What You NEED To Know About Depression

To beat depression, it’s important to know what depression really is.

And more than that, you need to make the choice to do it.

Lastly, you need a gameplan, a set of go-to actions you can use to feel better, both immediately, and over the long run.

To learn what depression is, and the choice you need to make to defeat it, and to get your set of go-to feel good actions, watch the video and audio below. Also make sure to check out the related resources, if you need more content to get you feeling better.

What You Need To Know About Depression

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  1. Dear Will, Thank you for posting your various ‘message related videos’ (I have been listening to for over 6 months) and for trying to help “Humanity” and “individuals” to become The Very Best “It” and “they can” possibly be, on a consistent basis, over a realistic period of time, step by step. I appreciate the work you do Will, irrespective if anyone writes in your comments section or not.
    I have a “University of London” Ph.D. in studying various aspects of ‘Human Behaviour’, A Masters in ‘Sports Psychology’ and two Honours Degrees (with distinction), one in ‘Social Biology’ and the other in ‘Sports Science’. I then attended UCLA, eventually working with remarkable individuals, such as Zig Ziglar, Dr. Wayne Dyer, John Maxwell, Doug Wead (yes, I am a little older than you Will) and also many of our World’s current Top ‘Sports Coaches’, international “Athletes” (Olympic and World Champions) and motivational minds we have been blessed to, often, guide us through ‘Our Journey of Life’ together, as inter-connected souls and human beings. We all can learn something from everyone, if we really want to.
    You are doing great work Will and I, obviously, understand what your goals, dreams and aspirations are. For anyone quickly perusing this message, Will succinctly breaks down ‘various life issues’ into more easily understandable terms, instead of Doctors like myself who would ‘scientifically and in-depth, often boring, biologically’ explain the psychological, intellectual conscious and more primitive subconscious cerebral reasons why, for instance, in this case, “Depression” IS a temporary condition you can overcome, especially when engaging in more REM sleep, social interaction, exercise and stress ‘bucket’ release de-compress systems and the easily understandable subjects Will explains.
    **(Will, if you do not wish to publish this, email me back my fellow brother and we can truly accomplish some astronomical international level achievements, being that I am now back in Europe for the Spring/Summers and Australia/as well as southern California, for their ‘warm weather’ seasons)**
    I am also a fully qualified Psychotherapist and ‘Deep Trance’ Hypnotherapist, having worked with thousands of people suffering with anxiety, depression and feelings of being just ‘over-whelmed’ which, as Will states in his message, is a dark place to be. However, with consistent steps easily put into place by people like myself and Will (especially working with someone who can help, hold you accountable for your ‘re-growth’ and truly cares for your well-being), you will become the person you deserve to be again. I am also an advocate of Tantric Sex and also Cultivate Male Sexual Energy (and then tremendous energy itself) by engaging in Sexual Taoist and Tantric Practices. Any guys reading this, once you have mastered these techniques Will describes, You “Will See The Light”.
    Continued Positive Energy, Light and Love,
    Dr. Mark Hix (Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Hum.Hons)
    **(Will, I look forward to us corresponding soon brother. Reply when you can. I have huge plans currently in the works, but, have been searching for the ‘correct business partner’ to develop them further with, to inception and launch)** … “Cheers, MH”

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