How To Get Motivated By Getting Your Payoff As Quick As Possible

Motivation is great…

But it’s dedication that gets you across the finish line.

I wrote that in 2015 and its as today as it was then.

Whether you’re motivated or not you get your tasks done and never, ever give up.

With that said, pursuing your goals is a lot more fun when you’re motivated.

And ideally you have as much motivation as possible.

And one of the best ways to get motivated is to get your payoff as quick as possible.

In business or in sales that payoff is getting a new client.

Some of the best money you’ll ever make is that first new client in a new business.

It opens up a whole new reality….

“I just talked to a stranger, asked for money, and got $100, and there are millions of people who need my service.”

Most guys get stuck on all the other stuff in regards to building a business and feel their motivation
fade after the initial two month high of starting their own business.

This is because they don’t put their primary focus on getting a customer as soon as possible.

Part of that is the fear of selling, the other part is not having the right information.

The right information is you want to take your ideas to monetization as fast as possible.

This is important for 3 reasons:

1. You get to see what works as soon as possible
2. You get paid
3. Three you get the emotional and psychological payoff ASAP

That’s why I push all my guys to get a client in their first month in business.

And to prioritize that over everything else.

The same applies to any goal you’re trying to achieve.

Instead of trying to lose 2 pounds a month and not see any type of meaningful result until month three…

Push for losing 2 pounds a week and see 8 pounds drop off the scale by the end of month 1.

Winning is motivation, and the more you win, the more motivated you’ll be.

So get your wins as fast as you can by getting your payoff as fast as possible.