Money Motivation Part 2: How I Stay Motivated To Make More Money

In the comments section of my video on my Money Motivation video, a reader asked me what I do to stay money motivated even though I’m living comfortably, which is a great question, so I decided to do part 2. In part 1, which I recommend you checking out, I gave you an emotional pitch for getting motivated, by listing all the terrible things you don’t have to do when you have money. In part 2, I’m going to give you all the ways I stay motivated, even though I’m living a pretty comfortable life in Thailand, doing what I love, in order of what motivates me.

How I Stay Money Motivated

1. Wealth Protection (never having money problems again)

I’m still a poor boy at heart and I’m afraid of losing what I have now, and what I will make in the future. Outside of a debilitating illness, poverty is my biggest fear. I still wake up in a cold sweat some nights where I dreamt I was back at a terrible job I used to work. With that said, I manage that fear by staying on top of my financial game. And I think it’s good to have some financial fear, because fear is your friend, when you use it correctly.

I know there is no neutral in the game of life and I need to keep working and be grateful for what I have. That also means diversifying income streams outside of my primary business, as well as diversifying my financial holdings into physical assets, as opposed to having all my income and all my assets as a few digits on a computer screen.

Where it stands now, all my revenue comes from my online, as well as being stored online as some digits in a bank, which makes me uncomfortable. I’m vulnerable to cyber attacks, identity theft, inflation (which can be as high as 10%/year in bad times), and the potential of the bank I’m invested with to collapse. With a physical asset like real estate, I don’t have any of those risks, not to mention I can live in it, if I get hit with some type of black swan event.

I still agree with the bulk of what I wrote in my article on why you shouldn’t invest in real estate, but I wrote that with a focus on North American real estate, where most of my supporters live. Now I live in SEA, which is a different story. As opposed to Canadian real estate, SEA real estate is cheap enough to buy without a mortgage, my best friend does property management, and I’m able to diversify outside of my USD income. Even though I’m Canadian, my income is mostly from the US, and in the case of a US economic collapse I’m willing to bet that my income would take a hit, the value of the USD would take a hit, the US property market would take a hit, as well as the Canada taking a property and currency hit as well.

For me goal number 1 is getting rich, and IMO the best way to do that is business ownership. Goal number 2 is protect what you have. And goal number 3 is getting richer by investing in income producing assets that have the potential to appreciate. I’d much rather own real estate or bonds that payout 5% a year and have the potential to appreciate, rather than an index fund where you don’t get dividends, not to say an index fund or an ETF is necessarily a bad investment, it certainly beats mutual funds.

Right now I’m leaning towards protecting my wealth and getting more income streams through SEA real estate. Both as an owner and landlord, as well as by investing in my buddies’ friends property management, rental and real estate sales business.

That way I’m getting a piece of all the properties we manage, rent and sell. and have another stream of business income. I’m also able to protect my wealth and get another income stream by owning SEA property and renting it out. And I have my best friend managing the company, as well as scouting and managing properties for me. Not to mention, at worst my SEA real estate is at least keeping up with inflation, and in the best case scenario, I’m getting decent appreciation every year.

Also, one future move I’m looking at is creating a private SEA investment fund for my readers to protect their money. Grant Cardone, who I use a lot as a model for my personal development business, has Cardone Capital, a multi family investment fund with 800 million in AUM. Not only would I be able to help my readers protect their assets and get a check every month, but I’d get a piece of the management, rental and property sales income. But I’d also be able to own a lot more properties than I otherwise would by doing JV deals with my readers, as opposed having to take out mortgages.

Also SEA real estate also works a currency play for the next 30 years. I figure there is a 50% chance we see a US economic depression in our lifetime, which is a big problem for me, both because I get paid in USD, and because most of my readers, viewers and customers live in the US. Even without a collapse, it’s hard for me to see how the US currency won’t decline against SEA currencies.

Right now I get 31 Thai Baht per every US dollar, which allows me to have a comfortable life in Thailand by geoarbitraging my income. But I see that arb getting worse and worse over time, especially if Thailand pulls a Singapore and becomes a wealthy country, which is very possible. As of today, 1 USD only gets you 1.35 SGD. Having a portfolio of real estate in Thai Baht, that I bought cheaply, paying me in Thai Baht every month is also a currency play against the USD for my financial future.

SEA property again is a possibility here as both another income stream, as well as a currency play against the USD, and an asset I can actually live in if my business takes a big hit in the collapse.

Lastly, wealth protection for me is being able to save and invest enough cash so that I can continue to live the good life in my old age. I never plan on retiring, but I doubt I will be able to work the same hours I do now in my 70s.

