7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Married

In post-feminist North America marriage has become a dangerous proposition for guys. With divorce rates at all time highs you’re looking at a 50% chance of getting your ass handed to you by the courts in a soul-crushing divorce. That means heartbreak, alimony, child support and starting over at 50 in a studio apartment.

Now that’s not to say marriage was always a great deal for men, it wasn’t. Marriage was designed by alpha males to keep beta males from killing each other. As long as they were good serfs they got access to sex, food and family while the elites fucked harems of teenage girls.

Marriage is a business contract centered around sexual repression with the sole purpose of providing a stable family unit. Until the 1960’s that unit was the backbone of society. That stable unit allowed humans to dominate an entire planet.

Marriage might have meant more responsibility but at least you had dinner waiting for you at home and a wife taking care of the kids. Now you have two overworked, tired, run-down slaves with neither party wanting to submit to the other.

Infidelity is at an all time high and one in two families is destroyed by divorce.  Marriage in North America is very risky indeed, here are the 7 major reasons not to get married:

7 Reasons Not To Get Married

1) Divorce

When you don’t get married you never have to go through a divorce. Divorce is rated more stressful than losing a loved one. Over 50% Of Marriages end in divorce, that means you have a coinflip chance of a taking a mid-life assfucking.

2) Finances

Half of your assets, alimony and child support are on the line if the marriage fails. How can any man who values his freedom take that kind of risk?

3) Weddings

Weddings aren’t for you, you’re an accesssory. They’re a victory dance for the bride for finding someone to take care of her and her future kids. The average wedding takes over a year to plan and costs over $27, 000, money you could have spent on a business to liberate yourself from wage slavery.

4) Friction

Joint bank accounts, joint tax filings, joint properties, lawyer fees, paperwork, in short lots of fucking headaches to deal with if (when) you separate.

5) Outdated

There is nothing you can get from a marriage that you can’t get from a girlfriend. Is it better to raise a kid in a traditional marriage? Absolutely, but the traditional marriage is dead so that question is irrelevant.

One in two couples split, couples that would have been much better off raising the kid separately under a co-parenting arrangment from the start. If you really want to do marriage properly you need to find a traditional girl in a traditional country.

6) Vows

In  marriage you vow to commit to one women no matter how bad her behavior for the rest of your life. Would you even vow to buy a car for the rest of your life no matter how poor its performance was? Of course not, and a car is a much less important decision than a wife.

Women live and die by there emotions, a vow from them means nothing, they will always have an emotional justification for ending things. In traditional times, shame and financial reliance kept women from leaving, now there is nothing stopping them from getting a YOLO divorce while taking half your shit. Not to say women are all to blame, vows mean you have to follow them as well, can you really vow you’ll never hook up with another woman again? That’s a serious vow.

7) Sex

Your wife is now your only sexual partner and controls if and how frequently you have sex. She has a monopoly on your penis. In traditional times sex was written into the marriage contract, because a marriage is just that, a business contract.

In traditional times the deal was she gives you sex, cooks, cleans and takes care of the kids while you provide for her and steer the ship. Nowadays all those incentives have been removed by cultural marxism. If she doesn’t want to fuck you, you won’t have sex again without cheating or getting a divorce. She can now use sex as a weapon and put you on a rationing system.


Getting married in a western country is a minefield. Now I know a lot of you guys don’t want to bang strangers forever and eventually want to raise a family, and I might too but you can’t do that in North America. It is way to dangerous.

If you’re really serious about marriage and kids you’ve got to find a traditional girl, from a traditional family in a traditional country. That is the tried and true system that’s worked for thousands of years. You can choose to disregard my advice, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

  1. Why is this article written with the assumption that the husband is providing for the family? Many families today is financially supported by the wife.

  2. Because in the majority of families men make more than women. In families where women are primary earners, women are still likelier to get primary custody of the kids which means alimony and child support.

  3. If these reasons had to be true, then I would agree with you that marriage seems like a terrible thing. But with careful consideration, deliberate planning, and never ever settling, you can avoid all these pitfalls. Monogamy for instance – simply do not enter into a relationship which ties you to that, if it is something you don’t want. It is possible to get married and be consensually non-monogamous.

    To me marriage signifies a public commitment to supporting each other in the raising of children. And within that arrangement, you can agree to whatever rules suit the both of you. I don’t see much point in it otherwise.

  4. You make some good points here Andrew. I do think a purely verbal and discreetly non monogamous marriage is an option for guys. As long as you keep separate assets and have a thorough contract outlined before you move in together that accounts for all variables Ideally with your assets protected offshore. That’s necessary because even under the common law definition of marriage your assets are not protected.

  5. Glad to see that you can think like this too – it seems a lot of young guys only see the bad, but there are many ways to skin a cat. But I enjoyed your post as a wake up call to guys to not let other people or circumstances dictate their lives.

