How To Always Find A Way To Win

As a player in the game of life, with a warrior mentality, it is your duty to find a way to win, and the win is always there, you just have to how to find it.

I used to have a sales manager who would bark motivation to us every morning, and every morning he’d ask us how we we’re going to find a way to win. By the 100th time I’d heard him ask this question I wanted to crack a keyboard over his head.

But looking back, he was right and I was wrong. There is no excuse not to play to win everyday. I just wasn’t mature enough back then. I hadn’t taken enough beatings to get serious. And truth be told, I still had a bit of a hater in me.

But these days, as a professional in personal development, I’m dead serious about playing to win. And every day I ask myself: “How am I going to find a way to win today?”

Because you are the questions you ask yourself. And every day is a battle.

To find the win, the first thing you do is find where you’re taking a loss, the more specific you are in finding and isolating that loss the better. Once you find where you’re losing, the next question you ask is “How am I going to turn this loss into a win?”

Allow for the possibility that every loss can be turned into a win, no matter how bad it is. If anything you can charge it to the game as a learning experience of what to avoid in the future, or using that loss as way to make you stronger moving forward.

The only limitations you have are:

  1. Your focus: the amount of energy and attention you’re willing to give to transmuting the negative energy into positive energy
  2. Your creativity: Your ability to ask the right questions and come up with creative reframes

This might sound unbelievable, especially if you’re at a low point, but it’s the truth. I wouldn’t have believed it myself 15 years ago, but today I know it as a stone cold fact.

When you listen to Donald Trump and he says winning in every other sentence it sounds ridiculous to many people. This is because they can’t understand his reality. Whether you agree with his politics or not doesn’t matter, then man wakes up to win every day, and every area of his life is devoted to winning.

But you don’t have to be Donald Trump to have a winning mentality. It’s just a question of viewing yourself as a player in the game of life and reframing your mentality so that you wake up looking for ways to win. If you can sit there for hours playing a video game to win, can’t you apply the same effort and mindset to life?

Why not play life like a video game? Why not make your life as fun as possible? Why not try to suffer is little as possible? Why not try to win as much as you can? As long as you’re not hurting anyone, it just makes sense to wake up to win. And I can tell you from first hand experience, it’s a lot better than sitting there passively while life hands you loss after loss.

The game of life doesn’t let you sit on the sidelines, so while you’re alive, you might as well try and win as much as you can.

Examples Of Turning Wins Into Losses

1) You Had A Bad Workout

So you step into the gym, trying to beat your personal best as always, but today you fell short and couldn’t even match what you lifted last week. You drive home frustrated at your lack of gains and progress. But, when you get home, you remember that you have multiple levels of self esteem to access on any given day. So you switch it up, put on your businessman’s hat and use your frustration to put in an ultra-productive workday.

Now, by the end of that workday, you’re feeling good again because you made up for that loss in the gym, with a win in business.

2) You’re Coming Out Of A Bad Relationship

Like a lot of guys at one time in their lives, you got your heartbroken and you’re trying to get over a girl. Or maybe worse, you got your heart broken by a toxic woman who really f*cked up your life. Getting your heartbroken is one of the biggest losses you can take in life.

So what do you do? You charge it to the game and turn it into a win by elevating your knowledge. You figure out what you did wrong, how you could have screened better and you use that knowledge for your future relationships. In the end you come out of it mentally tougher and with more insight so you don’t make the same mistake in the future

3) You Hate Your Job

You hate your job. In fact you loathe your job, your colleagues and your boss. Every day is living hell because you know that you’re not supposed to be working a sh*t job a living a mediocre life.

I hated every job I’ve ever had, especially working in sales and especially my last sales job. So I transmuted that loss, that daily loss that lasted for years into a big win and started my own business. Sure it took me a few tries but eventually I made it happen and it was the best decision I’ve made in the last decade.

Looking back I’m thankful for all those losses I took, they gave me that burning desire to win and never work for anyone again. It was do or die to turn that loss into a win. I hated working for someone so much that I vowed it would never, ever be an option for me again. And it was that desire that led me here, talking to you, doing what I love.

Putting Into Practice

You can see from the above examples that I practice what I preach, but I don’t matter, what matters is what you do. And knowing how to turn losses into wins, and putting it into practice is one of the most important skills you can learn. Energy transmutation, state management and reframing should be taught in every school. But instead we learn a bunch of sh*t we don’t need.

So it’s up to you to put it into practice. And putting it into practice is not easy. Truth be told I take a loss every day, usually I can turn it into a win but sometimes I can’t. Or I can eventually turn it to a win, it just takes years. In practice no one is perfect at reframing or perfect at state management, not even close.

But, just the act of trying puts you ahead of 90% of people who just sit there absorbing what life dishes out.

Just the act of recognizing when you take a loss, and not wallowing in it or getting angry is a huge step forward.

Analyzing why you took the loss and accepting responsibility is another huge step forward.

Utilizing your creativity and focus to turn that loss to a win is another step forward.

And when you put that all together, and wake up every day, looking to find that way to win, you become a different type of animal altogether.

Imagine if you we’re able to sit down for the next month, waking up to win every day across all aspects of your life. Now imagine a year of doing that. Now imagine a decade of doing that every day. Just picture what you’d be able to accomplish.

Your life matters, you just have to believe in it, even if no one else does. The human will is the most powerful force on the planet. So put it to use and find a way to win, every damn day.