2. Automation And Outsourcing Things I Hate

I’m pretty automated already, with my entire life being run on my Wunderlist task app. But I still have to answer emails, pick up and drop off my laundry, pick up my supplements from the concierge and organize them, book flights and hotels, handle my visa, and do offline shopping and organizing, as well as other chores I don’t want to do. I want to hire an assistant within the next few years who does all of that, so I literally have to do nothing except check my Wunderlist every month and make sure it’s optimized.

I also want to outsource editing, tagging, uploading and all the other things I hate doing. I want someone to handle my social media, coaching requests as well as do the grunt work in organizing my future courses and seminars. And to get good people, I expect to pay a lot of money. My end goal is cutting my work hours down to 9 Am to 2 PM every day, and only do the things that I love in my business, while still seeing my income go up every year.

3. Fun Stuff

I’m also motivated by all the fun stuff I can by, not only do I have income goals, but I have monthly spending goals and wish list goals. And I hate spending savings on things that don’t make me income, so all of these goals have to come out of what I made that month, before the money goes into savings or is reinvested in my business.

A good rule to keep yourself from going back to the poorhouse is to save a good deal of your money every month, and to treat your savings account as sacred. Once it’s in savings, it should only leave for emergencies, or investing in assets that produce you income.

With that said, not only should you have income, savings and reinvestment goals, but I also believe in having spending goals, because spending is what you’re doing it all for.

Some things I want to buy without having to dip into savings are:

  • Spending $3k to 5k/month on a beastmode penthouse in Pattaya
  • A ridiculous motorcycle
  • Spending 2k per month on an office in a high rise for me and my boys (although not sure if I’ll need one)
  • Getting an SUV and driver for me and the boys on weekend nights out
  • Renting Pattaya booze cruise party boats to throw parties for me and the boys (and the girls) twice/month
  • Unlimited monthly clothes budget (still a minimalist but I like the idea)
  • Unlimited monthly food, drink and entertainment budget
  • Unlimited monthly biohacking budget
  • Being able to take 2 to 3 long semi-vacations every year and maintain my lifestyle in those countries and paying for those vacations with what I made that month while still hitting my monthly savings targets

4. Getting My Visa Handled Permanently

Visas can be a big headache living abroad, and is something I want to get handled, some options are:

  • Redomiciling my business in Labuan, which gets you a 2 year renewable Malaysian Visa
  • Dropping $300,000 on some property in Malaysia to get a long term Visa
  • Dropping the equivalent amount in Thailand for the same
  • Buying a $30,000 Thailand elite visa which gets you a 10 year, multi entry Thai Visa

5. Blowing Up My Reach Online

If I’m being honest, I like fame and influence as much as I like money. I’m starting to get recognized on the street and I want that to become a regular thing. I heard that a friend of a friend was complaining about being recognized too often in Chiang Mai, so he left. I think guys like that are in the wrong business, you should always be happy to hear from a fan, especially because it’s those guys who pay for you to live well.

I also want to show everyone I grew up, or worked with, that I smoked them in the game of life, especially the people who said personal development and making money online was too competitive, and that moving to Thailand was crazy. I’m vain and I’m petty and I love proving people wrong. I’m also very competitive and I want to prove to the world that I’m the best in the business.

Right now the #1 guy in my niche is Grant Cardone, who spends 1 million a month on advertising. Grant Cardone is 60, by the time I’m 60, which is 24 years from now, I want to be bigger than he is, and to do that, I’ll eventually have to spend a lot of money on getting the word out. Which means I’m going to have to make a lot of money to pay for the marketing, as well as have a lot of high end products and services on the back end so I can get an ROI from those marketing dollars.

Also, I want to expand my reach because I love helping guys. When I’m my best version of myself, I’m kind and compassionate and have a big heart. One of my favorite things to do is interact with my supporters, and get positive feedback for helping guys live better. It gives me an incredible sense of purpose to help guys, and I want to help as many as I can before I die.

Lastly, I want to expand my reach because it will make me more money and I just love making more money, seeing more money come in always makes me happy.

6. Potentially Having A Family

As I said in my article on my thoughts on having children, I’m still unsure. I’m sure I will never get legally married, and risk having the government redistribute my assets. And monogamy and children definitely come with some cons, but, if I structure things the right way, it might be a big win that could add to my happiness. Having a kind, loyal woman to come home to, with dinner waiting, and two adorable half-asian girls sounds appealing. Especially because I would be raising the kids in SEA where parents are respected, and where kids are a lot happier.

Also having grandkids would give my mom a sense of purpose, and she would be able to live with me and my family. And I would also be able to afford private nursing care for her as well as the best medical treatment in SEA.

