Go Where You’re Treated Best


  • Go where you’re treated best – from Andrew Henderson of nomadcapitalist.com
  • Home is where the heart is, and my heart is where I have the best quality of life
  • I have a better quality of life in Chiang Mai than I did in Canada
  • Canada has high taxes, a high cost of living, and six months of winter – Chiang Mai has none of those things
  • Building a business in your home country and moving to a country where you’re treated better is a real option for you
  • You can get a nice apt for $300 a month, plus eat well, shop well and only go to nice places for much less money than back home
  • And Chiang Mai is the first step – the future of this century is in Asia
  • Already a third of the 10 safest banks in the world are in Asia (American banks start at 40)
  • Already China has a higher GDP than the U.S. (which will continue to filter into SEA and HK)
  • Robust banking and low tax opportunities exist in countries that welcome you like Malaysia for example
  • In Malaysia you can incorporate in it’s offshore jurisdiction in Labuan at 3% of foreign sourced income
  • Incorporation comes with a two year multi entry visa with residency
  • You also get access to a robust banking system with actually inviting interest rates (HSBC Premier in Malaysia is offering 8%!!!)
  • You get to live in sunny weather and in greater safety than in the U.S.
  • You get the benefit of strong currency arbitrage
  • You can buy property in an emerging market for appreciation but more importantly as a currency hedge against a declining USD
  • You can get all the perks of your western lifestyle (high speed internet, online organic food delivery, nice restaurants, lounges and quality of women) all for a fraction of the price
  • You don’t even have to move to Asia, just moving to NYC to a mid size town in Florida will save you a fortune and increase your quality of life
  • It only makes sense to go where you’re treated best