Your Network Is Your Networth

Don’t get me wrong…

I still think networking is garbage

But building a network isn’t.

In fact building the biggest possible network of people to sell to is the best possible thing you can do for your business and your bottom line.

See why your network is your networth and how to put your network on steroids here:

Your Network Is Your Networth


  • Who has my money? LITERALLY
  • You get rich by other people giving you money
  • Your network is your networth
  • But not traditional networking, I still that’s garbage
  • RLD is really just a social network on steroids
  • I add value, reach millions of people, and get paid depending on how much value I add
  • The proper use for your network is selling
  • Getting them to give you money in exchange for value
  • Or providing value to them and making them a partner in your deals
  • Going to networking conferences and getting a bunch of business cards is a waste of your time
  • Instead you need to be thinking, as my man GC says, who has my money and how do I get it
  • This applies to clients in your business, or if you’re not there, getting hired in a sales job
  • To get money all you need to do is:
  • 1. Figure out who has your money
  • 2. Figure out what value you need to add to their lives to get it
  • 3. Close
  • You can see how to do all the above in my book how to sell
  • The more people you know and the more valuable you are the more money you make
  • You expand your network by
  • 1. Mastering and constantly refining your skill – I recommend mastering a service over a product
  • 2. Building and promoting your brand through organic SEO, marketing, and outbound sales
  • 3. Mastering and constantly refining your close
  • Warren Buffett didn’t get rich off stock picking, he only earns 20% a year
  • He got rich off of selling that service to millions, the service being a 12% net return over the SandP average
  • He got rich off of OPM or other people’s money through selling
  • Thats why the diploma he got from the Dale Carnegie course still hangs in his office
  • How to win friends and influence people is the name of the game when it comes to getting OPM
  • And that applies to investors, getting loans, or selling clients
  • And you can start with the people you know now?
  • If you’re running a business have you pitched everyone you know
  • If not you’re slacking on your macking
  • Same applies to your outreach – 100 to 400 outbound contacts per day is what you need to be doing
  • Whether thats cold calls, emails, Facebook or all the above
  • Not to mention your inbound marketing
  • The name of the game is attention, you can’t get money with attention
  • And the more attention you get, the more likely you get paid
  • And getting paid, just like getting women is a numbers game
  • And you have the ultimate equalizer and accelerator, the internet
  • I get 300,000 views a month between google search on my website and my Youtube channel
  • That all comes from Google, and all for free, Google is a gift from God for business owners
  • And today is the best time to be a business owner
  • You’re living in the beginning of the greatest technological revolution of all time and it’s wide open
  • Just by adding coaching to my business I’ve nearly 5xed my income in a month
  • And that coaching is available to you if you want to supercharge your business
  • See what I did there? Added value and asked for the sale because I’m always selling
  • If you want to supercharge your sales pickup my book how to sell or hit me up directly for coaching
  • If you’re not there yet financially that’s ok too, just click on and get a ton of content for free
  • And remember your network is your networth, find who has your money and go get it