Everything Is A Risk

That’s risky they tell you.

It’s like a motto growing up from parents to teachers to role models

If the middle class mentality could be defined in a statement it would be “that sounds risky”

It implies two things, what you’re doing is dangerous and don’t take risks

And there is some truth to that statement, don’t take DUMB risks is good advice

Calculated risks on other hand are something different entirely

But more importantly, what you don’t learn with a middle class mentality is that everything is a risk…

  1. I have taken way too many risks in my life. Some have been calculated while others have been careless. When the careless ones went wrong I learned some very painful lessons from them.
    Now I look at the risk and weight the pros against the cons. And am I making a decision based upon knowing the proper information or is it just emotional?

  2. Will,

    I’m currently working a desk job for average salary– my living costs are high, but i make it work and have saved a lot and also drive ride-share on the weekends. Flip things on ebay.

    I’m probably about a year or two away from geo-arbitrage. I really want to change jobs, since this one sucks big time. Can i ask, what would your opinion be on going into sales while i plot my escape from the pimp game?

    thank you brother man. I hope you keep 10x’ing everywhere.

  3. Pros and cons + logic is the way to go, especially on big decisions. That plus having the right information, the right information is what I do my best to give you guys on here.

  4. I would say if you’re serious about it, it’s a good option, you learn how to sell, and can stack cash a lot faster than a deal job. If you want to know how to survive and thrive in sales, check out my book how to sell

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