How To Be A Winner

How To Be A Winner

There are two types of people, winners and losers. Positive people and negative people.

Most people are losers because losing is natural.

Winning is unnatural, abnormal – you’re not supposed to win.

You’ve been trained to lose your whole life: by your parents, by the school system, by your boss.

Your friends only solidify your loser lifestyle, they complain about their job, their girlfriend, their lives.

They argue with you, they cut down your dreams, they despise you for trying to better yourself.

Every time I step outside I see guys doing loser sh*t. I don’t want to see you make the same mistakes.

The truth is I used to think like a loser. I want to save you from making my mistakes.

I want you to leave that loser mentality and those loser actions in your rear view.

I want you to be moving towards your full potential with powerful, positive programming.

I want you to be kicking ass and and taking names. I want you to be happy, healthy and wealthy.

I want you to become the man you deserve to be.

Here Is How To Be A Winner