How To Handle Haters, Critics And Cynics

Haters, critics and cynics get in the way of your pursuit of happiness.

No matter what anyone tells you, no one lies being criticized.

But some criticism is actually useful.

Therefore the smart move in the game of life is to minimize unproductive criticism and learn from productive criticm.

The other thing you need to do is not be a hater yourself.

The first and most important hater you have to deal with is yourself, because you can’t be a hater and be happy.

Check out the video and the notes below to see how to handle the haters in your life:

Minimize Unproductive Criticism

1) Get Negative People Out Of Your Life

  • A pure hater is a negative, unhappy person triggered by what you say or are
  • A subtle hater is a “devil’s advocate”, constructive criticism, rational skeptic type of person who always talks down your plans
  • Key move is to get haters and negative people out of your life
  • Your friends should support what you do and who you are, even if they don’t always agree with your choices
  • You shouldn’t consistently get negative feedback unless you ask for it
  • Feedback from your friends should be rare, productive, gentle and solution oriented
  • Negative people who constantly offer unproductive criticism should be kicked out of your life

2) Lessen Unproductive Criticism

  • If you’re getting a lot of hate, ask yourself if you’re doing anything excessive to provoke it
  • Ask yourself if you can lower your level of hatred without compromising who you are by avoiding triggering people
  • Learn how to be charming to get people on your team
  • Avoid getting into arguments (arguments are a waste of time)
  • Soften your rough edges, not unmasculine – this is optimization of your social skills
  • I softened myself and got a lot more people on my team, youtube approval ratings for my videos are 9/1

3) Learn From Productive Criticism

  • In your personal life this is the criticism you either ask for, or criticism you didn’t ask for but makes you stop and think
  • In business this is feedback from your customers/clients
  • I look at productive criticism as a feedback machine/focus group
  • I view 5 seperate complaints as something I should change
  • If I see people consistently being triggered by something, I look at how I can optimize it/soften it
  • Customer centric business model/serve your customers and clients


2) Don’t Be A Hater Be A Congratulator

  • Meet a guy give compliments and positivity
  • Words I never say – constructive criticism/devils advocate unless specifically asked
  • Everyone should read Dale Carnegie How To Win Friends And Influence People – everyone wants to hear good things
  • People value support and positivity way more than “constructive” unsolicited advice
  • Learn from guys doing better than you instead of hating them
  • Leaving hating to the professionals

3) Don’t Be A Hater Be A Creator

  • Don’t be the guy on Google Apps yelling at them because Google Maps doesn’t flawlessly beam coordinates to your new phone
  • Be a creator instead of a hater, producer instead of a consumer
  • Should be too busy producing things or servicing your clients to waste time being negative at peopl