62 Must Read Books, VIdeos And Articles For Men

If you’re not consistently reading and learning, you’re falling behind. Being a reader is one of the biggest advantages in life, there is no world leader, or successful business owner who doesn’t read. Reading gives you a massive edge over your competition and doesn’t cost much if anything.

So in the spirit of stepping your game up I put together a list of must read books below, all of which you can pick up on kindle for cheap. I’ve also put together a list of key articles for you to check out, almost all of which are mine because that’s how I roll.

62 Must Read Books And Articles For Men











  1. What’s your opinion on dating coaches like David X and Roger
    Allen Currie. They say, “Be direct and truthful.” If you don’t display
    your intent, you’ll just be strung along, maybe for years.
    A book titled “Models,” by ? is suppost to be very good.
    When a person has NEVER had sex, they are on the outside looking in.
    It really is true: “Nothing succeeds like success.” “The whole world loves
    a lover.” And “To he that has more will be given. To he that has not, what
    little he has will be taken away.”

  2. God damn – every time you think you’ve hit the jackpot and can’t find any better articles, you go ahead and publish more gold.

    Thank you for sharing all this, this site has definitely provided a means to change my life for the better.

    I have bought and used all the guides, and found success in each.

    How to get laid on tinder – bought and implemented the strategies, had dates lined up with most of them being 1st night lays.

    How to get organized – still utilizing this one… Purged bags and bags of clothes and junk, felt SO good. Have been using Wunderlist for daily and weekly tasks, set up quarterly purchases on Amazon, organized my wardrobe.

    How to sell – eye opening. While I’m not in “sales” it made me understand how “life is sales” and you are always selling no matter what your profession. Helped me understand the importance of how you market yourself.

    How to fuck women properly – probably my favorite. I have used many of the techniques with success. Helped re-frame my dominance as well.

    I think the biggest difference, and what attracts me to your material, is that you provide actionable steps on achieving these things. Not just wordy – let me think it into existence – type stuff.

    Fucking love this site.

    Best of luck to you in future endeavors.

  3. Wow, thanks Lou, I’m humbled. Thanks for your support and your purchases, I really appreciate it. And glad to here the material has been useful to you. Thank you again for your kind words, I’m doing this stuff for guys like you, truly appreciate it man, much love.

  4. Tony robbins?
    but didn’t you once say “I’m not gonna be tony robbins cause I’m not gonna sell bullshit dreams”
    now you say that his books are excellent?

  5. I did, I’m not going to sell unlimited dreams, but I can’t hate, his books are awesome, have pulled me out of some really low states, and have to give credit where its due.

  6. Hey will thanks for consistently putting out such high quality articles and material. I honestly see you as an older version of myself which has helped make the learning curve in my life less steep. I have one request…could you make another article similar to this in which you state all the other resources you use. You’ve stated before nomad capitalist and flag theory etc but could you make a list of everything else you find useful? Lastly, could you make a list of the vendors you use for your site? I’m trying to launch my online business and knowing who and what to use would be a massive help. Thanks again man!

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