• How To Get Laid On Tinder – The best online dating system available (easiest way to get laid)
  • Ok Cupid – The second easiest way I know to get laid and the best site to get a girlfriend
  • POF – The worst free dating site, but also the biggest – tons of girls on here
  • The Key Logger – A book on how women bullshit you by a guy who hacked all his girls’ Facebooks
  • How To Have Healthy Relationships – The definitive guide to good relationships with women






  • How To Sell – The best sales book available (the only one that tells the truth about life in sales)
  • The One Thing – The best book on business productivity
  • How To Get Rich – What it takes to actually get really rich
  • The Millionaire Fastlane – The best book on making money online (don’t let the title fool you)
  • Think And Grow Rich – I don’t agree with all his concepts, but incredible book nonethless





  • The Handbook Of Human Ownership – Watch this to truly understand the nature of our world
  • 48 Laws of Power – Must read book for understanding how power works in the real world
  • The Prince – Another must read book on how power really works
  • Prometheus Rising – Excellent book on helping you understand yourself and your world
  • Tragedy And Hope 101 – Meticulously detailed book on how the world really works
  • The Lessons Of History – History summarized by the world’s greatest historian – priceless
  • Pimp – Classic novel on game and female psychology (not advocating becoming a pimp)
  • The Pimp Game – Best book on pimping (not advocating pimping – pdf can still be found)
  • Black Players – The pimp game as anthropological study (mindblowing amount of game in here)


  • I Am Unborn – This book will destroy everything you thought was real – be careful
  • I Am That – The truth straight from an enlightened being
  • Practicing The Jhanas – How to meditate into bliss states