougher man.

This is not hyberbole, this is 100% fact – when you get over this girl you will become a tougher man for it.

And I’ll show you how to do it starting today…

You can take back your life, and your pride and your happiness starting today…

But only if you want it to.

Only if you’re willing to put in the work to make it happen.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to be grateful for the breakup
  • How to frame the break up as a challenge to become a tougher man in the game of life
  • How to state out of depressive states
  • How to stay busy, focused and winning instead of sad, angry and depressed
  • How to use mindfulness to reframe thoughts about her into productive thoughts about you
  • How to avoid overanalyzing the relationship
  • How to reframe your rage, lust, sadness, nostalgia, and heartbreak
  • The 3 options for moving on with women and which option is best for you
  • Why the breakup is actually not a big problem and why it’s only a problem if you let it become one
  • How to take control of your reality
  • How to recognize when you’re indulging emotions you’re addicted to instead of pursuing happiness
  • How to learn from your mistakes and make sure you don’t make them again through better screening
  • Why you don’t need to constantly relive the pain of your breakup
  • My brutal breakup and how I powered through it
  • How to put it all into practice starting today and play past your breakup
  • How to become a new, stronger man and take your life back


I want you to create space for the idea that today is the day you move on with your life. I went hard on this video because this is a serious subject. It’s one of my most requested videos and one of the most important videos on this site. And I promise you this, if you take action, you will get better, starting today.

I also put together a list of books and articles to help you in your recovery below. I want you to watch the video first, and I want you to take action. But I also want you to have all the weapons in your arsenal that you need for getting over this girl and getting your life back together.  So if after you watch the video, and you still want more information, I’ve got a full recovery gameplan for you below.

Your REcovery Gameplan

  1. Being grateful the breakup happened now and not after marriage/kids/child support/alimony/asset seizure
  2. Doubling down on your mission and goals to distract you from negative thoughts
  3. Controlling your narrative, reframing negative thoughts, pursuing the best state available
  4. Moving on with other women
  5. Learning from your mistakes and preventing them from happening next time

Gratefulness (Being Grateful You Broke Up Now Not Later)

  1. How To Be Grateful For Everything You Have

Refocusing Your Life (On You And Away From Her)

  1. How To Develop Your Mission Part 1
  2. How To Develop Your Mission Part 2
  3. How To Take Control Of Your Life
  4. How To Get Organized

Controlling Your State (Staying Out Of Damaging Emotions)

  1. How To Be Happier By Living For Yourself
  2. How To Get Tougher
  3. How To Control Your State
  4. How To Fight Depression

How To Move On With Other Women

  1. How To Develop Your Dating Gameplan Part 1
  2. How To Develop Your Dating Gameplan Part 2
  3. How To Develop Your Dating Gameplan Part 3
  4. How To Develop Your Dating Gameplan Part 4
  5. How To Develop Your Dating Gameplan Part 5

How Learn From Your Mistakes (And Avoid Making Them Again)

  1. Girlfriend Series Part 1: How To Find The Right Girl (90% of guys f*ck this one up)
  2. Relationship Management Part 1: Screening
  3. Relationship Management Part 2: Rules
  4. Relationship Management Part 3: Tactics
  5. How To Have Healthy Relationships Part 1
  6. How To Have Healthy Relationships Part 2
  7. How To Have Healthy Relationships Part 3