How To Spend Money Wisely

So many guys have a bad relationship with money.

Some guys think money is evil and so don’t focus on making any

Other guys don’t respect the value of a dollar and blow their money on frivolous things.

The truth is, this is an economic planet.

6 billions people depend on the economy to survive.

Before we would barter with each other for goods and services.

Now money is the measurement or metric of trade.

The more money you have, the more goods and services you can buy.

In other words money is concentrated influence.

The more you have, the more goods people will create for you, and the more things people will do for you.

From making your clothes to cooking your food to monitoring your health…

The more money you have the more other people will help you live the life you want.

And to simplify even more, the life you want is a life of consistent state.

Your state is a combination of feelings, thoughts and sensations in your body.

Money helps you create consistently good feelings, thoughts and sensations in your body.

Or even simpler, consistent happiness.

Money doesn’t by itself make you happier, but it makes it much easier to be happy.

Because there is not a problem money doesn’t solve or greatly help with.

From your health, to your relationships, to your lifestyle to your security to your freedom…

Money will solve your problem or help you in all of those areas.

But not just that.

Not having money will hurt you.

People who say money doesn’t matter are lying to you or lying to themselves.

Here are some consequences of not having money starting from the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs and moving up from there…

1. Death – you can’t buy food and water you die (even farmland and tools cost money)
2. Homelessness – Many guys would be homeless if not for their parents money
3. Illness – you can’t pay for medical care and get sick
4. Poverty – you work a job you hate to eek out an existence
5. Mediocrity – you work a job you hate to live slightly above survival while being choked by debt

Here’s the truth about money.

Money is not evil, it’s merely the measurement of goods and services in our economy.

It is necessary to have money to survive.

The more money you have, the easier your life becomes.

The easier your life becomes, the easier it is to create a happy life.

That’s why it’s crucial you learn how to spend money wisely.

how to spend money wisely

The first thing you need to do is to change the way you look at money. Think of everything you spend as an investment because everything you spend is an investment. Every dollar you spend is an investment in your consistent happiness, and if it’s not, you’re not spending wisely.

1) Invest In Your Financial Survival

You have to start with survival. A lot of guys f$#@ this one up, even high income guys. The first investment you have to make is in your financial survival. You can’t do anything without a solid foundation.

  1. Get Your Expenses Down: Unless you’re already rich, you need to start here
  2. Invest In Paying Down Your Debt: Debt will choke the life out of your finances
  3. Invest In Your Security: Also known as savings (one of the best investments you can make)
  4. Invest In Supplies In Bulk: You can even do this with rent as a savings technique
  5. Invest In Getting Your Income up: Check out my bulk how to sell to see how to do this

2) Invest In Your Health

As we move up on Maslow’s hierarchy you want to make sure that you’re at least taken care of your health. You don’t have to become a fitness freak, but investing some of your income into your health is essential.

That means eating well, getting the right supplements and getting proper medical care. The ironic thing, is it’s often cheaper to eat healthy (think chicken breast and brown rice) than it is to eat unhealthy.

3) Invest In Your Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is crucial to being able to live your best life. It’s very difficult to be able to be happy when you’re living paycheque to paycheque under flourescent lights in your cubicle with someone telling you what to do all day.

Financial freedom is the cornerstone of self actualization. When you’re financially free, you feel like you can breathe for the first time. For the first time no parent or teacher or boss is telling you what to do. And it’s not temporary freedom like that vacation where you’re counting the days until you have to go chain yourself to the desk again. But real freedom.

  1. Invest in a high margin, high ROI money machine also known as a sales based service business
  2. Reinvest your profits in your money machine and buy your freedom through leveraging compound interest and saving

4) Invest in your lifestyle

As you get secure, healthy and focused on your financial freedom. It’s a good investment to pick up some nice things as a reward for your hard work (within moderation).

  1. Invest in your physique by getting a $40 a month gym membership
  2. Invest in a nice wardrobe (which you can do for under $2000)
  3. Invest in quality items that you use a lot, like a phone, computer, jacket or jeans
  4. Invest in renting (not owning) in a living in a place that makes you feel good about yourself
  5. Invest in outsourcing your chores and cooking to free up your time for leisure or making more cash

*notice how expensive trip to vegas is not on this list


Two key things to think about before you spend any money:

  1. Spend money on your consistent happiness not short term happiness that destroys your future (ie. doing heroin).
  2. Consider your net worth before any major purchase. This will save you from buying a ton of dumb things. if you’re net worth is $5,000 and you want to go on a Vegas Trip with the boys that costs $5,000, you will be blowing 100% of your net worth on a weekend with nothing to show for it.