Why You Won’t Make Money Selling Books On Amazon (Kindle)

As someone who makes the bulk of his income off his ebooks (for now), I can tell you with certainty that my business would be DOA if had to rely on Amazon. And I’m speaking as someone with a top 1% blog in terms of traffic and 100,000+ YouTube views a month.

The average unknown author with no brand behind them doesn’t have a chance. I didn’t realize how bad the situation was until I looked into how much other guys we’re making on Kindle when I was considering moving my products over there. Needless to say I didn’t do it. I want you to understand what the reality of making money on Kindle really looks like (and it’s not pretty).

Check the video/audio below to learn:

  • Why the vast majority of authors make next to nothing on kindle
  • What other guys are making on there
  • Why most kindle “moneymaking systems” are not ethical and usually not profitable
  • Exceptions to the rule
  • Using kindle as a lead gen
  • My thoughts on the future of ebooks and infoproducts

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