How To Cure Insomnia: The Ultimate Sleep Hack

1. Get up at 6 every day

Circadian rhythm is real and becoming a morning person is crucial to sleep success.

2. Exercise in the morning every day

Some light cardio on the elliptical is good and if possible walk to and from the office every day. I don’t do cardio every day because I don’t need to, but if I had severe sleep problems I’d make sure to be getting a ton of low impact exercise in.

3. Cut the caffeine

The ideal amount of caffeine for sleep is none, but at the least don’t have coffee after noon. Caffeine will keep you awake long past after the caffeine buzz has warn off.

4. Don’t eat past 7 PM

Eating late means you might get your second wind a few hours later once the food has digested, keeping you up later than you should be

5. Work harder

This is by far the most important point on the list. Just waking up early every day and working hard are enough to put you to sleep every night. But I mean true hard work. A peak performer works 10 hours a day every day (at least until money is solved). When you work hard enough you will sleep like a baby. But it’s not just the quantity of the work, it’s the type of work you do.

The best type of work for getting a good nights rest is sales. If you’re doing 100 to 200 calls a day, and on the phone for 3 hours a day pitching, plus handling all the management of your current clients, plus the other necessary tasks for your business, you will fall asleep the second your head hits the pillow.

In fact you’ll be ready for bed by 7 PM and you’ll have to fight to stay up to 10. In a word if you have insomnia the number one cause is that you’re not using up enough energy, Navy SEALS during bootcamp don’t have a hard time falling asleep, they’re fighting back nodding off during a set of pushups, and the second they hit the bed they’re out like a light. The same goes for corporate sales killers and serious entrepreneurs.

I’m speaking from experience here…

At 20 I was lazy, useless, up all night and had chronic “insomnia”.

At 32 I was up at 6 AM, working out every morning, walking to and from work, selling for 8 to 10 hours a day, on the phone for 2 to 3 hours per day, making 100 calls a day, handling all my client’s problems, updating and inputting all client data in the CRM, responding to emails, dealing with managers and meetings, plus using every minute of my off time to build RLD and I slept like a baby every night.

If you want to learn how to get your output up in sales so that you’re out by the time your head hits the pillow, check out my book: How To SellAnd if you want a swift kick in the ass, and a generous push to get you operating at your full potential and sleeping like a baby every night, sign up for my peak performance coaching program.