How To Have Consistent Energy Every Day

To be as consistently happy as you can be, every single day, you need to have enough energy to get through the day and to be able to maintain your state. And a part of state is being high energy, just think about your energy levels the last time you we’re in a blissful – guaranteed they’re off the chart.

Contrast that to a depressive state where its a certainty that your energy levels we’re in the gutter. In fact, it’s impossible to be high energy and depressed, high energy negativity is expressed as anger – which is at least preferable to depression.

Energy also becomes much more important as you get older. At 18, energy is an afterthought, at 34, energy is something you have to structure your life around. Eating garbage and getting drunk every night just doesn’t work anymore, at least not if you want to feel good.

The only time you should be feeling low energy is at night, after a hard day’s work. If you’re consistenly feeling low energy during the day, that means there is at least one, if not many recurring problems with the structure of your life.

To solve those problems and have consitent energy every day, you need to focus on 2 major areas:

  1. Your daily routine
  2. Your lifestyle choice

How To Have Consistent Energy

Your Daily Routine

I put together a sample routine for your reference. This is my basic daily routine assuming I don’t have anything else I have to do that day. With that said I don’t always have everything in the same order – ie. some days I’ll have the salad for lunch or the coocnut later. Or I’ll have lunch later then noon. I just want to give you a sample schedule to work with, feel free to modify the timing for what works for you.

Also, please don’t assume that I follow this every day, I’m about 80% consistent and have a few cheat meals a a week plus a few drinks on the weekend. Eating clean every day is something I find difficult because I’m a savage and I love food, but it’s a work in progress and one where I’ve been doing well and noticing massive positive changes.

6AM: Wake Up

  • Circadian rythym might sound like bullsh*t but it’s most definitely a real thing
  • The later you wake up the less energy you’ll have

6:10 AM: Caffeine in morning + greens powder + Water + State Pumping Music

  • This is the best way I’ve found to start your day
  • 100 mg of caffeine in pill form for immediate energy, with water to get you hydrated and fight the diuretic effects of the caffeine
  • High quality greens powder to get an instant superfood hit (will take a few hours to notice a more subtle energy lift)
  • State pumping music blasting through your headphones to get you in an upbeat positive mood
  • I also take some of my daily supplements at this time – the ones meant to be taken on an empty stomach

6:30 AM – 8 AM – Excercise

  • Starting the day with exercise every day is an awesome way to get the blood flowing and get your energy up
  • It’s also important to start the day with a physical battle – very important for your mental toughness
  • I start by stretching my back, neck and knees
  • Then, if it’s one of my weekly lifting days I hit the weights
  • Then I move into mid intensity cardio on the elliptical for 20 minutes
  • Then I do 15 minutes of yoga
  • Learning to breathe deeply through your nose and out through your mouth is key to give you extra energy (see video above)
  • I follow that with a nice hot shower followed by a cool shower
  • By the end of this routine you’ll be feeling terrific

8 AM – Noon: Water And Fasting

  • Once the exercise is done for the day I get started on my work and I don’t eat anything until noon
  • Since starting intermittent fasting 7 years ago, I went from being a night owl to a high energy morning person
  • IF is hands down one of the best lifestyle experiments I’ve ever made, especially combined with caffeine to fight hunger
  • Staying hydrated is also keep for energy as well helping you feel full
  • You might be hungry the first few days, but eventually your body will get used to IF and you won’t get hungry to noon
  • Since starting IF, this time block has become my peak productivity and energy period of the day
  • IF also has a host of other health benefits which you can read about here



  • At noon I’ll break the fast with another caffeine pill as well as eat an entire fresh coconut
  • Coconut juice is delicious and full of electrolytes
  • And the actual coconut is an awesome source of saturated fats, with some protein and minimal carbs
  • Using fat as fuel is an excellent way to have consistent energy, as opposed to the energy dips you get from carbs
  • Also the value on a coconut is very good as a full coconut is 1400 calories
  • I eat half the coconut at lunch and another half around 2 PM
  • I also take another handful of my daily supplements at this time

2 PM – 3 PM: 1/2 Coconut + Water

  • Around 2 to 3 I’ll have the other half of the coconut plus some water
  • I try not to eat too much at any one time, especially fatty foods as it can be too much for the digestive system

3 PM – 5 PM: Salmon Sashimi

  • Between 3 to 5 PM I’ll have a small amount of wild caught salmon sashimi
  • Raw salmon is an excellent source of Omega 3’s and having the right ratio of 3’s to 6’s is crucial for your health
  • Salmon sashimi is cheap in my part of the world, if it’s too expensive then don’t worry, just take high EPA/DHA oil caps

