Why You Need To Hate Being Poor With A Passion

I hate being poor.

The only thing I hate more than being poor is being sick.

I grew up with a single mother on a nurse’s salary living in a ground floor apartment.

My mom did the best she could and made a million sacrifices for my well being.

I was always fed and provided for…

But I hated not being able to do and have the things I wanted.

In my 20’s I made a lot of money trading.

But that money didn’t last.

And I didn’t take that money and invest it into a business even though I knew I should have.

I didn’t hate the idea of being poor enough to push past the pain.

When I finally did start businesses, I didn’t know what I was doing.

I made bad decision, chose bad partners, and went into debt.

I made mistakes and spent too much money because I didn’t do the right research and didn’t start the right businesses.

I made these mistakes because I didn’t hate poverty enough.

The result was tasting poverty again in my 20’s again and having to work odd jobs to survive.

I did this until I sold my way into a career in sales that I hated.

It was only until I got to a point where I hated poverty so much…

And I hated having to work I job I didn’t like so much…

That I was willing to do or die to get financially free.

Why You Need To Hate Being Poor With A Passion

Check out the video and audio below on why you need to hate being poor, and how to transmute that frustration into financial freedom. Also check out the related resources below on how to get your money up.

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