  6. Yeah well, I know several American men who had their financial clocks cleaned by the traditional wife from a foreign traditional country so maybe leave that alone too. Good luck trying to get your money or kids back from China, Brazil, Mexico or the Philippines. I know a few American women as well who paid dearly for being the means to a greencard end.

  7. Great article RLD after reading it several times I still wonder. With everything stated in the article which I agree with wholeheartedly I’m still puzzled as to why people still get married without even considering the cliche pitfalls of marriage that has been shown time and time again especally after the year 2000s. Is love really that potent and that much of blindfold to still marry. Like for example George Clooney I believe stated himself he would never get married and have children and eventually went against he better judgement. Quiet as its kept I feel at times even red pills guys despite the red flags and awareness still deeply and discreetly want to marry. Having optimism is commendable but is that enough even when so many tried and failed miserably. Marriage really needs to be re-learn and reevaluated here in the states even with so many marriage counselors and relationship gurus it still hasn’t put a dent in the perpetuated divorce dilemma

  8. Great points John. My take on it is this, love is the most powerful drug in the world. Brain studies show romantic love produces tons of dopamine making it addictive and difficult to think logically. Many players end up finding their dream of fucking a ton of women is emptying and when they fall in love they turn their back on their old ways. They believe that the feeling they have will continue throughout their lives and they get the benefit of finally becoming a socially accepted citizen. Except the feeling doesn’t last and they eventually end up cheating on the partners.

    I’ve been through the cycle a few times myself, but I was able to use logic to keep me from makind dumb decisions. The smart decision is to be in a relationship until it’s not good anymore instead of making a lifetime commitment based on a fleeting, feeling. The cycle starts like this, casual sex, liking a few of those girls and keeping them in mltrs and then settling down with one. Then you grow tired of that relationship, break up and get excited about being able to fuck a bunch of girls again and the process repeats. When you become aware of this you can have happy, healthy relatioships in any phase of that cycle.

    Now that’s not to take away all hope and say you can’t find a woman you want to be with for the next 30 years. But what you can’t do is get legally married because the risks are far too high. Instead you just enjoy the relationship for as long as its good.

  9. Have you ever known any pairing that had a successful marriage that you personally. If so in there seldom success can there techniques and methods be adopted and modeled for us as RLD men that can be universally applied for those that want to pursue marriage?

  10. The happiest marriage I know of are two of my friends, who’ve been together for 13 or so years, living together for 7, and married for 4. They’re very comfortable, but they have sex once every 3 months, similar to the brother/sister situation you hear about with long term marriages, but they’ve accepted the situation.

    You can adapt all the stuff on here, live with a woman (with caution and hardcore screening) and even go so far as to have a marriage ceremony, but what you absolutely cannot do is get legally married and have the government in your business. Because then you’re a coinflips toss away from losing 50% of your shit, even if you signed an ironclad prenup and asset contract.

  11. Hey Will,

    How would an ex wife be able to get half of your assets during a divorce if you sign an iron clad prenup? Isn’t the purpose of a prenup to prevent the splitting of assets in the event of a divorce?

    Thanks as always!!

  12. Good article! In some coutry like Brazil is more complicated…
    If you have a longterm relationaship and live with your partner for some years for example, the state can considere you as “married”(stable union) !!
    With a good lawyer and proof of this stable union, you can have all privilegies of a married person in case of “divorce”(broke up), this include money, house, and things conquered in that union.
    Ironicaly, the only way of defense yourself of a marriage is marriaging, but with a prenuptial pact!

  13. Yes Abner, in my country Canada, the same laws apply to cohabitation, that’s why you have to have to draw up a cohabitation agreement before you even move in with a girl. You also have to recognize, that no matter what a girl tells you, cohabitation is the first step to marriage in her mind and she will not stop until she gets it.

  14. “Over 50% Of Marriages end in divorce, that means you have a coinflip chance of a taking a mid-life assfucking.”

    That’s simply not true. The 50% number is just a projection, the probability that you will get divorced if you get married today, no the actual divorce rate(!!!). And this number is for overall society. It doesn’t apply for individuals. For example if both of you have a college degree, your probability goes down to 27%. Just Google “Cohort Measure Rate” for more information.

    And the problem is not “the west” it’s United States. In Germany you don’t get divorce-raped. Laws have changed 2008. If you get divorced and you don’t have children your wife gets no alimony (in some cases maximum one year). In many cases the wife will get no alimony. Yolo Divorce in Germany can become a shot in the foot. A good contract is a must and will solve most problems.

    The problem with most people is that they want to get all the good feelings from relationships. But a relationship will never make you happy. You have to transmute all the sexual energy to other things in your life (men to business/ women to children) and you have to have a women that understands that you will never be happy because of a relationship.

  15. Some good points here, and interesting to here about Germany, in my country Canada the same divorce laws apply as the US, as well as other countries like UK and Australia. And yes, transmutation of energy, and not relying on anyone relationship for your happiness is very important.

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