6P M – 8 PM: Chicken Caesar Salad

  • At the start of every month I order a freezer full of cooked, seasoned, chicken breast
  • Every day I put a couple chicken breasts in the fridge and let them saw
  • I pick up an organic salad every day, put Japanese Caesar dressing on it, chopped cold chicken and croutons
  • The croutons are kind of cheating but GTFO of here without having croutons on salad
  • I use the Japanese dressing (also cheating) because it has less garlic and onions (FODMAPS) then standard dressing
  • Ill also have a second chicken breast later on if I’m still hungry (am lazy so just chop it up and eat it cold)
  • I try not to eat anything past 8 PM, as this is the end of my IF eating window ( I don’t always win this battle


  • The optimal diet I’ve found is low FODMAP paleo – basically meat and vegetables, the foods we evolved eating
  • The ideal is to eat as little man made food as possible (I know, easier said then done)
  • Not eating too many carbs, especially in one sitting is key, high carb meals are sleeping pills
  • Low/moderate carbs works best for me with most of my carbs coming from the coconut during the day
  • Instead of carbs, I get great results from using fat as fuel
  • Another key is to keep your meals smaller than you want, but not to small, 85% full is ideal, which for me is about 700 cals
  • Eating past the point of being full, even with healthy foods, will slow you down
  • At 5’10, 170 lbs. I only need about 2000 cals per day to maintain my weight, 3 to 4 small/mid sized meals works great
  • As you can see, I try not to eat sugar, and that includes fruit, nothing slows me down worse than a bunch of sugar
  • The same goes for any high GI food, including white rice, they wreak havoc on your blood sugar and therefore your energy
  • The greens powder and vegetables won’t effect you right away (but within about 4 days you’ll notice the difference)
  • Getting enough water and electrolytes is key, your piss should never be yellow except first thing in the morning
  • Avoid eating any FODMAPS youre allergic to, foods you’re allergic to your system and will slow your body down

Your Lifestyle Choices

stand as much as you can

  • Many experts say that sitting is the new smoking and I agree, we’re not evolved to sit all day hunched over a computer
  • I try and stand as much as I can, it makes a big difference for my energy levels, standing is your most powerful energy
  • If you are going to sit, do it for brief periods of time or at the end of the day when your work is done
  • I do a lot of work on top of my fridge of all places, but you can try a standing desk if it’s convenient

Ej@culate as infrequently as possible

  • The ideal amount of ejaculation is never, every single ejaculation costs you energy
  • My record for no PMO is 8 months and it was the highest energy period of my life
  • With that said it take a lot of discipline

Having A Mission

  • A man nees a mission, it’s in our DNA, without one, you’re lost, with a mission, you have a reason to wake up every day
  • Your mission is your raison d’etre and is extremely important for giving you the motivation to get things done
  • Find out have to develop your mission in part 1 here and part 2 here

Having a low stress, enjoyable lifestyle

  • A low stress, enjoyable lifestyle is not built in one day, but with enough work you can make it a reality (see how to do it here)
  • Once you establish a low stress, enjoyable lifestyle you’ll naturally have a lot more energy because you’re not trying to escape your day
  • Often times fatigue can be a sisng that you’re tryin to avoid your life because you don’t like your life
  • Some important keys are living in warm weather, good friends, a valuable mission and something to look forward to at night

Consider TRT If You Are 35 + Or If You Have Low Testosterone

  • Testosterone is a crucial hormone for energy in men
  • Unfortunately it tends to drop as we get older
  • Also some young guys have low T, either through genetics or damage from the standard American option
  • TRT is an awesome, cheap, safe option to have the test levels of an 18 year old
  • If you’re interested, get your labs done and check out Testosterone Replacement Therapy – The definitive book on TRT

Follow A Healthy Diet At Least 85% Of The Time

  • You can structure in cheat meals, but recognize alcohol and cheat meals cost you energy every single time
  • Of course you want to enjoy life, but enjoy it in moderation

Proper supplementation

  • These are the health promoting supplements I take every day, for all my recommendations, check my resources page
  • Nature’s Way Alive Men’s Multivitamin – The best multivitamin on the market
  • Digestive Enzymes – The best digestive enzyme for the best price (use if you have gut problems)
  • Probiotic – The best probiotic for the best price (everyone should take these for gut health)
  • Vitamin C – The best supplement for stopping colds in their tracks (you have to megadose
  • Caffeine Tabs – For energy and mood (way cheaper than coffee, I take 100 mg every morning)