By structuring things the right way, I mean being super rich, or at least super rich for SEA. As I keep telling you guys, money either solves or dramatically reduces all your problems. I want enough money to rent a huge house with a lot of space and have a chef, nanny, and maid and driver, as well as be able to send my kids to the best schools.

Having all those things in place would allow my wife to not have to work, and not have to do tedious chores. I want her to be comfortable and happy. I’m willing to pay top dollar for this in exchange for having my kids and doing 90% of the childcare, and helping to manage the household through Wunderlist.

That’s not to say I won’t be a hands on father, I will, I just don’t want to have to change diapers, take the kids to the dentist or to soccer practice, my time is better used making money. I’d also have a ton of help to make my wife’s life easier. Ultimately by having a lot of money, I would hope to stop a lot of potential fights over money or lack thereof, which is what most couples fight over, either directly or indirectly.

At the end of the day, having two exhausted parents who work all day, who don’t have help, and who are worrying about money every month, leads to a lot of fights and stress. I grew up poor, and I promised myself that if I had kids of my own, that I would only do it if I can do it the highest standard.

I’m still unsure, but I’m 36 now, and if I do have kids, I would do it between 40 and 45, with a woman a decade younger than me, and being wealthy I’d be able to pay for fertility treatments for her if I had to. So I’m still working to get my income up so that I could have kids if I wanted to. If I don’t choose to have kids, that just means more disposable income for me.

7. Health

After turning 36 this year, health is increasingly becoming a bigger priority. I can’t slide on my diet like I used to and expect to feel good. TRT has been a big boost but I want to do a lot more, by 40 I want to have

  • A hair transplant, and possibly one every year (at least potentially, I might just keep shaving it)
  • Fix my flat feet, which cause a tilted pelvis, knee pain and light scoliosis in my upper back
  • Fix my nose, I have a deviated septum from a hockey stick to the face that gives me sleep apnea
  • Get a better cpap machine than I have now, and get an oxygen machine to go with
  • Get a low dose, anti aging, prescription for GH
  • Get prescriptions for all of the latest anti aging tech
  • Get a genetic test and intensive blood work done, and get my levels to optimal on everything
  • Get regular checkups with the best clinic in Thailand or Malaysia
  • Continue to get the best supplements (doing pretty well with that now)
  • Continue to experiment with the best, legal mood boosting drugs and supplements

8. Taking Care Of My Mom

My mom is in her mid 70’s now and I live halfway around the world, it’s something I think about every day. I’ve been selling her on retiring out here since before I left, and she came out this year and had a blast, but she’s not sold yet.

I’ll never put her in a home and I don’t want to move back to Canada, so I want to make the deal as enticing for her to come out as possible, and having money helps. I want to have a huge house where she gets her own space, be able to afford private nursing care at home, as well as be able to pay for the best medical treatment in SEA.

Top dollar medical care in Bangkok or Malaysia, is way better than she would get in Canada, where medicine is socialized, you have limited doctor choice at the hospital, you can’t get a private room, and you’re waiting forever. If she has any issues, I want to be able to pay for a private room in the best hospital, with the best doctor on the continent.

Also half of why I want to have a family is to give my mom a new sense of purpose with some grandkids as well as having my non-legal wife help out with my mom, which as I covered already, costs me money.

9. Charity

Lastly, I want to be able to give back, and I believe the first place you should start is people you know. Right now I all I do is tip well, and save all my change to give to my cleaning ladies niece, who comes with her to clean and is adorable. But that’s not nearly enough, I want to be able to do more.

I want to be able to help anyone in my life who needs money, as well as help you guys by either giving away money to my readers who have health problems, or starting an interest free loan organization to give you guys loans to start businesses that you can pay back over a decade without interest.

Some people say it’s selfish to make money, I say it’s selfish not to make money, the more money you can make, the more you can help people. You can say that you help people with your time, and that’s true and it’s a good, but you can help a lot more people when you have a seven figure income, and can afford to give $100,000 away per year to those in need.


There is a lot of work to be done if you want to live life at the highest levels, and that takes money, if you’re not money motivated you’re not on top of your game. Don’t think just because you’re comfortable you can slide, because you can’t, there is no neutral in life, and you’re either going up, or going down.

The last thing you want is some health problem, or some black swan financial event to remind you of that fact. If you grew up poor like me, I don’t have to remind you of that, but if you grew up middle class, you need to burn that fact in your brain.

If you want more help on money motivation, check out part 1, if you haven’t already. Also if you haven’t set your goals and wishlist for what you want, I recommend you check out my book How To Get Organized to see how I set everything up, it will make a major positive impact on your life.

Lastly, here are some more resources on how to spend wisely and how to plan for your financial future:

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