Don’t Let Average Be An Option

Just say no to average.

Just take it off the table.

Because f*ck not having the things you want.

And f*ck having to do the things you hate.

And f*ck having to call a mediocre man your boss.

Just f*ck regular life altogether.

Don’t let regular life even be an option.

Stop thinking you have something to lose.

Because 50k is not middle class.

50k after taxes, and unemployment insurance, and social security, and your premiums is $3800 a month.

That’s $1800 more a month than the guy below the poverty line taking home 2k/month.

The middle class is a lie.

The truth is 99% of people do not have financial security, they live on credit and in fear.

Average is working a job you hate, spending money you don’t have, and worrying about your spending.

Average is not having the things you want, and having to do the things you hate.

To get the things you want and to not have to do what you hate, you need to get paid!

You need to go hard at getting wealthy and you need to be do or die.

As long as you have average to fall back on you’re not all in and you’re not do or die.

So stop thinking average is something to have – you know regular life is sh*t.

Start thinking about average life as an STD, something you can’t wait to get rid of.

Don’t let average be an option…

Instead, aspire for higher, go all in, be willing to do or die, and never, ever, ever give up!