Why You Need To Try And Get Rich

In the game of life, at least in it’s current iteration, it’s my opinion that you NEED to try and play to get rich. It’s not your grandfather’s economy anymore, it’s a new ballgame entirely.

We’re in uncharted territory here, and to be able to survive and thrive, you need to make getting rich part of your mission in life. Check out the video and audio below to see why I think getting paid has to be your top priority as well as the related resources for the tools you need to get your money up.

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  1. As a doc, this is tough to hear. I wish I would’ve been focused on starting a business or writing books between exams and investing when I had extra $ around years ago. It is so commonplace for medical types to just take on an insurmountable debt between schooling and living and lifestyle (at least I keep the second and third parts much tighter than most), and that makes you handcuffed to the corporate ladder forever. Yeah, at least it’s a relatively nice corporate ladder when compared to many professions, but it is still a grind.

    This video and others like it are awesome motivation that ANYONE can make time to trim their living expenses, save for retirement, and start their business (or side biz). Good stuff

  2. Ya dude, I hear you, monstrous debt, and a super stressful job where you don’t sleep for the first few years, the opposite of lifestyle optimization. With that said, I’m happy some guys are willing to power through, you’re doing God’s work. And thanks for the kind words my man, you can power your way out of it if your heart isn’t in it anymore and you’re serious about getting paid, I promise you that.

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