Why You Need To Be A Producer Not A Consumer

We live on an economic planet. For you to be able to live the life you want, with an abundance of health, wealth, women and freedom you need to get paid. Unless you get financially free, you’re going to be hamstrung in every area of your life.

To get and keep wealth you only need to understand one basic principle: produce more than you consume. And the wider the gap between your production and your consumption, the faster you’ll be able to get and keep wealth.

You can’t get rich and think like a consumer it’s just not possible. Thinking like a consumer is leaving angry, poorly written comments on the Google app store, because the latest version of Google Maps doesn’t work 100% perfectly on your new Samsung Galaxy. There are literally millions of angry comments on the app store and I guarantee that none of those people are either a producer or successful.

A producer doesn’t leave angry comments because a producer knows that screaming in all caps, in the general direction the app store is not the way to get his problem solved. A producer knows that reaching out to a businesses through their customer service department or hiring someone to solve the problem is how you get things done.

Being a producer is about understanding the game. It’s also about patience and being able to delay gratification. Instant gratification is for consumers: the hot sale, the emotional appeal, the time sensitive giveaway – all of that is for consumers, and sold to them by producers. Waiting all night in the freezing cold for the new pair Jordans – consumer behavior.

And consumer behavior is a shortstop to working a job you hate and living paycheck to paycheck to survive. Consumer behavior is about mortgaging your future for things you want today. Consumer behavior is short term thinking.

Producer behavior is long term thinking. Producers want that long money and have the patience to persist in getting it. Producers know that to keep getting that money you need to keep producing more than you consume – no ifs ands or maybes.

If you can’t keep producing more than you consume, you’re going to lose what you have. There is no neutral in this game of life we’re playing. That’s why most lottery winners and many athletes end up broke after those big paydays stop coming in.

Because they were never producers to begin. They were consumers who hit the jackpot and broke their neck to give that money back to the producers of our game. The universe did a quick accounting check, noticed some irregularities on the books, and promptly took the money back.

Because consumers outnumber producers 99 to 1, there will always be a market for the few, brave reality creators in our marketplace of ideas.

The key to getting yourself into the productive class is solving problems for consumers. Steve Jobs solved a problem most people didn’t even know they had and he did so on a massive scale. His reward was influence, money, a legacy that lives on beyond his death, and his jersey forever hanging in the pantheon of greatness.

Producers find problems, solve them, and sell people that their products and services are the best solution. They keep selling until they get agreement, because agreement is reality and agreement is what gets you paid.

It’s simple, but not easy, that’s why 90% of businesses fail. And it’s why I recommend a sales based service business in a proven market. If you’re exceptional you can try reinventing the wheel, but for most guys the move is finding a problem in a proven market, selling the service that solves the problem and scaling up from there.

You can always expand your revenue streams as you grow, but you need to get out of the consumer class first, and that means you need to have a business where you produce your own revenue.

The truth is: the world is made up of producers and consumers, but consumers outnumber producers 99 to 1. Most work jobs they don’t like so they can eat off of a producer’s table and just barely make ends meet.

That’s not to say I don’t respect people who work jobs, I do. I respect the janitors, factory workers and garbagemen of the world. I respect people that work hard and thankless jobs so we can live comfortably…

But I won’t be one, and if you want the good things in life you can’t be either. I’ve been at the bottom and I’m not going back. If you want to get to the top you need to put in the work to become a producer.

The truth is you have to become a slave to success, and success a merciless master. You don’t get there by spending all your money on what you want this moment. You get there by giving OTHER PEOPLE what they want.

Being a producer is about giving other people what they want FIRST so you can EVENTUALLY get what you want. It’s about giving more than you take. It’s about adding value to as many people as you can.

People only love you as far as the value you can create for them. To be a producer means you deliver value day in and day out and you give more than you take.Being a producer is about being on your game every day.

While everyone else is out partying, you’re producing. Where everyone else is spending money, you’re saving money. Where everyone else is watching the movie you’re behind the curtain producing it.

Sure you can still go to the movies and enjoy yourself. And you can still spend money and have fun with your friends. But you can’t consume more than you produce, that’s a one way ticket to poverty.

If you want the live you deserve you need to become a producer. That means solving problems, putting your clients first, delaying gratification, and reinvesting in your money machine.

When you do all that you can consume whatever you want without putting a dent in your budget. You can have the life you want but you have to be a producer and you have to be patient.

So keep grinding, keep pushing, keep shoving, keep saving, keep reinvesting and keep producing.
And most importantly never ever, quit until you get the life you deserve.