How To Calculate Your Drug- Free Genetic Potential

The fitness industry makes a fortune selling bullshit to gullible people. The only supplement that helps build muscle is creatine but the stuff that really works is illegal. The average bodybuilder has done more drugs than Keith Richards. Hollywood stars, firemen, fitness models, athletes, meatheads and anyone you’re comparing yourself to uses steroids.

Unfortunately you’ll never to be able to build that demigod physique without performance enhancing drugs, but with the right workout routine and diet you can still build a great physique by maxing out your genetic potential. This article is designed to give you a goal to aspire to and to show you exactly what your limitations are, check it out:

The Data 

  • The data comes from the work of Casey Butt, P.H.D., a bodybuilder himself who has studied genetic muscular potential in drug-free natural bodybuilding competitors
  • The bodyweight prediction formula Dr. Butt (his real name) uses was developed as an amalgamation of data from past and present drug-free bodybuilding champions and anthropometrics data from the U.S. Army and Navy
  • It also compares the fat-free mass indexes of champion bodybuilders, as presented in the work of Dr. E. M. Kouri, et. Al
  • These results are applicable to men only

What You Need

  • To determine your potential you’ll need your height, wrist size, ankle size and body fat %

Using The Calculator

  • Once you have your stats you can run them through Dr. Butt’s calculator here

Amount Of Weight You Need To Lift To Reach Your Potential

  1. the calculator isn’t working anymore. what’s the best way / easiest way to findout bodyfat % in your opinion?

  2. The best way is to book an appointment for a body pod. The easiest way is taking your high school weight and deducting it from your current weight. You can also use the body mass index, to see what you should way for your height. On average a flat stomach is around 10% bodyfat, to get visible abs you need to be under that.

  3. One thing that’s great about your articles, Will, is that you can go back to them a year or several years later and they will still be a top quality resource. However, your hyperlink to Dr.Butt’s calculator doesn’t work anymore. Do you know where we can find another resource?

    -Brendan in ATX

  4. Your Fat-Free Mass Index (FFMI) is the most accurate method for determining genetic potential. I recently did a ton of research on this subject before setting my strength and aesthetic goals. Fitness YouTuber VitruvianPhysique has the best video breaking down this subject, body fat, and genetic potential. Just search “FFMI” and it should be in the top three search results.

    I also recommend getting a DEXA scan to measure your body fat and lean mass. It’s quick, very accurate (compared to the other methods), and cheap. I bought my session through Groupon for $35. If you manage to book your scan at a sports-performance medical office, like in my case, you’ll get the added bonus of chatting with an exercise physiologist who’ll go over your results with you and give you feedback about your goals, etc.

    *Side note: The exercise physiologist confirmed what Will said in the above video. Heavy, compound lifting, incorporating progressive resistance overload is what you need to focus on for the first three to four years to build a solid foundation of strength, a quality physique, and max out natural gains. Only then should you consider switching to hypertrophy training and/or drugs.

  5. Thanks Brendan, I don’t unfortunately, but expect 35 pounds on the low end to 50 lbs. on the high end, smaller your frame, generally less muscle mass you’re built for

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