How To Create A Positive Identity

You are the thoughts you choose.

Learn how to make your thoughts work for you and create deep, core-level identity change…

  1. This kind of talk is something every parent in the world should give their small children.

    I try to imagine a world where it would be so… but I cannot, because it would be unrecognizable.

    Like Tony Robbins said: “80% of success is your psychology and 20% is mechanics.” Putting effort into creating our own avatar would probably take care of most of the psychological issues that hold humanity back right now.

    Unfortunately, the idea that you can consciously create your own identity is still esoteric knowledge to the masses. Even in the liberal Western world. I lived in Asia too, and it seemed like rational self-interest and owning your own life is considered outright selfish by most people.

    But seeds have been planted. By you, by similar blogs and people who take this information to heart…

    Love the new posting schedule, by the way

  2. Thanks Taavi, really appreciate it. Excellent points and I agree, it’s really unfortunate, but its reality. With that said, the good news is that we can make it happen. All the best my man

  3. In the age of self help people seem more and more lost and in desperate need of self help more than ever before. What’s your thoughts on mainstream self help industry?

  4. I think most mainstream self improvement is not super useful because they don’t give practical strategies, but with that said, reading or listening to anything positive is better than 99.9% of all the other negative content, you really can’t get enough positivity in your life. And stuff like Tony Robbins books awaken the giant within are fantastic, you just have to make sure to apply realistic thinking to them and take action.

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