How To Lose Weight (The Sh*t That Actually Works)

Losing weight is a struggle for many guys, even guys who are strong willed and succeeding across other aspects of their lives. And it doesn’t help that we live in an era of on demand food delivery at any time of day and night.

It also doesn’t help that most of the information on weight loss is either white noise or outright counterproductive. The truth is losing weight is simple, it’s not easy, but it’s simple. So simple that all you need to know and will ever need to know about losing weight is right here, in this one article, video and audio.

How TO LOSE Weight

Video/Audio Notes (What You’ll Learn)

1) Right Information

  • Why most weight loss advice is white noise
  • The law of thermodynamics is all that matters when it comes to weight loss
  • Calories In (food) Calories Out (Caloric expenditure, base metabolic rate, heat etc.) = Your Weight
  • Losing weight is about eating less and moving more with only a few exceptions
  • Exceptions for people with diabetes or thyroid conditions – law still applies/but metrics will be different
  • High glycemic foods/metabolic rates are worse for people with conditions – but law still applies
  • Law applies even if you eat garbage, high salt, high carb, processed foods
  • The above applies but still some nutrient partitioning in regards to protein
  • Eating high carb, high salt foods, will make you look like you gained weight because of bloat
  • Starvation mode does not apply unless you are actually starving, starving being an African child with no food
  • Fasting will not put you in starvation mode, fasting will make you lose weight

2) How To Actually Lose Weight

  • Aim for a 500 calorie deficit per day to lose 1 lb. per week (1 lb. is approximately 3500 cals)
  • Use calculator to determine your daily metabolic rate and subtract 500 cals per day
  • Eat lots of protein because protein is the most filling food and will preserve your muscle
  • Be in it to win it, 50 lbs. will take you one full year of 500 calorie daily deficits (which is the equivalent of one full, solid meal)
  • Optional, do intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast, with a stim (caffeine for energy) and feeding window from noon till 8 PM (makes eating less calories easier)

3) Common Mistakes To Avoid

  • Not counting calories, what gets measured gets managed
  • Not eating enough protein
  • Believing in retarded miracle diets and “weight loss foods”
  • Trying to eat healthy and cut weight at the same time, master one before the other
  • Taking on too much stress – much harder to cut comfort food when your life is sh*t
  • Not lifting weights – weightlifting is the best way to preserve your muscle when cutting weight (you want as much weight lost to be fat as possible)
  • Doing too much cardio – cardio is a minor factor in weight loss, only for calories burned, and is not necessary – great for health but pushing too hard will burn you out when you’re in a deficit.

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