How To Make Money Online Part 4: Passion Vs Profit

In part four, the final installment of my series on how to make money online I break down the differences between a passion based business and a profit based business, as well as how to make your passion based business more profitable…

How To Make Money Online Part 4: Passion Vs. Profit

Series Summary

There you have it, hope this clears up a lot of the confusion on how to make money online. Just like with putting on muscle, making money online is actually simple, it’s just complicated by all the white noise from all the vultures trying make money selling panhandles to you in the online gold rush.

First decide whether you’re selling a service or a product ( I recommend a service):

If you’re selling a service:

  1. Find your passion
  2. Hone your skills
  3. Develop your niche
  4. Build your site
  5. Set up your adwords and facebook ads
  6. Do 200 cold calls or cold emails a day minimum
  7. Go hard on upwork (if relevant)
  8. Overdeliver on customer service
  9. Ask for a referral from every satisfied customer
  10. *Potentially add a niche blog (a small tailored blog to drive traffic to your services)

If you’re selling a product:

  1. Choose your product
  2. Choose your distribution channel, dropshipping, Amazon FBA, Ali Express
  3. Price test
  4. Conversion test
  5. Get traffic, paid or organic
  6. Promote your products
  7. Promote your affiliate links
  8. Release more traffic